Monochrome Monday – Lotus in the Rain

Even if it were raining again

I would take the time to sit and take in the beauty that was in front of me

and the life all around me.

May I return and listen to you better

for there is much to learn sometimes in contemplative silence.



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Looking Up

When exploring abandoned places you should first and foremost take care of your own safety and then you should look in all directions.  There may or may not be interesting things to photograph in some directions but you won’t know that until you explore.  I began looking at and around the pillars that were previously featured and then followed them up to the interesting ceiling.  I wonder what was once hung from and by the looks of the second image slid around this ceiling back in it’s heyday?

For a great post about photographing abandoned places check out InfraredRobert

Ceiling9318-Edit Ceiling9321-Edit Ceiling9328-Edit

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Wordless Wednesday – Talk Birdy to Me

F 4.5 – 1/100 – 100mm L – ISO 800 – Canon 5D Mark III

(click image to view larger)


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Remove this fuse

At least I think that’s what it says in the red writing at the bottom of the fuse box or maybe it says don’t remove this fuse.  These are Buss 30W fuses.  I think Buss fuses are still made although not in this form…probably.  The bottom of them resembled the bottom of light bulbs as you screwed them in and out of the fuse box.   Whatever it was they once made in this factory seemed to require at least a couple of these fuse boxes on the ground floor or maybe that’s all that survived.

This is what they looked like when new:


RemoveFusebox 9324

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Abandoned Fuses

As I recall, in the home where I grew up there was one room that had a fuse box in it.  I don’t recall much else about it other than if something electric didn’t work then dad would go into that room with the fuse box on the wall, open it up and replace the “blown” fuse.  Back then there was no such thing as going to the box and just flipping a switch.  When I was poking my lens through the hole in the window in this direction I was shocked to see these fuse boxes! It brought back memories.

I’m still trying to research what this building once was in Columbus, Ohio but coming up empty handed other than it may have had something to do with the Manhattan Project and uranium.  Hopefully I don’t start glowing in the dark now ;)

Fusebox 9146

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Through the grating and into the past

It takes a certain amount of maneuvering to shoot through glass or through bars, wires, grates and fencing.  You have several options which all involve depth of field.  You can shoot where the wires etc. are in focus and what is in the background is blurred or your focal point can be on what is in the background by shooting between the spaces of said bars and such (especially if there is gap enough) making that subject clearer and the foreground wires etc. almost nill.  Or with the right focal length you may be able to capture both foreground and background.  It just takes experimenting with your settings (dof, aperture, etc.) until you get the image you want.  I recommend manual focusing for this type of capture.

What I did here was use my spot metering mode and shoot as close as I could through the middle of one of the grating openings focusing on one of the pillars between the windows.


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To everything…

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:”  Ecclesiastes 3:1


Whatever happened to things in their proper time? Why the rush? What’s wrong with enjoying the moment without the clouds of the next moment not just being over the horizon but practically sitting on your lap! By the way…I am NOT happy about this cold and snow business so early; we had snow showers yesterday and they weather boffins are saying we might get some accumulation of the stuff in a day or so.  What???  I’m already contemplating a warm weather get away to recharge my battery. 

And some stores are already playing Christmas music with the decorations being out side by side with Thanksgiving decorations.  I even saw one store with the Douglas firs out for sale and I love poinsettias but c’mon! These were in my local grocery store.  Thanksgiving isn’t for another week and a half.  I want to enjoy my turkey and pie before I think about the next round of decorations, thank you very much!

Have a great and warm Sunday :)

(photos taken with my android phone)

Snow and ginkos Apricot poinsettias


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