Revisit Week – Daisies

And if the daisies happen to be wet from a recent rain all the better I say!  The red and the yellow wet daisies were growing in flower pots on my deck while the other two images were from daisies in the parking lot of a local restaurant we frequent; another reason to always have your camera with you for you never know what you may encounter.

It’s going to be another couple of weeks before I’m able to get out and plant new ones.  On a side note, I never realized how much one might wiggle their toes in a day until mine let me know not to do that at all!  ;)

“The daisy’s for simplicity and unaffected air.”  Robert Burns

For those interested in macro flower or flower photography here are a couple of links from my Pinterest board you might find helpful :)

Capturing the perfect flower macro (for beginners) – Digital Photography School

Tame natural light for fantastic flower photography –


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Revisit Week – Bees

As you can probably guess here, I love doing macro shots and I love going for macro shots of bees.  Normally I am a bit leery around bees because when I have been stung I do swell up but for some reason when going in for the bee shots, I become a bit fearless and they seem to ignore or accept me.  Well, most of the time anyway.  There have been a few times when I have had to back out of the flowers.

Be kind to bees and be careful with your use of chemicals for without them we will be at a loss.


“A Bee is an exquisite Chymist” [chemist]

– Royal Beekeeper to Charles II



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Revisit Week – Magnolia

As I am on the mend and just beginning to be able to put weight on my foot with the assistance of a crutch (and walls, and door knobs, and counters, etc.), this week will consist of re-posting old posts/photos; ones that may not have been seen in a long time or even brand new to some of you.  These images are from the magnolia tree in our front yard and were taken a couple of years ago when spring decided to come earlier than it did this year – no one had ever heard of a “polar vortex” back then.  Now the tree is just beginning to open but by the end of this week I bet it will look like these images.

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.  ~Claude Monet


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Have a blessed day today for…

Easter Lily 2_9819a

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Good News – Bad News

Good news first.  Thanks to all of you wonderful people around the globe I now have 1000 followers! Yippee – tosses confetti into the air.  While some of you are more interactive than others and I absolutely love when you comment, I appreciate every one of you.  I have been around the glove via your blogs and have learned how to say like this post/liked this post in many different languages :)

I enjoy reading about your days and lives and from your travels I have one out of this world travel Bucket List.  I’ve gotten some terrific recipes for some great food as well as recipes for things like a cough or making my own soap.  I will endeavor to continue to make my posts enjoyable and inspiring and maybe even educational but I might have to slow down on that for awhile because of the bad news…

I broke a toe this morning and am in a lot of pain and not able to walk very well without assistance or crutches.  Oh I did a number on myself.  You know those movies where the bad guy tortures the good guy by breaking his fingers and the fingers go at funny unnatural angles? That was my toe!  After the initial shock of pain I popped it back into place and taped it to it’s buddy to prevent it from drifting out to that bad angle again.  Then I called DH and waited for him to take me to the urgent care place.

He had to carry me as putting any pressure on the foot at the time was very painful.  X-rays, taping, funny ugly shoe thing, and pain pills that make me woozy later and here I am.  I’m thankful for the laptop being upstairs because getting downstairs to the computer where my images are stored isn’t going to happen for a few days possibly.  Seems it takes bones 4 to 6 weeks to heal.

Well this certainly puts a crimp in my photography and other plans – oh well.

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All my friends know the low rider…

Or in this case the low walkers.  Just look at those faces :)  The eyes on these dogs get me every time.  They just look like a cross of sad and soulful with a dash of please pet me thrown in for good measure.  Adorable dogs and such loose skin too.  I noticed that when I petted them and it was all wobbly.  These are Basset hounds, the logo for Hush Puppies shoes, right?

From the Easter Beg Hunt in Columbus, Ohio.

Bass4026-Edit Bass4051-Edit


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One dog, two dog, brown dog, white dog.  Doing a bit of paraphrasing from the Dr. Seuss book – One fish two fish red fish blue Fish.  There are just so many different breeds of dogs and each and every one of them has their own charms and all are loveable.  The big guy (I think a Great Dane) was a skittish rascal; when he jumped from something that startled him he just happened to do it right in front of me which startled me! That would’ve been a lot of dog to have bump into me.  On the other hand the little Chihuahua was scampering along with the little bell on her collar jingling away when I saw her.  I asked her human to pick her up for this shot :)

Another scene from the annual Easter Beg Hunt in Columbus, Ohio.

Chi4043-Edit Dane4048-Edit

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