Trying to photograph the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse at sunset

Notice it says trying.  When we did our Tour de Lighthouse in 2016 there were several we managed to get great photos of (see my posts under search keyword lighthouse) and almost as many we didn’t because we couldn’t find them, were running behind schedule, the fog really came in or in the case of this one – too many tourists and not the right vantage point.

I’m convinced that the many amazing photos taken of this lighthouse were either done by someone who was on a boat or a brave soul who arrived very early and clambered down the rocks for the best view.  We got there a little late (it was a bit of a drive from our Bar Harbor location) and just had to go with what we got.

When you arrive at the lighthouse after parking you have two paths to choose.  One will take you to the side of the lighthouse that everyone wants to photograph.  You wind your way downhill through the pines to see the amazing view of the ocean, the rocky shore, pine trees and the lighthouse…with so many other viewers.

There were some brave souls that climbed down the rocks to get a better vantage point; some even with their tripods.  I was not that adventurous and decided not to go too far down rocks like these for the shot.

I know I gave up too soon without a harder effort but sometimes you’re brave and sometimes you aren’t in the mood to get stuck between a rock and a rock so it was back up the path and around to the other side of the lighthouse to wait for the sunset.

In the end I completed a cycle of sunrise and sunset photos with capturing the first sunrise in the United States from the bay in Bar Harbor and then this beautiful sunset from the opposite side of Arcadia.  I do want to return one day and maybe even climb down those or some other rocks for that great photo.


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Great view vs. Not so great view

(For the next couple of weeks I will be taking us back to travels and events from prior years.  I’ve already had one backup drive partially fail on me so it’s time to carefully tuck away the old to make room for the new.)

Jordan Pond and the Bubbles are one of those everyone wants to see sites in Arcadia National Park in Maine and in my opinion it’s worth the traffic headache to see them.  But did you know you can also hike to the top of the North and South Bubbles?

We hiked the one on the right here to the top.  I was excited to be able to capture the view from Jordon Pond towards the Bubbles but nature had other plans as shown by the “view” from the top.  Could not see the pond or much of anything else and I was quite cautious about venturing any further than this spot where I took the photo.

Fortunately we made it back down and to our car before the sky opened and unleashed a storm which took out some of the power to parts of downtown Bar Harbor.  We tried to return to the spot the next day but there was no parking to be found anywhere near the hiking path.  Oh well, I can at least say I reached the summit of the South Bubble.

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Delicious and refreshing next to the old reliable smoking tobacco.  Have a Coke and a Bull Durham? From some internet searching, the Coca Cola advert was around the time when you could get either a bottle or a glass at a soda fountain for 5cents around 1904.  The Bull Durham advert was painted a lot on the sides of buildings around 1910.

It looks to me as if there has been some restoration or something done on the building with those ads somewhat like when they clean up one old painting and find an old masterpiece underneath.  What do you think?


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Scenes from between

You just never know what or who will stop or walk past these passage ways between the old buildings here in historic Old St. Charles, Missouri.

In this case it turned out to be a guy checking his phone; wonder if he was trying to find someone who had gone into one of the shops?  Nice mustache he has there.

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Yesterdays photo was of the space between Joys Collective here and the smaller brick building in front of it.  Apparently Joy stores some of her antiques in that narrow space.

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Peeking Through


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A broken clock is correct twice a day

But in this case it is correct four times a day!  Was this clock made in 1842 or is the clock face just a scene from 1842?  We may never know…

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