This one wall behind a music venue (I think) in Albuquerque was one big interesting mural from one end of the building to the other; this even has the ubiquitous string of peppers which we saw for sale almost everywhere we went.  I believe wall murals can show you a slice of their local culture.



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The Right to Vote


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Wall Murals

Wall murals can range from the mundane to the sublime; sometimes humorous and sometimes with a deep message.  While getting the tour of downtown Albuquerque we noticed there was so much art around.  Not just the murals but also the architectural design of the buildings.  Taking a balloon break (but they will be back – you’ve got to see the special shapes ones!) and instead showing you around town.

I really like that even the steps here were decorative.



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Canon and Sony

So there were these two guys – one a Canon user and the other a Sony user – looking at who knows what on a street in downtown Albuquerque.  I just had to sneak in a shot of them🙂


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Sunny Singing

Just a few songs about the sun from Sunny Boy aka Festus here from Tennessee:

Here Comes the Sun – I’ll Follow the Sun – You are the Sunshine of my Life – House of the Rising Sun – Sunshine of your Love – Sunshine on my Shoulders – Tequila Sunrise – You are my Sunshine – Good Day Sunshine – Soak up the Sun – Sunshine Superman – On the Sunny Side of the Street – Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In – Don’t let the sun go down on me…

Know any other songs with sun/sunny/sunshine in the title?  Add to my list here in the comments section and have a great sunny weekend even if it isn’t sunny where you are🙂





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After the Flight

As we returned to the launch field after our flight in the Nelly-B, driving through town I was able to see balloons still in the air as well as some that had landed.  The sky was magical with all of these fascinating balloons floating about above the hustle and bustle of folks going about their lives.  Where some of the balloons landed was interesting as I pondered how would their chase crews get to them like the one balloon that landed in a fenced corral.


Once back at the launch field I stood and gazed at the balloons that had landed along with those that were slowly coming back to earth.  Some of them had some less than traditional chase vehicles.

balloon3163-edit-copy incoming3179-edit-copy bluechicken3157-edit-copy shortbus3173-edit-copy

And then there was this one balloon that I watched come in closer and closer until it began to land very near to where I was standing;  I gave it all the space it needed quickly!

fieldlanding3191-edit-copy fieldlanding3193-edit-copy

Crews were starting to break out the tailgating goodies by this time.  Check out this once upon a time fire truck that was now not only a chase vehicle but a cool dispenser of beer!  Red plastic cups always mean a good time.  This day really was a great day at the balloon fiesta for me.

firetruck3201-edit-copy firetruck3206-edit-copy


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DH and Tim?  I forgot to mention yesterday that in one of the photos if you’re really really good you can find DH and my friend Tim from Off Center & Not Even in the crowd snapping away as I took to the sky.  Here’s a  hint to find them…DH and Tim are in front of two trucks parked side by side (one of the trucks hauling the pink and white Nelly-B trailer) with DH having a red spot in front of him which was a tote bag and Tim is to his right and slightly behind.

Find them yet?🙂



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