Bee, Butterfly and Milkweed

F7.1 – 1/2000 – 90mm macro – ISO6400 – Sony A7rIII – Lightroom

Teri 📷


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Monarch on Milkweed

It’s a Monday monarch on a milkweed day!  That’s a lot of alliteration isn’t it?

Teri 📷

milkweed plant, monarch butterfly, columbus park of roses

Want to see where this butterfly flutters?  Come visit What’s Happening Ohio and see!

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Wordless Wednesday – Colorific Floribunda Rose

Teri 📷

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What a difference a year makes

Last year was a whirlwind of travel.  We were in airports so many times that we accumulated a ton of points that were going to be used for a new grand adventure for 2020.  As I recall we visited California, Missouri, Utah, Nevada and Colorado once.  Arizona saw us two times and New York and New Jersey saw us… I quit counting.

And while 2019 was not entirely smooth sailing it was a soft warm fuzzy ball of sweetness compared to 2020!  This year has seen the world turned upside down and inside out from a virus, fires and social unrest to name a few.  Plus, this year has seen us visit the ER once and outpatient surgery three times.  Are we having fun yet?

How about NO!

If I was even remotely psychic I would’ve sensed the ominous murmurs to really enjoy 2019 because 2020 was going to be one helluva bumpy ride!  Things have changed and you either adjust or you don’t – you like it or you don’t.  There were so many travel and photography goals for this year but they have been put on the shelf until deemed viable and safe to pursue.  Instead we’ve only explored in our own back yard (so to speak) and have ventured no further than a couple hours away from home.

Not ready to fly or stay in a hotel yet!

So here is a revisit of what a grand venture 2019 was with fingers crossed and candles lit that later this year or hopefully in 2021 we will be on the road again.

Teri 📷


oceanside, california, pier, sunset


superstition mountains, apache junction, arizona, landscape


St. Charles, Missouri, autumn,

New York

NYC, New York, Brooklyn, Dumbo, manhattan bridge

rockefellar center Christmas tree, New York


capitol reef national park, utah Fruita, Utah

milky way, chimney rock, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Calf Creek trail, Utah


Brainard lake, moose, colorado Nymph Lake, rocky mountain national park

elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Trail Ridge Road dream lake, waterfall, rocky mountain national park

(Come on over to What’s Happening Ohio to see some incredibly talented female muralists.)


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Wordless Wednesday – Art Unites Cbus

Teri 📷

(See more murals at What’s Happening Ohio)

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Happy Father’s Day

To the man who taught me how to play poker and pool and trash talk while doing them; never got the hang of a poker face though, would giggle too much.  Who introduced me to such jazz legends as Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk, Count Basie and more.  Who took me fishing and let me taste whatever he was drinking so that I would know if someone tried to slip me something and so that I wouldn’t be tempted to sneak out and drink.  Who, along with my brother, got me interested in photography.

Here’s to the man who told some of the corniest groan eliciting dad and grandfather jokes ever and who is missed dearly.  Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.

Love – your little girl always

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Follow the rabbit…

To read part one about this and more street art  here.

Teri 📷


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New post on What’s Happening Ohio

I invite you to come and read about a powerful protest I witnessed (and ended up marching with) at my What’s Happening Ohio page.

Teri 📷

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Both sides of the fence

A momentary break in the hiatus to direct you to my site What’s Happening Ohio where I share images of the recent protests and some of the after effects of rioting here in Columbus, Ohio.

Yes! I was there and I was not hurt – did get yelled at once though.  Fortunately we saw the signs that things were about to go a different way and left before the area we were in was locked down and it got ugly.

Teri 📷

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The world is steadily changing and some changes aren’t exactly what we wanted or expected but we try to adjust.  Part of adjusting for me now is to take a break for awhile.  I don’t know if it will be a week, month or just less frequent posting … no idea but I have to take a break.

So having said that I may occasionally pop back online to see what you all are up to but I honestly don’t know at this point.  Take care and cya later.  Oh and Happy Memorial Day!

Teri 📷

tulip, still life photography, Sudek

Another Sudek attempt


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