Bucket Listing

You may have noticed that I’ve been missing for a bit.  Well, that’s because we were busy scratching things off of our bucket list and did we ever scratch!  We’ve been to a state we’ve never been before, met relatives I recently discovered I had, to cities we’ve never been before, hiking like we’ve never ever done before and at some very high elevations and more!

Now that we are back home and missing the clear water and crisp dry air, it’s time to share with you what we’ve been up to… as soon as I can crank out the edits.  Now for those of you who follow me on Instagram don’t give away where I’ve been as I’d like to let others give it a guess.

So where were we?

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The Chandelier

As promised, here is more about that magnificent grand chandelier hanging in the Ohio Theatre that was posted here.  It is 11 feet wide and 21 feet high weighing in at 2.5 tons. Yes, tons!  There are 240 light bulbs on the exterior and an additional 99 on the interior with a golden horse on the end of each arm which you can make out in the photo below.

Story has it that towards the end of the designing phase, the architect still wasn’t quite on board with the design of it to which the frustrated designer supposedly quipped “It’s got everything on it but flying horses!” The architect liked the idea and the rest is as you see it now.

It is lowered every other year for cleaning and maintenance and it takes seven people one hour to lower it using the original hand crank.  That is something I’d like to see.

I moved back and forth on the steps in order to find as close to the center to take these shots from under the chandelier.  Laying down on those steps was not the most comfy position to be in but it was worth it to me.

This is my favorite view of the chandelier because of the design and the colors you can see from this angle. Have you ever found yourself laying on the floor, ground, etc. in order to get a photo of something above you?  What was it?

Teri  📷


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Wordless Wednesday – Lotus Duck

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Busy bee

The goal for the day was to go out and try to track and capture birds in flight but I found myself drawn to my old favorites of butterflies and bees and as we were in an area that was filled with wildflowers and coneflowers (echinacea)… that’s where I pointed my lens for awhile.

And I especially couldn’t resist this one bee that had obviously done well for itself that day.

Teri  📷

And she is out of here!

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Thar be dragons!

Little ones – dragonflies to be exact 😉

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Is that even a word?  It will have to do for my purpose here which is to share with you this beautiful creature that so obligingly let me follow it around a garden of flowers in a local park; it is the same beauty shown in monochrome in the prior post.

It really was quite cooperative as for quite sometime (especially for a butterfly) it stayed near me and posed all while being within easy reach of my lens until we both decided to end our “portrait” session.

Teri  📷


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Butterfly Bokeh

In black and white.  I believe that the beautiful Monarch butterfly is one of the if not the most recognizable butterfly in the world.  I feel that the bokeh of the plants and flowers behind the butterfly look like hundreds of fluttering wings.  What do you think?

More from this beauty and some of it’s friends coming up.

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