More views of Alum Creek State Park

When we first moved to central Ohio something I noticed was the many parks here.  It felt like there was one around every corner.  Of course that wasn’t true but there are a lot of local and state parks around here and we’ve enjoyed exploring many of them.  Our most recent trip took us here to Alum Creek Park.  These images were all taken with a Tamron 15-30 lens that I used just for the weekend (review coming soon) and it was a perfect day for photography!  Warm, slight breeze, beautiful blue skies…a photographers dream.

The first photo is of the dam as you walk towards it and those 100+ steps next to it.  The second is from the bottom of the steps looking out over a part of the park and the parking lots.  Next to the parking lots there’s a playground for the children and pavilions that can be reserved for gatherings such as the large family reunion that was taking place that day.

Alum4674-Edit   Alum4680-Edit

Most people come to this section of the park to just walk around or to get their exercise on those steps.  Once at the top of the steps you can walk along the top and take in all of the panoramic scenery such as the many boats that can vary from pontoons to sail boats.  If you look in the lower left hand corner of the second image you will see someone who was fishing.  You’re really not supposed to clamber down the rocks to fish from there but many do it anyway.  Mentioning fishing, there was a bass fishing contest going on this day which would explain why there were so many boats out on the water… well other than it was a fantastic day to be boating anyway.

Alum4691-Edit   Alum4705-Edit

And of course – what goes up must come down.  This is just one small section of the park but so far it is my favorite.



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It’s water over the dam…

Alum Creek State Park in Delaware, Ohio has a 3,387-acre reservoir and 4,630-acres of fields and woodlands which provide areas for fishing, boating, swimming, mountain biking, a park for you and your dog, picnic areas and more.  Part of the park is the Alum Creek dam and the many steps next to it that go to the top of the dam and over looks the reservoir.  Many people come to the park just to use the stairs as exercise; there’s even an Alum Creek stair climbing club.

The park has an interesting history.  The first evidence of man living in the park’s area dates back over 2,000 years ago to the Adena culture; a Pre-Columbian Native American culture and it contains the remnants of a settlement by freed slaves that arrived in Ohio from North Carolina.  Wikipedia   As I was walking towards the steps I took notice of the water coming down the dam and the patterns it made against the concrete so I took some shots.

I will have to return with a longer zoom lens to see if I can capture the water “wiggling” better but this day, the Tamron 15-30 2.8 lens that Midwest Photo Exchange  let me use for the weekend,  gave me the ability to capture this and some other great wide shots that I will share tomorrow.


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Wordless Wednesday – Mom is going to carry my bike up and down 127 steps

F 8.0 – 1/400 – ISO 100 – 24mm – Tamron 15-30mm lens – Canon 5D M3


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Red Barn

There was a burger joint near my Jr high school that was named Red Barn and we used to sneak off campus to walk the three blocks to get burgers there for lunch instead of school food or whatever our moms packed us for lunch.  When I saw this barn it brought back memories of those gloriously greasy burgers.  Fortunately, when going to get the burgers I only had to cross one busy street at the light unlike how I got to this barn.

DH pulled over on the side of the road, I walked along side the two lane road to cross one set of railroad tracks, the big rocks in the middle, the other set of railroad tracks and downhill a bit to get close enough to take this shot.  All of this was done under the watchful eye of my sherpa (aka DH) as I kept my ears perked for the sounds of any trains.  Fortunately one passed before we pulled over and no others came while I was there.  I was also keeping my eyes and ears open for the police as they might have frowned upon me walking along the tracks to get back to the car.


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Monochrome(ish) Monday after the partying

Let me first say thank you so very much to all of you from near and far who wished me a happy birthday. Thank you for making me feel extra special.  So what all did I do? Or should I say what all am I going to tell you I did.  Life is precious and too often tenuous so I went out there and did a lot of what I wanted to do and in some instances I’m still paying for it.  My stomach is cross with me for all that I threw in it but I will say buffalo bone in rib eye is DELISH!!

I had fun with the folks at my favorite camera store and rented two lens (one that they let me rent which wasn’t publicly available yet to rent – thanks guys!) which I had fun test driving.  I proudly wore my It’s My Birthday button which was featured in my last post all over town.  I did selfies with a good friend of mine.  We went to a karaoke bar (and no you will never EVER see those photos) and I sang, did the Time Warp dance with a group of ladies all there for a bachelorette party and told DH there was no way in the world I was going to get on that mechanical bull in these heels!

There was aspirin the next day after one nights celebration, there’s a funny story to go with the picture of me in the corvette which I might tell you one day, they sang the birthday song to me at the Cheesecake Factory (lemon meringue cheesecake is just too too deadly), mosquitoes found me very tasty when I foolishly went exploring around an abandoned house with tall grass from all of the rain we’ve gotten while wearing shorts, and no photographers were hurt while capturing some images of an old barn after hopping out of the car and bounding off towards it’s surrounding wire fence after walking alongside and crossing two rail road tracks.  I almost felt like that one scene from the movie Stand by Me – minus the drama of course.

This week will be about getting back into healthier habits and drinking lots and lots of water and catching up on blogs and blogging  ;)

Say Cheesecake Selfie with Linz Yellow Vette



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Taking a break…

A lot has been going on around these here parts and I am in sore need of a break and besides this weekend…..

It's My Birthday! Button Pinback Buttons

No idea what’s going to happen other than a romantic dinner where I will actually wear heels and DH has suggested going out for karaoke.  Wait! What! Are you serious man?  So I will see you all next week :)

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Words on Wednesday – Dashboards

When attending a car show your eyes will immediately be drawn to the outside of the auto; the body, the wheels and maybe even the hood ornament.  There are also many who will be drawn to the engines which I must confess is not one of the things that pulls me in.  But there is another side to see in these cars that is equally interesting and that is their interiors.  In some cars the dashboard and steering wheel are just simply utilitarian while in others it is amazing to see the evolution of the knobs, switches and gauges involved with the operation of the auto.

Then too there is the added bonus of the owners personalizing the insides.  For example, it’s just not a 50’s car without fuzzy dice.  Take notice of the whole car: the break pedals, the seats, door handles and the trunk to name a few to fully appreciate and understand the entire machine and it’s history.  Never be hesitant to ask questions about the cars for this will make the car “come alive” right before your eyes…as well as make the owner very happy.


WillyDash4329-Edit 51FordDash4347-Edit 37FordDash4337-Edit 55ChevyDash4368-Edit

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