Guess who went to a Comic Con?

Well, besides a slew of other people?  Yes, yours truly just had to go.  Off we went to the Wizard World Mid Ohio Comic Con. Besides being a bit of a fan girl as well as needing something fun to do after a serious week….it’s almost Halloween!  Does it get any better for ones inner geek?  Along side a lot of ‘former’ stars showing how age has grabbed them by the you know whatits and charging to have a picture taken with them or for their autographs…..there were tons of people selling stuff;  graphic artists (I bought a signed print of the non-human stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000) lots of people selling weapons (real knives and swords) and the rest of us who showed up in costume.

Yes, I was in costume (DH went as himself).  Some people put quite a bit of effort into their costumes (yeah you ya big show off War Machine guy),  some were just ‘I went to the costume store and bought this and some face paint’,  and some where – well – let’s just say sad.  In case you were wondering, I went as GoGo Yubari from Kill Bill Vol. 1 and I made my outfit including the infamous mace.  More time should’ve gone into making the mace, but it worked.  Dressing up as your fave movie or tv character I can see.  Dressing up as your favorite comic/anime character I’m all behind you on that one.  Dressing up as a character from a video game?  That is news to me (thanks for hanging in the line with me Lil Sister from Bioshock and congrats on winning). There was also a costume contest and a marriage proposal during said contest (she said yes, we all cheered, and they may be planning a Star Trek wedding).  Dr. Who’s, Batmen and women, Supermen and women, Thor’s, Predators, Jokers, tooooo many storm troopers, Ghost Busters, some denizens of the Star ship Enterprise, Vader’s, X-men… name it and it was probably there.

It was my first Comic Con but hopefully not my last.  I’m thinking a Steam Punk character next….cool period costumes.  All pics were taken by DH as I was too busy swinging my mace at people.  I’m in one of these pictures, see if you can find me.



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10 Responses to Guess who went to a Comic Con?

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    I’ve never been to Comic Con but always thought like ti would be a whole lotta fun! I’m with you about dressing up like a video image but the times they are a-changing. Miss GoGo, however, was a g-good choice. Save that mace. It may come in handy some day. 🙂

  2. That looks like a great place to take photos.

  3. ceciliag says:

    Wow those costumes look gorgeous, how much fun was that!! good for you dressing up! .. i am a bit of a DH and would go as myself ! I am hopeless! c

  4. Steve says:

    Our Comic Con wasn’t nearly as big or exciting this year; but it does provide a wonderful array of people willing to pose in costume. I even have a couple of images where I’ve changed the background to make them feel a bit more ‘realistic’, if that word can be used in this situation. Great post as always!!

  5. The Little Sister costume looks cool, but then again I might be biased 😉

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