Photo Prompt: Shadow

As we all know, light plays a major part in how an image will turn out.  Conversely, shadows (the opposite of light one could say) can impact an image as well – both positively and negatively.

No one wants a photo with shadows underneath their eyes or a person or object being in shadow so much that you cannot discern details but then there are times when shadows add depth, time and even mood to an image.

My friend, Ingrid, over at has issued a photo prompt of shadows today and I decided to join in.  Most of the time I try to avoid shadows in my images as I feel they can sometimes take your eye away from what the subject of the photo is but as previously stated, shadows can also compliment.

Teri  📷


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It’s good to have a friend to talk to

This photo has been languishing in my drafts post folder for several years now and today it spoke to me to let it come out and speak.  Everyone needs at least one friend that they can talk to.  It can be a spouse or significant other, a friend you’ve had since childhood, a new friend and sometimes it can even be a relative.

Some believe that in today’s modern world we have become so separated from the rest of the world that the only “friends” we have are those strictly in the cyber world and while that may be true to some extent is it really a bad thing?

I’ve made friends via social media that I feel are really my friends.  And by that I mean we have progressed past the likes and small comments on our feeds to emailing, texting, speaking on the phone and in some instances actually meeting face to face.  So what can we say about friends and friendship?

A good friend helps you hide a body… a great friend brings a shovel and doesn’t ask any questions.

A good friend knows all your best stories.  A best friend has lived them with you.

Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life.

If you have one true friend then you are truly blessed.

Best friends motto:  Always remember that if you fall I will pick you up… after I finish laughing!

Teri  📷

(Through the window shot taken in the Bourbon Street restaurant on west 46th street – aka restaurant row – in New York, August 2014)

Ladies at Lunch 7294


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Urban Scrawl – Anxiety

This mural by Amanda Kisilewski just grabs you!  The words surrounding the eyes were all taken from live posts on  They are from people venting, hurting, afraid, and asking for help.

Mental health is very serious.  If you feel you need help please seek it; there is no need or reason to feel ashamed about it.  You do not have to go it alone.

So why such a somber post for today?  Well besides the total insanity that is going on in the world with politics, the anger people feel towards one another for no good reason which far too often ends in violence and death and the mental and physical health struggles of many.

I have spent this past week in a bit of a blue funk because I have tried my very best to help someone in dire straights only to find that my best is only so good.  Sometimes a person can only do so much when up against those who are not willing to cooperate, understand or help by helping themselves; you risk being pulled under yourself.

While any of us can only do so much – we should do as much as we can none the less.  The alternative of ignoring or not doing is far worse.

(Photo taken at the Columbus Urban Scrawl summer of 2018)

Teri  📷


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Valentine’s Day

When I was a child this day meant shoe boxes with silly little cards (and hopefully some with candy taped to them) exchanged with classmates.  It was also the day my father got mom her favorite box of candy and I got the little box of candy hearts with sayings on them.  It’s a shame that that little candy box may be discontinued.

When I was a teenager and young adult it was the day that some females would show off what gift or flowers they got from their at the moment beau.   As time marched on the gifts changed (jewelry, purse, shoes, a fancy blender and now camera equipment) but the card and flowers remained constant… even sometimes coming from one of the children.  Really, not a lot tops a card made with red construction paper and a white paper doily with their “best” hand written greeting.

We’ve reached a point where going out for dinner along with the many many other lovebirds is no longer appealing and either a home cooked or carry out meal is much more satisfying; just as long as we are together.  I know not everyone celebrates or even wants or cares to but as for our household, it’s carry out dinner tonight and each others company.

Works for me.

Happy Valentine’s Day – Teri

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Winter Haiku Wednesday

The wind is howling

I’ve grown weary of the cold

Return to us spring.

Teri 📷

Spring Flowers



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Water Lilies

Whenever I see water lilies I immediately think of Monet’s garden in Giverny; a place that is on my bucket list of places to visit.  There is just something about them that is so calming and peaceful.

These lovelies are around an office campus where swans and herons stay.  I get two photo opportunities in one when I go visit.

(It’s been a highly stressful few weeks and I don’t see it getting a lot more calmer for maybe a month or so; life can get that way sometimes.  I thought I had posted this before but perhaps I didn’t.  I hope I’m not repeating a post.  Anyway, these images are far nicer than the gloomy, rainy and cold day we are having today.)

Teri 📷

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Winter Wonderland

Ah winter… when will you ever leave us?  These photos were taken at the end of quite a “weathery” week.  Normal cold fell into polar vortex cold which then fell into “expect just a few inches of snow” that turned into around 8 inches of snow and then into a rapid melt with a day that reached close to 60 in temperatures.  Talk about all the seasons in just a few days!

Today it is freezing rain on top of snow.  Winter needs to go!

Teri 📷

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