Drive by Photography – Tin Roof Rusted

This is one that I would’ve loved to have been able to stop and pull over to photograph – rust and decay!  Interesting thing I’ve noticed about many farms is that while it may still be a working farm, often there will be one (or more) buildings that look like they have seen better days and are just there but looks can be deceiving.  I noticed in this image that there appears to be some kind of equipment with very large wheels in it; not sure if either the building or the vehicle is being used especially since there’s a large beam partially leaning on top of the wheel of the vehicle.

71RoofRusted8331-Edit copy

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Drive by Photography – Out here in the fields

What you can see in this image is just a bit of how large some of the farms are along this stretch of highway.  A few even covered both sides of the highway.  What you cannot see (and I tried my best to enhance the colors) is that in the fallow field there were all of these great colors from the grass, dirt, weeds, dandelions and some little purple flowers which blanketed the area.  If I had been able to stop and focus better I might have captured the full range of colors.

This leads us to the disadvantages of shooting like this, you can miss out on some details.  Forget about trying to zoom in or out, there isn’t enough time when you are moving this quickly.  Your shutter speed must be fast in order to get a sharp image and even with all of those taken into consideration all it takes is one bump or rough patch of road and well, you get the point.  Most important tip – don’t try to do this and cause any accidents for yourself, your driver or those driving around you.  Obey all traffic laws which is exactly what we did.

71Farm8304-Edit copy


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Drive by Photography – Farmer at work

F 5.6 – 1/800 – ISO 100 – 100mm – Canon 5D M3

71Tractor8353-Edit copy

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Drive by photography – This Old House

Sunny with temperatures near 80 meant – ROAD TRIP!  So off we went south on I-71 from central Ohio to where ever we ended up which happened to be at an outlet mall but we won’t get into that.  All photos in this drive by series were taken from the car window as we drove along – we meaning DH drove and I shot from the open window.  Next time we go on a road trip we will take some of the side roads and explore more of the farmland we saw from a distance as we were doing 70 on 71.

71Oldhouse8301-Edit copy

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Boy with toy alert

It’s not safe for me anymore!  DH has bought himself a new fancy schmancy mirror-less camera and I can’t turn my back on him.  Well I can but then I yell at him for taking “that” rear view shot!  He has been reading the manual, experimenting with all of its settings and learning what his new camera can do.   I went nuts when I discovered that my version of Lightroom couldn’t read his cameras raw files; older program newer camera syndrome.  Eventually I discovered Adobe’s DNG converter so now his photos can have the full editing treatment without having to get a new program.

We went out wandering the back roads this day hunting for old barns.  Found this one great one,  pulled over on the side of the road and out and bounding through the plowed field I went.  Of course I forgot that he had his new baby with him so……yeah!  This one was taken as I was trying to climb back into the Jeep which was doing quite the lean on the side of the road there hence the less than smiley face on me.  I was concerned that it would flip over or we’d get stuck.  His reply was “Don’t worry! This is Rubicon certified!” Like that means anything to me but he was right.  Shifted gears and we took off to find other barns.

JeepingDSC00205-EditBW copy



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Goodnight Sweet Prince

How many of you remember these things, 45’s?  And how many of you remember these wooden crates sold by a long defunct record store that many of us used to house our vinyl music collections?  I had a larger crate that held my LP’s but with the passing of time the LP’s went into storage bins and the crates were cast out all except this one.  The world went from vinyl to CD’s to MP3’s to having the songs and artists of our time on our phones.  But I never got rid of my vinyl which has been making somewhat of a resurgence lately.

This all leads me into the subject of this post, the passing of a musical icon – Prince.  He may not have been for everyone but he was so much to so many of us.  When I heard of his passing I thought and hoped against hope that it was a hoax and that the world would still be gifted with his music and concerts but those hopes were to no avail – he was gone.  My mind took me on a sudden flashback where I recalled things that I hadn’t thought about in years.

A rapid rewind took me back in time to when he first came out and there he was in a music magazine (no idea what magazine) that I was looking at in the grocery store while waiting for my mother to pay for the groceries.  There he was with his larger than life persona in not much more than a purple Speedo like bottom writhing on a duvet.  I thought “Who the heck is this skinny little guy!” Little did I know then what that guy would become and damned if I wish I had bought that magazine then.  He blew up once the album and movie Purple Rain came out and everyone knew then that his name was Prince and he was funky!  This was during the heyday of MTV videos and be honest now, how many of you tried to do that little dance move at the end of the Purple Rain video? I know I tried!

I was a fan through his musical, fashion and name changes.  The man morphed continually but was always turning out music that had everyone in the club hitting the floor and dancing.  I am thankful that I got to see him in concert once and that was a show.  He gave you, who you were with and everyone else in your section their money’s worth.  And I marveled at how petite he was and could dance and twirl all over the stage while playing a guitar and wearing high heels.  I was so jealous of his ability to do all those moves while in heels.  But as the saying goes, good things come in small packages.

The man was a character and had character.  He was also fiercely private which is refreshing in these times where everything short of seeing the internal organs of some celebrities is constantly bombarding us in the media along with their hedonistic and destructive antics.  But whenever he did show up in the media it was a great moment.  Plus, he appeared on the Muppet Show!  Who cannot love an artist who appears with the Muppets.  I got a twofer with that show as I had been a Muppet fan since they first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and a long time Prince fan as well – win win!  A friend of mine was most fortunate to have been at his last concert in Atlanta.  Little did we both know that it was his last concert.

It is heart warming to see so many across the globe honoring him with wearing and turning things purple.  I’ve been sporting my purple sneakers and I even saw a woman at the mall the other day wearing a – wait for it – raspberry beret.  Perhaps another one of the reasons I am mourning his loss so is because his music was a sign of my times, the soundtrack to my life and because we were so close in age.  When someone of your own generation passes it pings that mortality nerve we all have.

I won’t insert a video or audio clip of his music in this post as we’ve all heard it on the news and radio enough (even I’m getting tired of hearing the first few bars of Purple Rain being played constantly – he did more songs than that people!) but as I put my earbuds back in and listen privately to my favorites of his – Baby I’m a Star is on repeat – I will say this in closing; we mourn your passing but your music remains to celebrate your life.

And flights of angles sing thee to thy rest – William Shakespeare



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Citizens of #Cbus – Saturday in the park

Goodale Park in Columbus is a great city park with so much personality.  Let there be a nice day and you will find it populated with so many people from babies -and fur babies – to seniors all just enjoying life and this spring day with everything blooming was ideal.

Some more tips for street photography:  When you want to just capture a scene as it is naturally occurring without being noticed (sometimes that is) you can shoot the subjects from a distance, as they walk past you, or hold your camera as if you aren’t taking any photos and shoot from the hip so to speak.

Girlfriends8269-Edit copy




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