Cypripedium Orchids

Cypripedium or Lady Slipper orchids are some of the most exotic and showiest of orchids.  In my opinion, some of them look like they have little faces…or  little aliens piloting their space ships.

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Pink and Yellow

Even though the conservatory has an annual orchid show, this orchid association had orchids that I had never seen before.  That is always a good thing.  Today I’m featuring a few of the pink and yellow varieties.  I have no idea what kind they are other than one phalenopsis so, please, feel free to identify if you know. (I’m looking at you, John)

Orchid0057-Edit Orchid0044-Edit Stripes0106-Edit Orchid0034-Edit

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Wordless Wednesday – Orchid Tentacles


Orchid Tentacles0041-Edit

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I stumbled into an orchid show

I went to our local conservatory because it was the last day of the dangerous plants show (more about them later) but no sooner than I rounded the corner from the ticket desk,  I was hit with orchidpalooza!  Some orchid growing club/association was having a show that weekend and not only were there orchids galore that were being judged but they also had loads of them for sale.  I wanted to buy one but it appears my thumb may be a bit green for many things but not for orchids.

It was a bit difficult getting some shots as there were so many orchids packed into a smallish area surrounded by orchid owners, orchid lovers and orchid sellers. By the time I got there the judging had been done so many of the orchids had ribbons on them; I just shot what I could without bumping into anyone or any orchids.


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Monochrome Monday – Bike Stop Cafe

I didn’t go in or venture further than this shot here but I love how in historic St. Charles, Missouri they have converted old (and some historical) buildings into modern shops and restaurants.  When you enter these places you can see some of the original bits like exposed brick and wooden flooring and really narrow steps.  Now where these bikes outside because someone had ridden them here or were they there for decorative purposes or something else?  I have no idea!


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A big thank you!

Some of you may recall my asking for help with a project for Trey and Makayla (aka Thing One & Thing Two the grands) where I asked you to give your name, location and how you said hello where you come from.  Well, I gave them their projects last month and they were highly impressed.  I had them take turns reading each person’s reply and watched their little faces light up as they came to realize that quite a few of you answered my call for help.

I spoke with Thing One last night (Trey) and asked him how did the project go over.  His classmates were impressed and his teacher really liked it.  They used the project to find on the map where each of the states were from those who responded from the United States.  And while they liked each and every reply there was one that got the biggest response (read laugh) from the teacher and class.  This reply came from a wonderfully wacky man from Georgia:

#19 by Mark Myers 

Mark, Georgia, USA, Howsyermama&them? (Really just Hi)

Congratulations, Mark!  You had the entire class saying “Howsyermama&them?” I thank you so much for giving my little man’s class the chuckles and to the rest of you? They were trying to say some of the non-English hellos and there were a few G’day mates going around as well.  It showed them that there are kind people across this land and this world that took the time to help a Super Nana with a project for her grands; it showed them a little bit of the world out there and it’s wonderful and caring people.

Thank you everyone so very much :)

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Twinkle

This ornament is very special to me because it was sold to me by the most adorable little boy on the planet for his pre-school fundraiser.  That little guy has since grown up and has his own little guy now who, like he was, is the most adorable little dude on the planet…not that I’m biased or anything ;)



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