1958 Edsel Ranger 2 door hardtop

While its roll-out was highly publicized in the fall of 1957, the 1958 Edsel was a marketing disaster for Ford and for Ford’s corporate strategy for meeting General Motors’ product line for product line. Total U.S. and Canada Ranger output for the model stood at an estimated 21,301 units. Of those units, 4,615 were U.S.-built two-door Sedans, 7,414 were four-door sedans (6,576 U.S./838 Canada), 6,005 were two-door hardtops (5,546 U.S./459 Canada), and 3,667 were four-door hardtops (3,077 U.S./190 Canada). Prices ranged from US$2,529 to $2,990     wikipedia

Two tone paint was an option for this model as was a heater ($92), radio ($95), air conditioning ($417) and I think seat belts were still an option at this time.  Times have changed.

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The Garage

So where is here?  Here happens to be in Columbus Ohio at the Wagner-Hagans auto museum.  Actually it’s the private collection of these two gentlemen who, if you call and make arrangements to come visit, will give you a tour of their very big garage.

I had met Mr. Wagner before at a car show some years ago and had always meant to accept his invitation to come visit his collection.  Finally we went and it was so fascinating.  There are so many things in this garage, so much history and Mr. Wagner is a wonderful man who will tell you all about what’s in here and answer any question you may have.  There is one car in here – I forget which one – that is both an automatic and manual transmission.  Now that’s a combination for you!

About those 1949 plates in yesterday’s post?  That is his collection of every plate he can find from his birth year.

More in store – Teri  📷

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Pass the 1949 plates

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What time is it?

Well… I did say I went back in time.  Any guesses on what kind of place this is yet?

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A trip back in time…

Wait till you see where I’ve been!

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Flexing at the Pint House

Where there was plenty of beer as well as orange cream and root beer floats.

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What’s in the store at 664?

I really don’t recall but in the end it’s mainly about this post’s title rhyming 🙂

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