How to get to an iconic spot when in NYC

Well first you have to get to New York City any way you can and from there it can get interesting.  Your choices are taxi, train, subway, ferry, water taxi and of course by foot.  On the day I wanted to explore Dumbo (down under Manhattan Bridge overpass) it involved almost all of those options.

First we walked to the path train station that was closed for repairs so they were (and still are, this repair situation is every weekend for a year) making you swipe your metro card to walk in and right back out where they gave you a ticket for a ferry across the Hudson River.  Oh! I forgot to mention we were staying in Jersey City, New Jersey.  From there we walked to the ferry station and waited in line for the ferry to take us across

Ferry ride from Jersey City, New Jersey to Manhattan.

As you can see from the map here, the ferry took us from Jersey City to right about where the N is in New York.

Map of Lower Manhattan, New York, NY

We could’ve walked right across the lower end there to the Brooklyn Bridge (and it probably would’ve been a shorter walk) but we decided to stroll through Battery Park, past a food festival and tons of tourists lining up to get on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty until having grown weary and quite warm (it got up to 78 degrees that day) we opted to take another smaller ferry directly to Dumbo.

Battery Park was beautifully blooming that day!

Once we arrived on the Brooklyn shore we were met by a swarm of other locals and visitors enjoying the day and the over priced restaurants and street food.  We knew that was coming but unfortunately I had left my list of cheaper eats back at the hotel so it was what it was but it was so worth it in the end.

One of the guys running this ferry let us know exactly where to stand (and let us stand on the outside too) to get some good  shots like this one of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges as we headed towards Brooklyn.  Shooting on a moving and bouncing ferry is – ahem – fun!

Our first stop after disembarking was Brooklyn Bridge Park and some iconic views from there.  There is just so much to do and see in this park that we didn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Talk about a bench with a view!

One spot that many many photographers gravitate to is this one of some old piers looking out towards Manhattan.  I didn’t bring the equipment with me to take “the” shot (meaning for day a tripod and ND filter or for night the tripod and remote trigger) so this was as good as I got hand held.  I would like to come back and try it again at sunrise, sunset or night one day.

After the park we went hunting for the most famous photography spot in Dumbo; the Manhattan Bridge on Washington Street where the legs of the bridge frame the Empire State Building.  We and hundreds of other photographers, selfie takers, tourists, wedding and quinceanera photographers were there for that shot.  With it’s old brick streets and warehouses, Dumbo has become the new hip and trendy spot which translates to popular, crowded and expensive.  I made a couple of new photographer friends that day as well.

They don’t call it down under Manhattan Bridge overpass for nothing!

And here’s the shot everyone comes to Washington Street for.  The Empire State Building framed through the legs of the Manhattan Bridge.  This spot is best photographed early in the morning before the crowds descend but I still like the shots I took. The street isn’t blocked and is a working street so there were many frustrated drivers trying to get through here as people swarmed the street for their shots.

All of the walking had made us very hungry and it was time for some tasty but expensive seafood (first time I ever had skate and it was pretty good) and an ice cream cone from an ice cream truck.  I discovered that I don’t like the old ice cream cones like I did as a child.  Give me the waffle cones any day now!  After our needed break we walked our way alongside the East River to the ferry to take us back to Manhattan where this time using One World Trade as our landmark (easy to see from most any place on the island), we walked straight across from the pier,  past One World Trade and to the ferry back to our hotel.

It wasn’t until just the other day that I found out you can rent jet ski’s to have fun in the river as shown in the image below.  I wondered where this group got them from.  They were blasting music from their boat and having a grand time doing tricks on their rides.  It was a fun parting shot for our day in Dumbo.

We definitely plan on returning but next time armed with the proper equipment and other information like where are the cheaper eats and best times to take photos in some areas.  Would you travel someplace like NYC and Dumbo to get an iconic shot?  Have you and if so where?

Teri  📷

(Still under the weather but seeing signs of improvement.  Actually slept all last night without coughing violently for the first time in a week.  WOOT!)





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While I am no longer quite sounding like Barry White 😉 my voice is still gravely and a cough is still wreaking havoc on my sore ribs and muscles.  So today it’s off to the doctor’s office and hoping she will tell me that this “crud” I picked up somewhere is on it’s way out of me.

So where did I pick this virus/germ/cootie from?  Not quite sure.  It could’ve been in Brooklyn, Jersey City, Manhattan, Chelsea, Chinatown or the West Village.  Or any of the trains and ferries I rode getting back and forth.  Heck! It could’ve been from the hotel breakfast buffet for all I know but catch it I did.  Dh is still very healthy and was a sweetheart cooking Easter dinner for us because no one wanted me to be around them!

