Could it be a Peony?

The one unopened bud certainly reminds me of one but I’m not quite sure.  Would any of you happen to know what kind of flower this is?  It resides in the same gardens as the blue poppy in Scotland at the….

More about these gardens and what else is there will have to wait for awhile as I am taking off to enjoy a nice long weekend to start celebrating my birthday early.  Birthday partying on the weekend is much more fun than in the middle of the week which is when the actual date falls.

If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram @imagesbytd and see what I may be getting into with my celebrating unless the forecasted thunderstorms put a damper on some things.  I shall do my best to carry on no matter the weather.

Teri  📷

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Blue Poppy

It was the first poppy of this color I had ever seen and I loved it!  What garden was this beauty growing in? A garden in Scotland.  Stay tuned for where and more from it.

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Fairytale Castle Craigievar

An example of the original Scottish Baronial style is Craigievar Castle; a pink seven story castle completed in 1626 set in the rolling foothills of the Grampian Mountains.  It took some doing to find this castle with all of the driving through those hills and one lane roads but I had to see a pink castle.

It so reminded me of something from Rapunzel or Tangled if you are a Disney fan.  As we had already driven quite a lot that day visiting three other castles, by the time we reached here it was closed.  The caretaker there said it was alright for me to walk around the grounds to take photos which made me very happy.

Is it wrong to say a castle is cute because this one is!

Teri 📷

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Almost missed it

The it is Kilchurn Castle ruins here on Loch Awe in Argyl and Bute, Scotland; constructed in the mid 1500’s.  We had just picked up our car from the airport in Edinburgh and were heading west on our  Scotland road trip and I was bleary eyed and headed from not sleeping well on the plane.

I had meticulously plotted out what to see all along our road trip and this castle was one of the stops.  Mind you, I had already missed two prior castles because my brain was so fogged and I was too slow on telling DH what exits to take.  What prevented me from missing this one was noticing a lot of cars pulled over on the side of the road ahead of us.  This was my first taste of  if a bunch of cars are pulled over there is something to see there.

This is where it gets humorous; stay with me now.  DH pulls over, I hop across the road trying to remember which way to look for oncoming vehicles and headed through a fence towards the castle.  A man was walking towards me and I asked him which castle this was (remember I was foggy brained and hadn’t looked at my map) he replied that he didn’t know either.  Off I trudged and I got about as far as those wooden planks you see on the left side of the image in the field before I gave up; very muddy and I didn’t have on my hiking boots yet.

Took some shots with my 70-200mm lens and headed back to the car where just before crossing the road again I met the same guy.  I told him which castle it was (I had just read a sign about being careful with camp fires with the name of the castle on it on a fence) and we struck up a bit of a friendly conversation.  He wished me a good visit in his country and it was back on the road for us.

It was a couple of days later while researching castle sites online that I saw that there was a path that led right up to the castle that would’ve given me the shot I really would’ve loved to have gotten.  Did not see that road when we almost drove past the castle in the first place.  Oh well…

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Sheep next 4 miles

That is what the cautionary road sign stated on the road to the Aberdeenshire castle trail.  And it was absolutely correct. These were behind a fence; many of their kin were not.

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Eilean Donan Castle

Welcome to Eilean Donan Castle!

Scotland is filled with castles and Eilean Donan is probably the most visited and photographed of them all.  I suppose it doesn’t hurt that Highlander and a James Bond film were filmed here.  In the western Highlands of Scotland, it is a beautifully restored castle that, for a fee, you can go walk around in.  But take note, you cannot take any backpacks in with you and inside some areas of the castle photography is forbidden.  I had to just take myself and the camera in while DH stood on the shore waiting for me with my backpack camera bag.  I guess you could say I left him holding the bag 🙂

The castle’s origins date back to the early 13th century and it has seen its fair share of trials and tribulations that include revolts, feuds, attacks and eventual destruction in 1715.  Between 1919 and 1932 it was rebuilt by Lt. Col. John MacRae-Gilstrap who included the arched bridge to give easier access to the castle.

It truly is a Scottish icon and I highly recommend visiting it if you are in Scotland.

Teri 📷

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What is love?

Is it really one of those philosophical metaphysical questions or is it really simple when you don’t try to quantify it too stringently?  This week our home has been “invaded” by a horde I call my family.  Also known as son, daughter in law and the three things; teen grandson, teen granddaughter and the little almost two year old.

It’s been forever since I’ve had this many people under the roof and over a decade since a baby stayed overnight(s).  Things needed to be put away, safety this that and the other installed and toys provided.  The teens only needed an electrical socket to plug in their phones and tablets.

There were times when I wanted to hide in a closet from everyone and many times when I longed for quiet but then I would’ve missed out on falling over laughing at the many MANY Nintendo matches and the trash talking between players, seeing DH discuss cars with the guys, watching how much of a bottomless pit a 14 year old boy is when eating, giving each of them a camera to have as their own and showing them just a few basics (I even got the little guy a toy camera) and getting lots of wet kisses from the baby.

I’d forgotten how long teens love to sleep in and just how fast a toddler can sprint up steps if you blink.  Taking a teen girl shopping for clothing is maddening as is taking a teen boy shopping for Nike’s; so glad the little guy doesn’t care yet.  And to watch my son be an adult with a wife and family just got me in the feels.

They go home today and while it will be great to have my house and routine back in order (my daughter in law asked me what I would do when the house was quiet again – I said giggle!) I find myself wishing they lived closer instead of three states away and for some reason my eyes seem to be a bit watery.  Then again… many a grandparent knows the adage about it’s great to see them but greater when you give them back 🙂

That’s love for you…

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