They’re Back!

The Butterflies and Blooms exhibit at Franklin Park Conservatory here in Columbus, Ohio is back! To see more of these beauties please visit my other blog, What’s Happening Ohio here.

Isn’t that tongue amazing?

Teri 📷 🦋

longwing butterfly, butterfly, Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus Ohio
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This Old House V.2

Anyone recognize what style or perhaps era this house was built in? And which version do you prefer, color or monochrome?

Teri 📷

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This Old House

I’ve driven past this house (not sure if it’s abandoned, historic or whatever) more times than I can count but that’s to be expected as it sits next to a busy U.S. numbered highway that runs from Jacksonville, Florida to Mackinaw City, Michigan. I didn’t know that bit of information until I researched it right before writing this post… who knew!

It kept calling to me to be photographed all this time but as it is on a busy highway, pulling over would be neither wise nor safe. It is surrounded by quite a bit of what I think is farmland and occasionally I have seen horses out in the field next to it. I have no idea where the hay bales come from so perhaps some part of the land is occupied; it is a well tended to property.

This day I had my camera with me, DH was driving and the traffic was just the right amount of congested to allow me to roll down the window and get a quick snap at last. Will share it in color next.

Teri 📷

Highway 23, Central Ohio, old house, farmland,
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New Life

I’m a great great grand Nana to five cuddly squeaky adorable American Bully puppies. My grandson’s dog gave birth yesterday to the fiesty bunch and I wish I could be there to hold them. We are in the process of naming them and let’s just say they may all be named after Marvel Comics characters… my grandson and I are both so nerdy that way!

Here’s a photo of three and a half of the puppies with mommy; three boys and two girls. At least I get video chat time.

Teri 🐶

American Bully Puppies
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Hawk: 1 Snake: 0

And now I know that there are snakes in the grass (pun intended) at the park we often walk and photograph in.

Teri 📷

redtailed hawk, Ohio, Alum Creek Park
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Blue Heron Launch

That’s launch not lunch 😉 These images were taken in August of 2020 and I meant to post them in 2020 but as with many things that year…it didn’t happen as I had intended. So lets just call this better late than never.

We had been photographing the Blue Herons that hung out at this one particular retaining pond area when I spotted this fine feathered fellow (or female, who can tell) on top of one of the parking lot lights and it wasn’t upset by my inching closer and closer. It stood there basking in the sun for the longest until it took off.

That’s when this series of images happened. I was still getting used to animal eye auto focus in my camera as well as panning with a flying bird so I didn’t hit some of the images as sharply as I would’ve liked but I think they turned out well and tell the story of a heron leaving their observation/basking post.

Teri 📷

Blue Heron, Columbus, Ohio
Blue Heron, Columbus, Ohio, wildlife
Blue Heron
Blue Heron
Blue Heron
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Squirrel spotted eating PB&J sandwich in local park

April Fools! Well, it does look like Rocky here is enjoying a sandwich doesn’t it?

Teri 📷


This is my second attempt at navigating the new editor which I am trying to learn whilst grumbling with every key stroke! Just figured out (I think) how to adjust the font size so that I am not squinting so much. Insert grumbling block here!

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What the……

A week ago I was able to post still having the classic editor as an option. Today I go in to try and get a post ready and BAM!!! I am stuck in block editor purgatory without a single warning or heads up or the option to still use classic. I feel violated to say the least and quite angry to say the most!!!

Until I figure out what to do and how to handle it I will be absent from posting. By any chance did this change sneak up on you and bite you in the rear or were you already using the abomination I call block editor? (Can you tell how miffed I am?)

UGH!!! In the meantime for those who have Instagram I am posting there @imagesbytd

We are not amused…….

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I spy with my compound eye…

Sony A7R3 – 90mm macro – 1/500 – f3.5 – ISO200 – Julia Heliconian/Julia Butterfly

Teri 📷

macro photography, Julia Butterfly

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Wildlife Photography Practice

This week I attended an online Wildlife Photography Conference that I found to be very informative.  One of the classes was about practicing photographing animals at the zoo first before heading out into the wild.  In a nutshell the instructor was saying that going to the zoo to photograph the animals is a lot less costly to do than making a big trip and you get in plenty of practice on the critters that are pretty much a “captive” audience.  Hone your skills here before going there.

I can see some benefits to that in helping you learn how to use your camera to it’s best potential and being more comfortable with it instead of going out into the wild and possibly fumbling around with settings and missing shots.  But on another hand, animals in the zoo are not going to be behaving like they will in nature.

In the long run, practice is good for your photography no matter where you go and at least at a zoo you will definitely have some animals to practice on as compared to sometimes in the wild where a day may be a total bust; I have had days like that.  Happy photography to you this weekend.  No idea what we are going to do but I’ve gotten both of my vaccinations and DH has gotten his first so I’m looking forward to getting back out there.  Yippee!

In the meantime here’s a photo of one of the Columbus Zoo eagles.  Shooting through a fence takes practice too!

Teri 📷

Bald eagle, Columbus Zoo

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