Urban Scrawl

Urban scrawl is a 2 day arts festival organized by the Franklington Arts District featuring the live creation of murals by 64 talented artists from central Ohio and beyond.  It has been happening since 2007 but it was my first time ever attending…but it won’t be my last.  Food, painting and a lot of paint, performance art, break dancing (I was dancing to the music but not break dancing; that’s never going to happen) skateboarders and a lot of happy people.

Here are just a few images from yesterday; there will be more this coming week.

Bdancer5885-Edit copy Coffee5910-Edit copy DJ5764-Edit copy Paint5829-Edit copy Painter5710-Edit copy

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Bee kind…

To this planet, to bees, to each other whenever possible and to nature…well, maybe not so much to spiders, rats and snakes (those are my phobias) but I digress.  Be especially kind to bees for without them we would be in dire straights when it comes to many things.  We need them for the pollination of the fruits and veggies we eat and without them there would be no honey.  And I don’t know about you but I love some good local raw honey; so tasty and healthy for you.  Nothing like a good biscuit – and I mean the biscuit we Americans call a biscuit – slathered in real butter and some honey for breakfast.  Now I’m hungry.

By the way, this was the first time I had ever seen an orange sunflower.  I always assumed they just came in yellow.  Bee kind this weekend, have some honey and watch out tonight for the super moon :)

SunBee5482-Edit copy


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Funny Friday on the Farm

My name is MacNugget.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die!  


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Wordless Wednesday – Let the Sunshine

Sunup5449-Edit1 copy


(Image available to purchase as a digital download here)

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Coffee first – Face the sun later

Monday’s can be like that sometimes ;)

DarkSunflower5439-Edit copy

(If interested in purchasing one of my images as a print visit my site here)

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This is different for me…

This week is the 10th anniversary of a horrific natural disaster that occurred in the United States – Hurricane Katrina.  Whenever this time of year comes around my mood changes and yes, I tear up and sometimes just have to have a cry.  The reason for this I explain on my other blog – A Caregivers Memoirs – where I talk about how my father’s last days in a hospital ICU coincided with this event and how both of them will forever be entwined for me.

The other blog is where I write about my 14+ years of being a caregiver to both my mother and father at the same time in two different facilities, and other things that relate to Alzheimer’s, diabetes and caregiving. The subject matter isn’t always fun, there aren’t any photos, and sometimes I get dark and raw.  I want to share this most recent post with you (it will be in two parts) because it is important to me and I hope you will take a moment to click on the link and read it.  I totally understand if it isn’t your cup of tea and if the whole subject matter is too depressing but it is a part of my life…and I miss my daddy very much.

Thank you and tomorrow we will be back to photography.

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Caption this image…

For a funny Friday I decided to ask you, dear readers and fellow mirth makers, to caption this image.  This was purely an accidental shot as I was focusing on getting the butterfly by itself on the flower when this one bee decided to…well, you caption it.

Have a wonderful weekend and watch out for bees behind you ;)


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