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This will be my last week with you probably – and that may be erratic at best – as the big move is scheduled to happen in 8 days.  Where we are moving our internet provider options are a bit slim so that hasn’t even been arranged yet.  I am feeling withdrawal symptoms already!  Then, once we have internet, I will have to get my system set up again providing old Moo (I name all of my toys) is still in the land of the living; she’s been coughing and sputtering again…sigh.

There is Christmas shopping and shipping needing to be done for friends and family but there isn’t anything on my list other than sanity and calm at the moment.  Well there is this one Tamron lens but let me get back on track…  Whose bright idea was it to move into a new home right in the midst of Christmas season anyway? Oh wait! Never mind.  We’ll let that one go ;)  The past few days have seen a bit of an increase in my mobility for which I am very thankful but the specialist appointment is next week and that adds to the already big pile of anxiety inducing elements.  Are we having fun yet?

As I have been told many times, this too shall pass and in the meantime I should not let these “other” bits rob and blind me of being and experiencing in the moment.  The move will happen, I will misplace things, the computer will get set up again and either work or be replaced (ugh) and I will do my best to suppress the urge to choke DH when he tells me to relax.  I couldn’t do that if I wanted to anyway my hands are too small to fit around his neck.  I kid! I kid!

The grands will get their presents in time for Christmas – the toys they make for kids today are just really “interesting” but I wouldn’t mind having a BB-8 Droid as a present – and I will get better health wise and be back out there photographing with gusto.  Which leads us into the real topic of this post.  It’s that time of the year when we start wondering what to get one another for the holidays.  Please allow me to make a few suggestions.

I have two stores that feature my photography.  One, my Etsy shop (see the big E on the right side of my page), is where my prints are offered for sale in multiple sizes.  These prints I self fulfill and at the moment I am only able to ship just in the United States.  My other store, Zazzle, offers many other items featuring my photography.  These items, many that can be customized to fit your needs,  include mugs, tote bags, blankets, pillows, posters and more.  This store ships worldwide and runs many great sales that change weekly.  Here are a few examples of what you will find at my Zazzle shop:

Dancing Flames Abstract Poster
Dancing Flames Abstract Poster by TDashfieldImages
Look at more Abstract Posters at zazzle

I hope you take a moment to browse both of my shops and please feel free to share the links as well.  Thank you for indulging me with this “commercial” and we now return you to our regularly scheduled program :)

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Wherever I go I try to find you…

If you know me then you know I am all about turtles!  Have had them off and on since I was a child with the sizes ranging from tiny cookie sized turtles up to my beloved Booby who used to belong to my late sister.  I no longer have any live turtles but I have plenty of other turtle things. Such as jewelry, tattoos, statues, paintings, ornaments and more – it’s my spirit animal I truly believe.  I’ve been packing them all up to get ready to move them to their new home.  Phew!

This cutie was found with a rascally rabbit in Copley Square in Boston, Massachusetts a summer or two ago.

Copley Sq Turtle8311


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Happy Thanksgiving

I remember being a little girl and watching my mom go nuts in the kitchen with the turkey, stuffing and sides.  She would shoo me from the kitchen because my only job was to open the can of jellied cranberry sauce (yes! the kind in the can that has the rib marks from the can on it) because I thought that was the funniest food in the world…and I still love it to this day.

We would wait for my sisters and their families to come over to eat (or as I thought as a child, devour like a plague of locusts) and then leave without helping clean up.  Guess who was considered big enough for that chore!  I would always watch the Macy’s parade on television waiting for Santa to appear at the end because then and only then did I know that Christmas was on its way!

Thanksgivings have always been family centered.  Meals have been at home with mom and dad, at my sisters with nephews and nieces, at my own home with grandchildren, later at nursing and veterans homes with my parents and one year with my English in-laws which was an interesting combo of English and American traditions.  They knew I had a “thing” for the wibbly wobbly cranberry sauce so they had one can there just for me! Of course I was the only one to eat it but hey! More for me :)

Since we moved away from my family in Missouri to Ohio we have done turkey day at a restaurant once but the rest of the years have been mini versions of the traditional meal since it’s just the two of us.  We both miss being around family for this day but it is what it is.  Instead we will watch the parade on TV, eat whatever we like (this year it’s going to be a mish mash of this that and the other) speak to relatives either on the phone or via Skype and pack to move into our new home.  I am thankful for many things today including all of you wonderful people that read and interact here.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Macro Class – The Tentacles



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Macro Class

I belong to a Meetup group here in Ohio that is a great bunch of photographers with all levels of skill and all kinds of equipment.  We meet each month with a different topic to discuss and possibly shoot.  This last weekend the topic was macro photography.  You know THAT caught my eye.  There were several stations with various props and ways to do it.  There were bellows, magnifying rings, soft boxes, extension tubes and ring lights; so tempted to get one of those!

We experimented with water drop photos, toys, mirrors, flowers, bugs (not living ones) and this thing here.  Not quite sure what you call it but it was so colorful that I gravitated right to it.

MacroBall6584-Edit copy

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No partridges in this pear tree…

Just pears…fa la la la la :)  Photo taken August 2015 at the Stratford Ecological Center in Ohio.

PearsMono5564-Edit copy

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That road to somewhere called life…

Sometimes you don’t know where here is until you are there.  They say it’s all about the journey.  As long as you’re still moving it’s all good.  I could add some more pithy sayings but I think you know where I’m going with this.  Life is a journey and the road isn’t always pretty or smooth – but sometimes it can be beautiful.  Lately the road I’ve been on has been scary, exhilarating, painful, frustrating, sad, joyful and just about any other emotion you can come up with.

We are just a couple of weeks away from moving into a new home and all that entails is nerve wracking enough but when you add difficulties with mobility, visits to physical therapy for 6 weeks now, and the will to pack but the way being limited, well, it just adds up to frustration.  DH has been away for work often, I have an appointment soon to see and orthopedic specialist (if the surgery word is even whispered I will do my very best imitation of The Flash and run), no idea what we are going to do for Thanksgiving dinner, no idea what to do for Christmas (I’m thinking gift cards for the lot and let them face the stores), and a couple of relatives with some health issues that have us concerned.  Oh! I forgot to add that my computer is trying again to bite the dust and I don’t relish trying to get a new one and transfer ALL of this stuff onto it in the midst of everything else.  I’m praying it hangs on until we are settled into the new home with internet again; not having internet for awhile is not going to be pretty.  Quite the witches brew going on here or as I have heard others say (I’d never say such a thing – my story sticking to it) ) it’s a cluster F of stuff.

But as I am trying to convey with this photo taken back when the weather was kinder and warmer and the leaves were just beginning to change color, life is movement and a path to many places.  Sometimes you know where you’re going and sometimes you wonder how the %^&* did I get here?  The point is to keep moving, to either look forward to what’s ahead or to gird up your loins and be ready to take on what’s ahead on the path; fear and stagnation shouldn’t be an option but sometimes they do slide in there and get a grip.  The road ahead could greet you with a troll ready to bop you on the head or it could be an experience that when you are further up your road you will look back upon fondly – or both!  Life is funny like that.

Now who wants to come and help me pack?

Road6385-Edit copy


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