Katy Trail Park

The Katy Trail State Park is a state park in the U.S. state of Missouri that contains the Katy Trail, a recreational rail trail that runs 240 miles (390 km) in the right-of-way of the former Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad.[1] Running largely along the northern bank of the Missouri River, it is the country’s longest Rails-to-Trails trail.[2] The trail is open for use by hikers, joggers, and cyclists year-round, from sunrise to sunset. Its hard, flat surface is of “limestone pug” (crushed limestone).

The nickname “Katy” comes from the phonetic pronunciation of ‘KT’ in the railroad’s abbreviated name, MKT. Sections of the Katy are also part of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and the American Discovery Trail.  wikipedia

On my recent trip back to Missouri one of my must stops for the pubs and the scenery is the historic part of St. Charles, Missouri which just happens to have this park in it’s back yard!  I’ve walked along part of it – not even a miles worth of walking I’d venture to guess – but I’ve never cycled it.  I’m more of a cute basket in the front cruiser type of biker and not hard core like some who have gone miles and miles on this trail.

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And I am off again!  The local comic-con starts today and I am still last minute tweaking this years outfit.  Today I must spray paint the wig – very carefully.  Here’s a little hint of who I am going as this year.



Oh, and if you want to see the birthday girl all dolled up then take a peek at the fashion blog over HERE  She’d like it if you did:)

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Walking along North Main Street in Old St. Charles, Missouri is always fun to do.  The shops, the historic buildings, the restaurants, wineries and pubs and on this day a herd of Pokemon Go people all hunched over looking at their phones.  I chose to ignore them and just walked along looking for something to photograph I hadn’t done before and then there it was.  It was an opening between the buildings that was covered by an ornate grating on top of a half wall.

I had to stand on my tiptoes to peek through and I liked what I saw so doing my best to hold the pose I took this shot.  The top dark area is one of the bars and the bottom is the marble (I think) sill of the opening.  From this interesting Main Street view between two close buildings you can see the parking lot behind the buildings, across part of the Katy Trail and right to the Missouri river.

Between0807-Edit copy

(In case you haven’t guessed it yet, I went home to Missouri for my respite…and birthday celebration)

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I’ve been…

There and back again and will probably go back one or two more times this year.  It was ridiculously hot and humid with two very serious thunderstorms.  But there was fun, too much food, a pub, a tulle skirt (aka a tutu), a $5500 purse, a tattoo, balloons, a party, a birthday and so much love I was moved to tears.  And now I’m in a crunch to finish my costume for comic-con this weekend!

More later…I hope!


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1940 Packard

The hood ornaments of yesteryear are works of art like this beauty on a 1940 Packard.  And with this lovely I will be leaving you for awhile.  Not only do I need to take a bit of a break from things especially considering all that’s been going on in the world but this weekend is my birthday and there are some wonderful plans in the works for this.  So while I may (or may not if things really get to popping) poke my head in to leave a comment, I will be unplugged.  But the camera will be with me…just no idea what it will be capturing.

And then there’s comic-con which is very very soon and I am so far behind on this years cosplay costume!  Cya later everyone ♥

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It’s in the details

A few cars of today have some very nice details but nothing compared to the classics and this 1929 Buick had plenty of details to spare.  These are real wood spokes.  I spent some time between this car and it’s almost twin parked next to it at the auto show.  The gentlemen were friends and each had a 1929 Buick to restore but as my title states, it’s in the details.  They pointed out to me what made each car just a bit different.  Will share that with you later…

29BuickWheel0412-Edit copy

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Grillin’ with a 1935 Buick

I wanted to meet the owner of this auto not only because the vehicle was stunning (they don’t make grills and headlights like this anymore; haven’t in forever actually) but because he was from my home town of St. Louis, Missouri.  Never did find him…



35BuickGrill0385-Edit copy

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Yeah right sure uh huh….. But anyway, today I was a model for a digital art and fashion magazine which today was shooting the designers of the future; designers from schools both local and from other parts of the country.  This whimsical skirt I’m wearing was designed by local designer Camille Witt.  The eye wiggles but unfortunately I cannot figure out how to upload the little video clip of me wiggling in it to make it move.  You’ll just have to use your imagination😉

It really was a fun skirt!



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