The most colorful time of the year

When all of the elements fall into place (pun not quite intended) nature gives us one last hurrah before closing shop for the winter.  Here are some images I took within a colorful two week window.  It was fun walking through ankle deep piles of leaves like a little kid; hearing their crunch and watching them flutter in the wind as I kicked them into the air.

That’s fall folks!

Teri  📷

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A spot of red


Teri  📷

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Fall may have fallen

Fall is such a beautiful but sometimes very short season.  Either summer does not quite want to let go or wicked winter tries to muscle its way in early… like now with the snow and sleet we are supposed to be getting today.

If only autumn at it’s colorful best would last a little longer.  These photos were taken before the rain and cold winds came in and blew the colors away.

Teri  📷

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Veterans Day

Thank you all for your service.


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Went leaf peeping at a park that has in the past put on a wonderful autumn color display only to find it a bit “soggy” around the edges.  I guess all of the rain we’ve been having has to go somewhere although the homes that back up to the Scioto river here may not be too keen with it coming to visit in their back yards.

I think this bench might only seat ducks right now.  Stay afloat this weekend.

Teri  📷

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Isle of Skye – Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls

On our grand road trip through the Isle of Skye, Scotland, we had planned to visit another falls on the island but the car park for it was closed for repairs so on we drove.  From there we decided to drive on to drop our things off at our B&B and then find something to eat in Portree but along the way I saw the huge car park for this amazing bit of landscape.

We pulled in and I went elbow to elbow with busloads of other tourists from across the globe to get this shot.  I wanted to stay longer to get a better angle but more tour buses were pulling in and I knew the chances of my getting a better view were plummeting.

I am glad that I wriggled my way through the masses to see this magnificent bit of nature because sometimes you have to let getting the ideal shot go and just take in the moment.

Teri  📷

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The photographer and the big golden tree

Photo courtesy DH 🙂

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