Highball Halloween – Last bits and pieces

Ending up the Highball Halloween pictures as I need to shift gears and get ready for the comic-con.  Unless I run out of steam I’m going for three costumes this time!  Wish me luck with the makeup :)


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Wordless Wednesday – Environmentally Friendly Tipping (snicker)

Tip Can9472

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Highball Halloween – 5K Run

I so admire those who can run in marathons.  Heck! I admire anyone who can run because I am not one of them.  Some of the runners were in costume for the race while a few others entered because I guess they like doing marathons and I noticed many of them had earphones on playing their running music I guess.  Wonder what their tunes were?

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Monochrome Monday Madness – Highball Halloween Style

I was going to do some architecture for today but decided to continue with the festivities from Highball since this is the week leading up to Halloween.  Everyone in these photos was wearing  a black and white costumes of some kind so…..why not do them in monochrome :)


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Highball Halloween 2014

This is one of the if not THE biggest Halloween party in the nation and as of the past few years it has expanded from one to two consecutive nights of revelry.  It’s costumes, fashion, food trucks, a 5K race with runners in costume, and bands all in the Short North Art District in Columbus, Ohio.   What’s not to love about all of that?   As the saying goes, at Highball you are what you wear and oh the things that were worn.  The street party is in it’s seventh year but it was my first time attending.  The event starts in the early evening before the sun goes down with things really turning up after dark until some time after midnight.

There were all ages in attendance with costumes that varied from little girls in their favorite princess outfits to the elaborate costumes that were part of the fashion show contests.  Even though the theme this year was The 80’s, attendees wore what they wanted to in the end regardless of year or species.  The energy was infectious with people coming to enjoy themselves, hang out with friends and family, and to just strut their stuff.  Fortunately, the weather favored the event this year with it staying comfortably cool as the night fell; something I’m sure those in skin baring attire appreciated.

While I didn’t partake in any of the food truck goodies or liquid libations, I did have a grand time dancing in the street and laughing it up with the other revelers.  Next year I’m coming in costume!

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Why a duck?

Why a no chicken ? (tip of the hat to the Marx Brothers)   So is this a duck on a hot tin roof? No, wait! No roof and it was a chilly day…nevermind ;)  But seriously!  Why is there a kiddie ride duck on top of a roofless abandoned building?  All I can say is that those wild and crazy artists in the art district here  have a very interesting sense of humor!  But where did they get the duck from, how did they get it up there, and why?


Duck 9126 Duck closeup 9126

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From a distance it looked like a chicken…

As we walked up to the building I noticed this boarded up door and commented “Why is there a chicken on the door there?”  Well as I got closer I came to realize that it wasn’t a chicken but something else that was once on the door that had frayed and fallen into this shape.  So, are we supposed to stay back from the door, the building, or the “chicken” thing? ;)


Chicken door9057

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