Wordless Wednesday – It was al fresco in December

F 4.5 – 1/40 – ISO 125 – 35mm – Canon 5D M3


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Peeling Paint

I am always amazed at how different the colors of buildings are throughout the United States.  Depending on where you are the colors, as well as the materials used, can vary greatly.  In both Miami and Key West I was entranced by the bright blues, yellows, pinks and greens of their architecture on everything from mega hotels to individual homes.  Those colors on buildings probably would not fly here in the Midwest.

In the more expensive parts of Key West the homes were just stunning and in pristine condition while on and around Duval Street they were – as you can see – less so.  But even though in need of some scraping and repainting, the colors still stood out.  By the way…can you find the discarded bandage in one of these images?

YellowStepsXU9A1477-Edit copy  PinkStepsXU9A1381-Edit copy  YellowSidingXU9A1280-Edit copy



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Monochrome Monday – Bicycles

I ride my bike, I roller skate, don’t drive no car
Don’t go too fast but I go pretty far
For somebody who don’t drive, I been all around the world
Some people say, I done all right for a girl…

Brand New Key – Melanie

Your stuck in your head song for this Monday morning :)  Photo taken in Key West, Florida


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Getting Ready for the Weekend

It’s Friday so let’s get ready to get out there and have a great weekend!  Hopefully that doesn’t involve hosing off your sidewalk after the prior nights crowd as this person was doing by some restaurants in South Beach, but if it does…I hope you take pictures :)


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Car Show Rerun

Did a test drive of the computer last night and so far so good.  Just a couple of issues but they were the same ones as before…which could mean it’s been trying to tell me for some time that it isn’t feeling well.  Maybe.  Not sure.  New post tomorrow but had to do one last car rerun.  I think this car show is coming up in a couple of weeks – yippee!


Revisit Week – Cars and Car Shows

I missed the one big car show that comes here every year because of the weather but there will be more come summer and I hope to be right there with them.  Here are some cars from past shows.  I am just blown away by the amount of time and effort these owners put into restoring and maintaining their automobiles.  And how shiny and polished they can get them including the engines!

How in the world do they get those engines so clean and shiny?


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Wordless Wednesday – They don’t make dashboards like these anymore…

Ford7809-w Imp_2171web Pack_2243web IMG_2282web IMG_2115web

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Hood Ornaments Rerun

As the computer is still in the sick bay I am running re-runs of past posts.  I felt like doing cars and car shows as they are always popular.  Classic cars ultimately mean classic hood ornaments; they don’t make them like these anymore!  This post was originally done in April 2014.

Revisiting – Hood Ornaments

Whenever I go to any car show I am drawn to the vehicles themselves but also the details of each vehicle.  The wheels, the dashboards, the fuzzy dice, the engines, and the hood ornaments.  Once upon a time many cars had works of art as their hood ornaments but as time went by what with aerodynamics and fuel economy – not to mention little thieves who ripped off said ornaments – the era of fancy hood adornment slowly faded.

But when the classic, and some newer models, cars are shown I am in hood ornament nirvana!  Here are a few as previews to the cars that I will be bringing back once I decide which beauties to feature.  Classic? Modern? Hot Rod? Custom? So many to chose from…stay tuned.


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