Feeling prickly on Monday?

This group in the Usery Mountain Regional Park in Mesa, Arizona is prickly 24/7/365   😉



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Happy Trails to You

After a bit of which way should we go now – they went that away!

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Two horses, a mule and Sam Elliott

Yet another bit of proof that proves you never know who or what you may come across when out with a camera.  They stopped and we chatted for awhile after I pointed right at “Sam Elliott” and told him I loved his mustache.  Turned out he’s originally from northeastern Illinois.  No idea where they came from or where they were going but it made for some great western captures and a few laughs.  This was also the first time I had ever seen a mule outside of a book or movie.  All of the steeds were beautiful… and the humans were pretty cool in their western wear.


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Sometimes on our photo excursions we have our how, where and what plans.  Then there are times when we start out following the plans but soon thereafter just toss them in the back seat and go where the whim takes us.  It’s when we’ve wandered away from the plans (and often the main roads) that we have encountered the best things.  In this case we had journeyed on the paved roads for awhile when it was decided to just go that away and see where it would take us.

Being aware of signs that said keep out, no trespassing and don’t cross when there’s water we found ourselves on this one dirt road that led past a lot of open desert and a few homes.  It amazed me where people had set up residence although having the Superstition Mountains in your back yard isn’t such a bad view.  So while DH stayed in the car to make sure no one would take umbrage at our being parked outside of their gated driveway, I took off down the road to get a view of the mountains.

It was pretty quiet out there outside of a covey of quail (yes, I looked that up) that were making a racket and the occasional barking of a dog in the distance.  Then I heard voices but couldn’t see where they were coming from until this trio appeared.  By the way, is it still street photography if you’re on a dirt road 😉


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So what happens if we go down this road?


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Windmill in color with a scenic vista

Besides signs at the museum here that warned you to watch out for snakes (I kept my eyes open but was banking on them being in hibernation) and arrows directing you to stay on the walking paths, there were also signs identifying some of the plants in the area.  There were saguaro and chola cactus, Palo Verde trees and sage and jojoba bushes like the one at the bottom of the windmill to name a few.




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A remnant from it’s mining past at the Superstition Mountain Museum.


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