World of Coca Cola and the 7 year old

Going into this adventure I knew the combination of little kid and sweet drinks could equate to some problems,  but nothing ventured nothing gained.  I was determined to take 7 year old to visit the World of Coca Cola no matter how hopped up he might become from it.  Besides, it was a family tradition of sorts.  Ridiculous amount they charge to get into the place but we just forged ahead and paid the full price; the things we are willing to do for this one.  He was told how much fun it was going to be and the things he could see in there, but what rang his bell? The fact that you got to drink to your hearts content 60 different varieties of Coke products from all around the world.  Well somebody had their priorities straight now didn’t they?

Sadly, a sign of the times was the security check point where you had to act as if you were being screened by the TSA.  Did not like the guy going through my purse to find my keys and cell phone because it was buried underneath a ton of other stuff.  Not letting that happen again!  My purse is my inner sanctum and only I am allowed in there! Even DH fears to tread there.  Whatever may be in there I put it in there; I’m going to dig through it to pull it out next time.  Once past security you are put in the holding room where they have these huge decorated bottles of Coke.  You have to wait there until the ever so bubbly chipper employee comes to get you to take you on the first part of the guided tour before they turn you loose.  I’m sure it’s a requirement to be that effervescent, but even 7 year old looked at him like the man was minus a few.

You are then led to a room with all manner of Coke signs, memorabilia, really bad clothing, and such.  We listened to the history of how it was made and first sold, blah blah blah.  “When do we get to drink the soda?” asked 7 year old.  I patted him on his head and told him hopefully soon.  From there Mr. Too Darn Happy led us into a theater where we watched the propaganda, I mean, an informative brightly colored and animated film about what a healthy life style should be.  Yes, what they were saying was all well and good (exercise, eat well, try new things) but coming from a place that markets flavored sugar water?  Excuse me if I sound less than totally convinced of their sincerity.  The 7 year old was bored but did say there was no way in the world he’d ever let anything like the big fuzzy dust bunny looking things with legs and big red lips EVER get near him for a kiss.  You had to have been there to understand that last part.  It was one of the “cuddly” characters of the film – a gray dust ball with legs and big red lips that was in love with a dandelion and heart broken because it blew away.  Who wrote this stuff?

We navigated our way through history of this and history of that, global expansion, Coke in space,  and this is how fast a bottler had to step on this lever to cap soda bottles back in the day (7 year old had fun stomping on that thing).  All of this went completely over his sweet little curly haired head.  DH found it fascinating; I was trying to read items, take pictures, and keep an eye on 7 year old.  He was trying to find where to get his free just bottled on the premises bottle of Coke as we went through the bottling area and watched the robotic arm and conveyor belt do it’s thing.  “When do I get my bottle of soda? When do we get to taste the 60 flavors?” his patience was running short.  “Right after we watch the 4D movie sweetie” I replied.

That story comes tomorrow.

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4 Responses to World of Coca Cola and the 7 year old

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    You guys didn’t stand a chance. Once your 7 year old — or any 7 year old, for that matter — heard that he’d be tasting 60 Cokes, the rest of the day’s activities took a back seat. I must admit that even my heart skipped a beat when I heard “60 flavors.” Can’t wait to hear or what you all do after he’s had his fill of Coke. 🙂

  2. Very true! The 60 flavors trumped every other thing. His eyes were on that prize. Stay tuned, those 60 flavors get better 😉

  3. dhphotosite says:

    Love this! This post is too funny…especially Mr. Too Darn Happy!

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