We tried…

But the advancing fog (and I’ve never witnessed fog coming in like this in my life) said no lighthouses for you!  After leaving Old Orchard Beach we drove to Cape Elizabeth to see two lighthouses there.  This was all we saw…



I will say that the rocky shores in Maine varied from small rocks, to bigger round ones to some that just seemed more like petrified wood to me.  Very geological!

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Old Orchard Beach in Maine

I had fun here! It is a popular area with a sandy beach; I was able to get in the water (up to my ankles and the water wasn’t too chilly) and the weather was perfect for me to get some shots I’ve always wanted to try.

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How did she get in here?😉


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Best Little Oar House in Maine

I didn’t come up with that!  It’s written on a couple of oars on the side of this building at the Cape Neddick Lobster Pound in Maine.



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Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse

Cape Neddick Lighthouse located in Cape Neddick, York, Maine was the first stop on our Tour de Lighthouses.  Some of Maine’s lighthouses were easy to get to and I could walk right up and touch them -and history – while others were out on islands that required either a long lens or a boat trip in order to see.  This one is located in a park where by the time we arrived, parking was scarce and the people were many but seeing the Maine rocky seashore for the first time was amazing.  So was trying to climb on them.
Children (and some adults) were just fearless, agile and somewhat oblivious as they went scrambling over the rocks.  I wasn’t as much.  I was concerned for my equipment; my story sticking with it!

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I have been slightly terrified of gulls and some other birds after watching Hitchcock’s The Birds (many many times, what can I say it’s a classic!) so when we were touring lighthouses in Maine there they were and some of them were huge!  But this one was a different color than all the others I’ve ever seen.  He was brown and white, as you can see in the smaller photo.  So is this a different kind of gull or a different seabird?

Whatever it is that beak looks like it can inflict some serious damage.



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Lobster Time

And on our road trip we had plenty of it!  So much so that DH and I both agreed we can hold off from eating any more of it for awhile.  Have a nice weekend….with or without lobster😉


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On The Hill

Many of the old homes and buildings in the area had been re-purposed into businesses but even with modern window air conditioning units hanging from old windows, the trash bins out front and all of the signs stating legal and family therapy services, the building were still charming and colorful.  I wonder if they were this colorful when they were first built though?

By the way, the street name is The Hill.


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