Will share more as I am able to.

Teri  📷



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Out of order…

You may (or may not) have noticed my absence around here as of late and there are two reasons for that.  One was my being off on another adventure and the other is getting sick from that adventure.  I am dealing with the usual suspects of sore throat, hot one minute cold the next, very bad cough (hope I don’t hurt a rib from it), malaise and a voice that sounds like someone who has been a 12 pack a day smoker for centuries.  Perhaps I am embellishing that last part a bit…maybe.

So it’s soup and tea for me in the interim while working diligently at getting back in shape.  I dislike greatly being on medication!  I know it has it’s purpose but my purpose is to not have to take it.  Stuff has all manner of side effects but it is what it is.

If you are of a mind to, you can check out my adventures (pre creeping crud) on Instagram here.  It’s a lot easier for me now to tap quickly there than do a blog post.  Hope to catch up with things soon now excuse me while I go curl back under a blanket.

Teri  📷

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Sniff! Sniff!

How to check and see if you are ready for date night.

Wonder what scent his deodorant is?  Ocean Breeze? Marlin Musk? Shark Surprise? For a bit of mid week humor let’s come up with some other “possible” deodorant names for our pelican here although I still don’t remember if this is Charlie or Mikey.

Teri  📷

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Modes of Transportation

In every city there is an area that is considered the “downtown” area with a busy main street or streets.  I consider High Street here in Columbus to fit perfectly into that category.  It is almost always busy and congested (especially with the construction that’s been going on for centuries now – jk)  saving for the very early or the very late at night hours.  But what’s interesting is all the ways people get to and fro on this and many other streets.

Of course there are cars, taxis, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboarders and the occasional trolley – actually I’m not sure if that one runs anymore – but now there is an influx of these rent a bikes, the pedal party wagons and electric scooters.

I don’t think you’ll ever catch me on one of those scooters but I might try a rent a bike.  Just my opinion, but what were they thinking having those city bikes in NYC?  That’s just nuts!  They appear to be popping up all over the world now; not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.  Do they have those ubiquitous rental bikes and scooters in your area and have you ever dared to try one?

Teri  📷

The Ducati in color with the answer to where does she put her feet.

Electric city bikes.


Those scooters.


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Monday Monochrome Motorcycle with a side of Mime

It was a very very busy weekend around here in Central Ohio.  The first Saturday of every month is the Gallery Hop in downtown Columbus (the Short North art district) and this one for April was “hopping”.

But that’s a good thing.  The weather was ideal; 70 and partly sunny which meant everyone came out and filled up restaurants and patios to enjoy the respite from having been inside and bundled up for months… too many months if you ask me!

It was a chance for me to play catch up with some of the street performers who have become friends, to meet new people, to try out a new form of street photography (more about that at a later date) and to support a fellow photography friend and painter who is now a curator at a new art gallery.  All in all it was a long day but a very good one.

The motorcycle here is a Ducati Panagale V4.  That means nothing to me but maybe it may resonate with you.  I’ve been on the back of a Harley before but this?  How do you get up there, hang on and then get off???

And the mime here is a very nice guy.  Not one of the creepy ones.  Mimes and clowns – two things I am not a fan of normally but not this one.  I like him.  He’s always there in the same spot for the gallery hops.

Does your neck of the woods have a recurring event like this and by the way, how do you feel about motorcycles and mimes? 🙂

Teri  📷

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May 2011

It was when we went to England to visit London and family in Devon.  It was my first time flying overnight on an airplane and it was my first time having a dslr camera – a Canon T2i.  I was digging through my back up files on my external drive to find a particular image when I came across these and I was immediately back in London.

Amazing how I could remember so much about that trip but often forget where I just put my cell phone 😉  It is also when I first took a step into street photography (a genre at the time I had no idea of) which has since become something I very much enjoy doing.  I guess I am channeling all of those sociology and anthropology classes I took in college through my camera now.

When I looked through the folder of this trip I of course critiqued the heck out of myself; the good, the bad and the oh geeze what was I thinking!  Back when I shot only in jpeg’s and in full auto.  Hey! We all gotta start somewhere!  Most importantly, it shows that my photography skills have grown and evolved.  My editing skills definitely have grown  but even with that there is still plenty more to learn and explore photography wise.

What do you do or feel when you look back at some of your early photography work?

Teri  📷


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