For the birds – Falcons

Finally (well, at least for the moment anyway cause something else exciting is around the corner) I’m back to trying to finish a photo series – our day at the Audubon Society’s day with the raptors.  We signed up for the falconry class because let’s face it, photographing falcons in flight is just an opportunity not to miss!

But miss it we did.  Not because we didn’t make it to the class on time or anything on our or the falconers fault.  No!  It was nature putting a monkey wrench in things.  Rain was predicted – and did happen – so it was decided it wouldn’t be prudent or safe for the falcons to be out in that weather so they wrangled us into the big conference room where we were only able to photograph the falcons on glove.

They tried to get one of the owls to fly but it wasn’t having it but there was a beautiful hawk which was their ambassador bird who did fly inside of the room.  I even got to be one of the few that were able to experience it flying to glove.  Let me tell you there is nothing so scary but beautiful (and quite silent) as a hawk swooping in on your extended well gloved arm holding a piece of meat.  The look on my face as I saw it change from a flying position to pulling back and extending those sharp claws must have been something else.  I was smiling though; just a slightly terrified smile.  By the way, that bird weighed next to nothing even though it appeared as if it could be heavier.  More on him later.


A male and female couple.  The female is on the left and the male is wearing the hood.




I could see why falcons and falconry were once considered the “sport” of royalty.  Seeing them made me think of every old movie with a royal someone on a horse out and about for the fun of it.  They are beautiful birds; amazing how dinosaurs have evolved isn’t it? 😉

Have you ever tried or wanted to try something like this?  Let me know in the comments.

Teri  📷


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Oh the weather outside is…

Tumultuous in many parts of the United States.  A day or two before Thanksgiving me had very high winds that while they did not knock out any power for us this time, it took out a few trees around the neighborhood.  Since then we’ve had rain and sleet but I don’t believe we will be experiencing any snow unlike many of you that have been hit with the fluffy stuff.

My cousin who lives in Boulder, Colorado sent me a picture of the view of the beautifully blanketed in snow mountains she can see from her back deck.  And to think, when I was standing there just this past August I was looking at the hummingbirds visiting her feeder.  Wonder where they go when it’s cold and snowy?

I’ve seen someone else post a photo of Dream Lake here in Rocky Mountain National Park and it’s covered in at least 2 feet of snow and gorgeous!  This a shot I took of the lake and the couple fly fishing (which at the moment of this shot I didn’t even see them) from a far end of the lake before I hiked around and noticed them as seen in the prior posts image.  Which proves that when photographing anything or anyone for that matter, take shots from multiple angles and directions if you are able to.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

If you are traveling now for the holiday please stay safe out there and I hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderfully delicious one.

Teri  📷



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Well I’m still terribly behind on things, just not as terribly terribly as I was in my last post.  The art show was a success and I think I want to do more of them… which means putting in applications for the 2020 shows and see if I get approved.

Right now it’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving and then the Christmas season.  Where did this year go???  I’ve accomplished many things that I wanted to do this year but for every plus there is a minus and there have been some dismal failures – like giving up junk snacks.  Big sigh!

I know I mentioned in the last post about getting the Audubon bird photos posted but as you can see, that did not happen.  At least not today.  This is a monochrome scene from my chest pounding lack of oxygen hike in Rocky Mountain National Park in August.  The trail was Bear Lake, Nymph Lake, Dream Lake and finally Emerald Lake.  Three out of four ain’t bad because by the time we reached Dream Lake here, as Roseanne Roseannadanna once said “I thought I was gonna die!”  So we turned around and went back down the trail.  Did I just date myself there? Uh oh!

Now I see photos of the park on their website and many of the places we visited are now covered in snow and so beautiful.  As much as I would love to see them snow covered, I do not do well in very cold weather.  By the way, where do the trout go when the lakes freeze?

Teri  📷

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So far behind…

This has been one whirlwind of a year for me.  It seems that if I wasn’t someplace else every month then there was some event (good and bad) that needed to be dealt with.  And here it is almost Thanksgiving.  Time not only flew by, it was going at warp speed!

There are so many things I wanted to share that I started out posting and then something new came up and I zigged and zagged and well… many posts never had a fair go of it.  Oh a few were completed but more than enough were given a moment or two on the blog and then were shoved back in the line by newer moments.  Heck!  There are so many more images from our Scotland 2018 trip that haven’t even been edited let alone posted.

I really need to correct that and perhaps when things slow down here (now watch me complain about things being slow then  LOL) somewhat I will try and give those moments their proper due.  But that ain’t gonna be this month… and next month may not be it either!

So let me retrace my photo clicks and see where I need to eventually focus my attentions.  Currently working on my art show (the big day is 11/21) and then there will be Thanksgiving followed closely by Christmas.  I covered all of Halloween, the Caribbean festival, Arizona and the Pride Parade.  I still have more of the day with the birds to share, tons more of Colorado and Utah to get to, bits of New York and probably some leftovers from California.  Phew!

Perhaps instead of bemoaning how far behind I am I should celebrate that this year has been an amazing whirlwind where I’ve seen and done so many new things.  Think positive, Dashfield!  And with that I find myself staring at the computer monitor and saying “Yeah, but what image are you posting today?” Whoops!  I will go back to the Rocky Mountains for just a moment here and then – I hope – I will finish sharing with you the owls, hawks and falcons from the Audubon Center.

This photo was taken from one of the pullover areas along the Trail Ridge Road that goes across the Rocky Mountain National Park.  We had left Grand Lake that morning and were heading back to Estes Park so this image was taken before the prior post image.  Notice the female elks taking a break in the image.  This was just a few weeks before the rutting season so it’s possible that some of these elk are pregnant with new residents for the park.

Stay warm if you are in an area that’s experiencing winter entirely too early.  Good thing I like wearing flannel.

Teri  📷

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Snow here – Snow there

It snowed here last night and we have quite the arctic blast going on now.  Winter is being extremely rude to poor autumn by completely shoving ahead of autumn in the line.  We are neither pleased nor amused by your actions, winter!

The snow outside (along with seeing a few reports on Facebook) has me thinking back to when we were in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado this past August.  Back when at the time I thought it was so interesting to be bundled up from the cold at this part of the park – elevation over 11,000 feet above sea level.  The temperature when I took this photo while cold was still warmer than it is outside now.  Ah nature….

The road that goes through the park – Trail Ridge Road – is now closed for the season because of the snow and won’t open again until around April or May of next year.  I bet this view is gorgeous covered in snow.

Teri  📷

Sony A7R3 – 16-35mm @28mm – F13 – 1/125 – ProMaster polarizer filter

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Happy Halloween and Dia de Muertos

From my friends (I really do know them), Mr. and Mrs. Rot.  Even death cannot not part them.

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What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Just a few of the creative denizens from Highball Halloween here in Columbus, Ohio.

Teri  📷

Sweet dreams are made of this… – Annie Lennox

Who’s a cute furrie?

Ummmm…. no shining for me tonight, thank you!

Little Red, Big Bad and Andorians – oh my!


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