All that’s missing is snow…

Which happened yesterday.  I was tempted to go out and get the owl in its element but opted for hot tea and a blanket inside instead.  But here are some facts about Snowy Owls.

They are seen south of Canada only during some winters (lucky me!) and are predominately white with various amounts of black markings.  Old males are the whitest and immature females have the most dark markings so from the looks of things this makes our owl here a female.  They have a lifespan in the wild of a bit over 10 years and it is one of the largest species of owl and the only one with mainly white plumage.  To read more about the beautiful Snowy Owl click here.

Since I’ve begun birding more this year than I ever have before because of travel restrictions,  I’ve grown quite fond of our feathered friends and look forward to seeing what else may pop up this winter or if not, then I look forward to breeding season in spring when the birds really pull out the stops with their plumage.

Teri 📷


Either she’s fed up with the hoomans and yelling for us to go or she was just bored 🙂

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Still Snowy

Snowy Owl that is.  As of today it makes almost a week since she has graced our area and every last photographer who has and continues to be there is thrilled about it. On a humorous side note… we were walking along the top of the dam looking down at Ms. Snowy here when we notice a family walking down the hill and entirely too close to where she was perched.  Not cool, says I, not cool!  As the family obliviously kept walking getting closer there arose a chorus of over 20 something photographers yelling…


The family got a clue and walked in the opposite direction and Ms. Snowy didn’t fly off,  that is until someone walked too close to the photographers with his dog on a leash and she flew further away.  Hoomans can be so clueless and inconsiderate sometimes!  It’s not like you couldn’t see the line of photographers with all their gear pointing in one direction.

If the weather is sunny tomorrow we may go back again but this time with our tripods for the ultimate shot!  But aren’t her fluffy feathery feet cute? She looks like she is wearing fuzzy house slippers… with deadly claws.


Snowy Owl, Central Ohio, birding, owl

Snowy Owl says mind the social distancing rules!


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Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s to you having a wonderful Thanksgiving.  These guys have nothing to fear (and they know it) as they are the residents of a local metro park.

Gobble gobble – Teri 📷

Wild Turkey, Ohio, bird photography wild turkeys, ohio, birding


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It was a cold, overcast and windy morning when I got the message that there was something I needed to grab my camera and go look for.  These guys normally don’t ever come this far south (and here in central Ohio south is really pushing it); they usually get as far south as the great lakes.  So when I got the word from a fellow birder friend and its location was all of 10 minutes away from home…….. well yeah!

The word got out to a great portion of the birding community because when we got there there was a big line of photographers with all manner of gear having a go.  When we left the park rangers showed up – no idea what that was about.

But it was so cool to capture an owl that I would probably never have seen in the wild.  I’m glad this one was here but I do hope it’s not injured.  More images later.


Snow Owl, Central Ohio

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Mister and Miss Cardinal

It’s Miss Cardinal because I didn’t ask them if they were a couple or not 🙂  But in the meantime, here it is the week of Thanksgiving and we are left with the question for this year – to have visitors or to go visit!  We shall be cooking for two and will call/Zoom/Facetime family.

I’m a little sad because just this past weekend was the little guys 4th birthday and I realized I haven’t seen him in over a year.  It stings a bit when I’m talking to his dad or mom and he says “Hi Nana! Where are you?”  But at least I get Facetime kisses to soothe the missing him… a bit.

His older brother is just about ready to get his drivers license.  Whatever happened to the little guy who I was teaching how to ride a tricycle???  And then there’s the middle grand (a girl) who had as part of a school project a baby (toy) to bring home and take care of.  It died on her once; they were allowed one fail.  I am not going to let her live this one down any time soon!  Oh no!!!!

So what about that project I was working on? Well,  I’ve learned that I not only hate having my photo taken but I also hate being on video!  I could possibly do a podcast providing you only heard me.  But be that as it may, thing were sent in and I am awaiting final word on if it is a Yes or a No.  Will keep you informed.  And while waiting for the judgement on that project I received another email about another one!  Hoo boy!!!!  I told them I was interested and now I wait to see if that turns into anything.

And last but not least… I’m fluffing up my Etsy photo art shop for holiday shopping.  I’m tired, people, but I’m thankful for all I have and that we are still virus safe although they have ramped up the mask requirements and a curfew is in effect cause rates have gone up.  Could someone tell me why I cannot find any Windex anywhere?  I mean I get the TP and paper towels bit but Windex?

Oh well, wash your hands, wear a mask, socially distance and/or do whatever else is necessary to stay safe.


male cardinal, bird, redbird, Ohio female cardinal, bird, birding, Ohio



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I’ve been…

Not posting here.  And no, I haven’t traveled anywhere farther than 20 miles from home either.  What I have been is BUSY and involved with recent events here with the election and all.  But mostly I have been losing my mind over a project I have to turn in this week that I’ve done dozens and dozens of edits on.

I am losing bits of my sanity here!

The photo part of this project is and was a piece of cake… it’s the video part that’s killing me.  I am not a video person, I don’t even like having my photo taken so this whole video part of the project is turning my anxiety level up to 11+.  So until I get this in the can and shipped off, I will be absent still from the blog.  And who knows, even after that I may need to just be in a nice soft quiet room for awhile to decompress.

So I apologize in advance and in the past for not being around and not visiting your posts. In the meantime, here’s an image I pulled over onto the side of the road and scrambled down a hill through the brush to get.

See you later – Teri 📷

PS.  I am managing to post on IG (when I come up for air from the project) as it’s quicker to do.  Follow me there @Imagesbytd

Ohio nature, landscape

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Halloween Moon

It appeared low over the horizon with it’s yellowish cast looking like something that could’ve come right out of Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin.  What was it? A confluence that hasn’t occurred since 1944 and will not again until 2039 – a blue moon visible for most time zones on earth on Halloween night.

Pretty special I say.  As it moved higher into the sky it lost it’s pumpkin color and changed back into it’s usual bright light in the sky.


blue moon, halloween moon, full moon


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Watch out for zombies

It’s October 31st also known as Halloween,  All Hallows’ Eve, Samhain, Dia de Muertos and possibly more.  How you celebrate it (or not depending on your beliefs) is entirely your choice but I’ve enjoyed dressing up/cosplaying which I have done quite a bit of until this year when all events pertaining to costumes were cancelled.


There’s always hope for next year but in the meantime here’s a shamble down memory lane of some of the wild events I’ve had the pleasure to attend and photograph.  I marvel at the talent of some of these former humans.

And watch out for those clowns… ALWAYS!!!

Happy Halloween




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Tales from the Crypt

It just wouldn’t be All Hallows Eve without a graveyard now would it?  And this graveyard is a very old famous one in Scotland – St. Andrews Cathedral.  The Cathedral (what’s left of it) dates back to the 12th century.  Very few graves were singular ones, they were mostly family plots with a long series of family buried within.  I tried to find the oldest one but was pressed for time (had to return that rental car before they charged us another day) and only saw sites from the early 1800’s.

I’m pretty sure there are much older ones there considering its age.

Modern cemeteries make me sad but old historic ones draw me right in!  But only in the daytime!  What are your thoughts on graveyards and wandering through them?


St. Andrews Cathedral graveyard, Scotland

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Halloween Week – Abandoned House #5

There’s an interesting story that goes with this image.  I kinda sorta remember where I found this house (actually it was an entire abandoned block) I remember the images I took BUT I cannot recall when I took this photo and even more importantly what file it’s in.  The only reason I am able to share it with you today is because I had posted it to Instagram and I mailed the image back to myself.

Me thinks this house doesn’t want to be found again!


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