The little harbingers of spring

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Sew…what’s new?

Woke up this morning to thunderstorms and hoping the power won’t blip out again like it did last night.  That is no fun especially with DH working from home now.  Like many many other people I decided to start sewing some face masks for when I do go out and will be around others (which is not often) like going to the grocery store, pharmacy, post office, bank and carryout.

Mentioning carryout, ordered pizza from a nearby pizza joint via their online ordering system and I requested ring doorbell no contact delivery.  Worked great but we joked how once upon a time ringing a doorbell and not being there when it was answered was considered rude or a prank (or UPS/FedEx) but is now considered proper social distancing.  My how times are a changing!

But back to the sewing.  The only scraps I have in the house are from when I made throw pillows when I was on that kick (they are too thick for masks) or a very few from cosplay costumes I’ve made.  The polka dot material was from a Minnie Mouse outfit and the other?  A Dalek skirt I made.

The scissors have a history of their own.  My mother purchased the scissors for me (and the unseen all metal Singer sewing machine) when I took up sewing class in Home Economics back in high school and other than some oiling, cleaning and sharpening they are both working wonderfully.  I think I’d have to relearn sewing if I were to get a new sewing machine.  So many new buttons and such!  The pin cushion has probably been around almost as long too.

It was Nancy’s post over at Two Trails One Road about her making masks that prompted me to post my sewing.  You will not see me modeling one unless you happen to see it on my Instagram feed.

Here is one tutorial for making masks from Hobby Lobby and here is the other one from Johns Hopkins medicine.  There are also ways to make masks without needing any sewing skills at all; look them up on Google or Pinterest.

Take care out there – Teri




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Crocus Noir

Just feeling a bit down lately because of limitations.  In lock down, can only go to certain places (if I get out and I’ve been admonished not to repeatedly; starting to feel like a grounded teenager wanting to find a way to sneak out the back basement window or something) the places that are open are now limiting the number of people who can be in at one time and cutting their hours… and I’m running out of meal ideas!

But while we are all going through this I should step back and look at things differently.  During past wars and the depression our parents and grandparents had to do much more with less.  I’ve never really said thank you to the workers at restaurants or grocery stores before other than thanks for bringing me my meal or just being polite but now I feel the need to thank these people for just being there.  I said thank you for being here for us the other day to the guy at the fish counter and his face lit up!

I am thankful for all who are on the front lines of this such as everyone in hospitals;  doctors and nurses, technicians, the people who have to mop up spills and everyone in between.  And of course the first responders.  I’m thankful for the technology that allows me and others to have online meetings, classes and just time with loved ones we cannot be with at the moment.

Many are struggling right now like those who no longer have a job, parents juggling working at home and trying to keep their children from killing each other and working on their school work, those who are sick and those who have had to say goodbye (if they could) to family who have passed away.  A funeral last week for a family member of mine really and truly was limited to immediate family only with only 10 at a time allowed in for the wake.

But enough of my maudlin ramblings… as our ancestors survived adversity so shall we and hopefully when we come out on the other side of this virus thing we will be better people to each other, ourselves and our world.



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Photo Editing: Texture Layers

I’m not sure how well you can see it but this image has been edited using two texture layers to give it an artistic painterly canvas look.  Adding texture layers to an image can be an interesting way to get more creative with your images.  I did my layer masks in Photoshop but they can also be done in Photoshop Elements.  Here is a video tutorial showing how it can be done in Elements and here is one for Photoshop.

Some photographers use texture layers to change a plain portrait backdrop into something entirely different without having to buy another backdrop like this example from Gavin Hoey and Adorama here.

Textures can be purchased online, some are free to download and of course you can always make your own.  Since we’re all pretty much inside for the time being why not experiment with photo editing!  Have you tried this technique before?  Do you think you’d like to give it a go?  If you feel inspired to do so from this post I do hope you share what you create.

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Magnolia tree buds and blooms

Blossom by blossom the Spring begins – Algernon Charles Swinburne

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Magnolia tree bud nature flower photography

Magnolia tree flower photography

Magnolia tree bud nature flower photography

Magnolia tree flower photography bokeh

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Saturday in the park

We finally ventured out this past weekend to get some fresh air all while still adhering to the social distancing rules.  Didn’t quite turn out as planned though as when we got to the park it was a bit on the crowded side.  Part of me wanted to stay in the car and head back home but I decided to just do a short walk, take some spring flower photos and then head home.  People did keep to their own little family groups I am happy to report.  Even though it was cloudy and threatening to rain – the wind, fresh air, blooms and just being out of the house for a moment felt great.

Saturday in the park

The magnolia trees were beginning to bloom and that whispered sweet nothings to all of my senses.  Magnolia trees while beautiful are so delicate; a windstorm, heavy rain or change in temperature can turn the blossoms from beautiful to brown and damaged or just blown off and away.  Glad I got to the trees before the thunder storm hit that same evening.  Who knows what they may look like now.

Magnolia tree flower black and white photography

Magnolia flower and bud

I hope to return to this park in a few weeks when the tulips should be in bloom, that is if all things point to that being acceptable to do.  More Saturday in the park images coming soon.

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So what’s this all about?

If you want the answer then head on over to What’s Happening Ohio for my latest.  And please follow, like, comment and bring ketchup!  You’ll find out why the ketchup when you read the post.

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