Flamingo Flower – Anthurium “Tickled Pink”

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Orchids – More Cymbidiums

From the moment I saw my first cymbidium I thought “These flowers look like little cartoon aliens with two big front teeth that are sticking their tongues out at the world!”  Maybe this just means that I watch too many strange cartoons.  But take a look at them and see if you don’t perhaps see just a little bit of what I’m talking about.

Beautiful orchids even if they “might” be a little bit rude.

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Phalaenospsis Orchids

“Phalaenopsis /ˌfælɪˈnɒpsɪs/ Blume (1825), commonly known as moth orchids,[2] is a genus of about seventy species of orchids in the family orchid. Orchids in this genus are monopodial epiphytes or lithophytes with long, coarse roots, short, leafy stems and long-lasting, flat flowers arranged in a flowering stem that often branches near the end. Orchids in this genus are native to IndiaChinaSoutheast AsiaNew Guinea and Australia with the majority in Indonesia and the Philippines.”   wikipedia

These are the orchids that are most often sold in stores to take home and hopefully get to enjoy for longer than a bouquet of roses usually last.  I’ve never been able to get a stem to regrow but I know two people who have; they have quite the green orchid thumb.

In my opinion, these are probably the most common and easily recognized orchids but there are so many others which I will share with you next but in the meantime – have a great weekend everyone!

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Wordless Wednesday – Captive Cypripedium (Lady Slipper)

Teri 📷

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The return of the orchids

If it’s January then it means besides being cold and grey outside (although just the other day it was sunny and upper 60’s) it’s time for the annual Franklin Park Conservatory orchid show here in Columbus, Ohio.  The show just opened this weekend and it feels so good to pretend to be in a warm tropical place surrounded by exotic orchids – even if just for a little while.

These beauties are cymbidium or boat orchids.  Exactly what kind I do not know but if any of you do please assist me in filling in the blanks.

Stay tuned for more –  Teri 📷


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Street portraits and street photography – The homeless

In my previous post I mentioned not wanting to photograph people who are at a low point and being careful with photographing the homeless.  Here are some examples where I endeavored to show that even though they were out on the streets, they were still people and not to be made fun of.

Yes, many homeless people have substance or mental problems but there are just as many who just ran out of luck or where in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I didn’t ask any of these men why they were living as they were.  It may have been an eye opener to do so but I chose to just say hello, ask for a photo, chat with them a bit and give them a few dollars.

This is Robert Henry.  He was quite the sit down comedian.  He was shouting out to all the ladies (nothing rude though) and being such a flirt.  He got my attention with “Hey there Lena Horne!”  We spoke and laughed for awhile..  When I asked to take his photo he assumed I wanted him to look like this; I suppose that may have been the way others have approached him or even thought he should look like.

But I asked him to be himself and that’s when I got this.  I should’ve known he’d be a cut up.

A fellow photographer friend of mine invited me to be his second shooter for a small fashion show.  We left together to try and do some street photos afterwards when we came upon this quiet man sitting in a doorway.  I don’t recall much about him other than he was the most sweet, polite and humble soul.

I should find out about this but these two men as well as many others I’ve seen in downtown Columbus must live in a group home, shelter, or whatever because they were wearing lanyards and selling some kind of newspaper.  I’ve run into many of them downtown but never the same ones.

I met Ron here on one of my first attempts at street photography/portraits in 2013.  He was sitting outside of Copley Square in Boston with what was probably all that he owned in a shopping cart.  There was something about him that drew me to him.  His signs say that he doesn’t drink or do drugs and that injuries to his back and shoulder keep him from working and that he was waiting for disability to be approved.

Homelessness is something that people “usually” don’t aspire to become and while no one who is trying to go about their day wants to walk past someone asleep on the sidewalk, or have their dinner interrupted by a very disheveled man coming into the restaurant begging for food (that actually happened to us once) or be confronted by someone begging for change, it is a sad problem.  I have no answers for it but maybe someone somewhere does or will and I hope that the lives of these men have improved to where they are no longer on the street.

Teri 📷



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Mentioning portraits…

I’ve learned that besides the usual catching people doing going about their lives unaware (most of the time) of you snapping their photo, there is a thing called street portraits.  So how is this different from just street photography?  In the case of doing a street portrait you are singling out an individual/s and you interact with them.  At least long enough to ask for and take their photo and sometimes you may even get to know a bit about them.

It can be very scary to go up to a total stranger and say “Hi! Can I take your photo?”  The responses can be &^%$ off! You want money for this? Why? Where is it going to go? Occasionally you will get someone who doesn’t mind at all and will pose for you; I’ve had a few people ham it up for their photo.  You are taking a photo of someone and it hopefully represents the real them.  I don’t like the idea of photographing a person showing the worst of them or just how down and out they may possibly be unless there is a reason for it (other than sensationalism) and I aim to get their permission first.

Ask politely, explain to them why you want to take their photo such as you love their hat, tattoos or cool look and that you do street photography.  Tell them where their portrait will end up such as on Instagram or a blog.  I always add that in no way will it go up on anything shady unless someone hijacks my page or that I will sell their image.  If they want a copy then give them your email or social media account name to contact you for it later.  Locally, that has led to me getting hired to take photos for some people.

This adventurous day I took the train into Manhattan and wandered around, camera in hand, with the goal of getting some good street photography and street portrait shots.  I took some nice candid images as well as got turned down by many I asked for portraits.  You just have to shrug it off and keep going; it’s not the easiest thing.  I met some people from around the globe on my walk in New York.  Let’s begin our tour…

In front of the One World Trade center I met this gentleman from France.  We spoke for a bit after I asked for his portrait complementing  him on being quite the snappy dresser;  he was from Paris.  When I just could not get his name right, he told me it rhymed with the French word for friend but began with an L.  I never got it right – c’est la vie!

From there I legged it over to the Brooklyn Bridge where I met Christina from Germany.  There was a bit of a language barrier trying to explain why and what I was doing before I got her picture.  Her husband seemed suspicious of me.  Me?

I think it has to be the dead of night or way before dawn when the Brooklyn Bridge is not crowded but I saw this woman playing an interesting instrument and well, I had to take her photo!  This is Akerke, a professional musician from Kazakhstan who plays her country’s national instrument the Kobyz.

Just as I was starting my walk back to the train station before the rain hit (I didn’t make it in time) I asked to photograph this couple.  I didn’t get their names but they told me they were from Belgium via Morocco.  That’s an interesting route I commented.  We all chuckled at that.

There are some street photographers who are quite “aggressive” with getting into a persons space in their quest to get a photo and others who have the art of asking and getting a street portrait down pat.  I’m still working on being able to pick out someone and get the shot and maybe even get to know a bit about them.  It’s a work in progress and to be honest it rather reminds me of some of my anthropology lessons in college; studying humanity via photos.

Do you do street photography/street portraits?  Or is this something that is just not you or really terrifies you?  Let’s talk about it.

Teri 📷


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