How many of you remember jukeboxes?  How many of you have seen one in real life?  Long before iPods and other music players these were the way to hear music when you were out at places like a diner, a truck stop restaurant, or the burger/soda shops of days gone by.  When I was a child it wasn’t hearing the music that interested me so much as putting in the coins and watching the machine whirl around until the song of choice (usually on a 45 record) was picked and put into play.

The Wurlitzer company was founded in Cincinnati Ohio in 1853 by Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer.  The company has made not only jukeboxes but also pianos, band organs, theater organs, nickelodeons and guitars.  The “records” in here are CD’s where for 50 cents you get one play,  three plays for one dollar and a whopping twenty-one plays for a fiver!  Hope your weekend is full of music :)

(This jukebox was found in a very silvery roadside diner in Logan, Ohio)




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Not every old barn is abandoned…they just might look that way

On our road trip to the forest in Logan, Ohio besides missing our turn – twice – we took some very winding (and sometimes very narrow) roads over hill and dale to get to our final hiking destination.  Along the way I saw many a barn that on first sight looked like they could be abandoned but in truth were just old barns still being used for one thing or another.  There were a few old truly abandoned barns and one ruin of a stone house with a gloriously rusted tractor behind it along the way but as I mentioned, winding and narrow roads with no where to stop without getting into a lot of trouble and potential danger.

Can’t photograph them all ;)

Barn2943-Edit Barn2949-Edit

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This old tractor

After I left the chickens and was on my way to visit the moos, I walked past this storage area that was crammed full with all manner of equipment one would need for a farm.  And then I saw this tractor and the rust called to me…and I had to answer!  I wasn’t able to get as many shots of it as I wanted because there was a lot of farm equipment and materials packed around it.  I had to trod carefully.

I get the feeling that this machine is still being used rust and all.  At least it looked that way to me but that seat didn’t look too comfortable.


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Wordless Wednesday – Barn Cat


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Momma Moos and Baby Moos

All baby mammals are adorable and these little moos are no exception.  Does anyone know if it is typical for a calf to but their head against the udder when nursing or was this just one frisky calf? I had to wince a bit every time that calf butted mom’s udder so much that she twitched and lifted her leg.  Ouch!

Moos2880-Edit   Nursing2902-Edit Calf2883-Edit    Moos2914-Edit 


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Today it’s all about the beef or milk at the Stratford Ecological Center.  I’m not sure of the bovines end purpose but one thing I did learn is that cows are noisy eaters when it comes to eating grass!  Eating hay is much more quiet.

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Monochrome Monday – Got your goat

I almost forgot it was MM day so here’s a goat for you.  Something I noticed about the Ecological Center was that all of the animals except for the pigs and the chickens were shades of brown!  The sheep, llamas, cows, goats…all various shades of brown.  I don’t know if that means anything or not but just something interesting I noticed.  But I’d like to take a moment to mention something else that I’ve noticed.

Some of my work featured here on my blog is being used illegally by some company to “sell” computer wallpapers.  After contacting the copyright infringement folks at PPA it seems that not only have they stolen my work but when you click on the link there is a possible virus attached.  I am in the process of working to rectify this issue and wish to tell all of you, my foto friends, that there is a site out there called “Hdwallpaper.co” that you should never ever click;  I never gave them permission to use my images and would never have done it in the first place!  Try Googling your name/blog name and see where you may find your images.  It can be an eye opener.



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