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Today I start physical therapy and I cannot wait! Please put me on the rack do what ever it takes to get me back to normal (well, as close to normal as I was anyway) because limited mobility is putting a serious crimp in things – and me! Just noticed something…when this post was first done I was in almost the same condition. How interesting.

Hope you enjoy this blast from the past – Cheers, mate :)

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Since my mobility is still hampered, I haven’t been able to get out and do much shooting so I have been perusing my old files and seeing what looks different to me; a review if you will.  Some things look better, some worse, some about the same.  Such is life, eh?  While wishing I felt better and dreaming of traveling abroad again the trip to England file came up and I started to fondly remember my first day on the ground and how chilly it was to me that day.  The jet lag didn’t smack me upside the head until after this picture was taken and I actually fell over backwards onto the bed at the hotel with DH trying his best to keep me awake.

He lost that battle but not entirely.  I slept for an hour or so and wobbled back up and out into the city.  My…

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Monochrome Monday – Chained


Hello hello hello! My posting may be reblogs or spotty this week as my world has been turned upside down. Family medical emergency to deal with along with my trying to hard to pack for our impending move and I injured myself to the point that it’s PT or being loopy out of my mind on pain meds….heavy sigh! So please bear with me with the repeats and gaps in service until things are back in order.

At least I didn’t break anything this time :)

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I noticed that almost all of the bicycles in NYC had these very heavy chains on them to lock them up tight while their owners were at work or wherever they were.  First thing that struck me was how many of them were; how many people got too and fro in Manhattan on a bike! And secondly, no one used any of the bike chains I’m used to seeing.  Nope! None of those wimpy encased in protective rubber sheaths chains here.  We are talking industrial strength locks and chains here, folks.  While converting this image to black and white I started to think about songs with the word chain/s in them.  Here’s what I came up with – can you add any?

Chain of Fools – The Chain – Rare and Precious Chain – Ball & Chain – Back on the Chain Gang – Chains – Chain Gang (different singer…

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You can get there from here…

Where is there? Well, this is downtown Columbus, Ohio right across from the Convention Center and right next door and in front of the North Market.  It’s also a block or so away from the Short North Arts District with all of it’s wall murals and art galleries and great places to eat and drink indoors and on patios, and if you keep going in that direction north on High Street you will eventually land on Ohio State University’s campus.

To the lower right and a bit behind is the Arena District where there are sports and music events.  Further to the lower right (south on High Street) you will find yourself in German Village with it’s beautiful old architecture and guess what? More good eats!  There is a bakery there whose name I forget that made the best cookies! They didn’t even make it from the bakery to the car they were that good!  We’ve been here for five years now this month and still do not know where a lot of things are but what we have explored we’ve come to really like and sometimes love.

The science center, major companies, hotels, theater and street festivals (Highball Halloween is coming in a few weeks), Drake Brothers Mead (good stuff), the wonderful parks, antique stores galore and so much more are around here.  They are building new hipster lofts and boutique hotels while behind them are beautiful old homes that have been around since the early 1900’s.  It was hard at first moving here from the only place I have ever lived but now it is home.  But I will always be loyal to my home town baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals; NLC champs for 2015 :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone.  My plan is to participate in one of the local Scott Kelby’s worldwide photo walks tomorrow but the weather is saying 60% chance of rain with winds and highs in the mid 50’s.  Not so sure about that…

RooftopsXU9A6302-Edit copy


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North Market

I really love this place located in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  You can buy anything to cook or cook in here as well as good things to eat as takeout or in the dining areas upstairs or outside.  Most weekends in season there is a farmers or flea market; I am rather fond of when they have the wine festival here ;)  When the kids were visiting, we had breakfast at Taste of Belgium (first time for me) which makes waffles and crepes to order at a very reasonable price.  The little ones had waffles (I remember when the little guy was a wee little guy, he used to call them wapples) with fruit and whipped cream as did their parents. Me? I had a “wapple” sandwich.  Two thinner waffles with some smoked turkey, apples and Gouda cheese in between.

Oh the tastiness!  Stop by if you are in Central Ohio…

NorthMarket6350-Edit copy


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WPC – Change

In photography, the golden hour (sometimes known as magic hour, especially in cinematography) is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer compared to when the Sun is higher in the sky wikipedia

It’s the time when the lighting is best for photographers and we are able to capture some wonderful images; it is after all all about the light.  As you can see from the first image, the photo was taken during the sunrise golden hour hence the golden glow on the building.  Conversely there is something known as the blue hour which  is when the sun has dipped below the horizon and the sunlight takes on a predominantly blue color.  While the second shot of the same scene wasn’t quite during the blue hour, it was taken later in the afternoon/early evening which gave the scene more of a sky blue glow with just a hint of the sun as it was beginning to set.  


GoldenHr6309-Edit copy          BlueHr6300-Edit copy


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Nationwide is on your other side…

But this time in color.  Still walking along High Street in front of the convention center in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  Nationwide from the other other side in black and white here

Nationwide6339-Edit copy

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Monochrome Monday – Downtown

Downtown Columbus, Ohio taken from either a 10th or 11th floor window.  This is a view of High Street across from the convention center; never a dull moment on this street :)


Downtown6197-EditTbw copy

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