Fall colors – yellow

Yellow is such a pretty happy color.  Puts me in mind of the sun and summer, lemon drop candy, pineapple chunks, daffodils, baby chickens,  and sunflowers.   Yellow is one of those colors that can range from deep and vivid to just the palest of pastels.  I love the color but have to wear the deeper tones otherwise I end up looking like an Easter peep.  Not a good look at all for me.  I’d have to go back through the dusty files in my mind to pull up the reason why some leaves turn yellow as compared to the other fall colors.  I’m pretty sure besides the type of tree it has something to do with temperatures and sap or something along those lines.  What gets me are all of these maple trees with pretty much the same shape of leaf but one tree will be red, the next orange, and then a yellow one.  How do they do it?

DH and I were driving home when I saw this amazing carpet of leaves draped over the sidewalk.  I know tree species from having helped girl child with a science fair project many moons ago.  Not sure how much she recalls about tree types now but I sure do!  “Yes, I can definitively say that is a Blackjack Oak and the other is a Bradford Pear.”  But this carpet of leaves belonged to some Ginkgo trees and they were screaming Mimi yellow!  It was so brilliantly beautiful and did I have my camera with me? Noooooooooo!  Even if I had, I think the traffic behind us would’ve gotten a bit ticked off at me pausing in the middle of the street.  Determined I was to go back and get some shots but I was worried that time, wind, rain, and the tromping of feet would send the lovely leaves packing before I could get back to them.

Lucky me! When I came back a day later they were still there.  They do have such a pretty fan shape to them, don’t you think?  The color just makes me smile.

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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography. www.imagesbytdashfield.com
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16 Responses to Fall colors – yellow

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    I, too, love yellow in the Fall. My parent’s home had a large ash tree in its front yard. In Fall, it would turn completely yellow and, on a sunny day, the interior of the house was filled with reflected sunlight. Like your photos, it was really beautiful.

  2. I bet that made the whole house so much cheerier. I can just imagine it now 🙂

  3. Autumn is just the best time for photography isn’t it?


  4. tedgriffith says:

    How cheerful these are! Love the details that you’ve captured. 🙂

  5. Meanderer says:

    Beautiful images! The lovely shapes and wonderful golden yellow colours really cheer!

  6. ceciliag says:

    Absolutely stunning.. so beautiful, i would have gone back too! c

  7. dhphotosite says:

    Such great color and I do like the shape of gingko leaves. This makes fell like lying down in them like we did as kids! Glad you were kneeling on the sidewalk and captured this to share. Betcha the folks driving by were saying something like”hey look at that crazy lady kneeling in the leaves” You know what?? You got the photo and they didn’t!!! HA Or they are like so many others and didn’t even notice.

  8. Oh, I love Ginkos! I just jumped a bit when i saw this photo. I haven’t seen a Ginko in years, so it was so nice to see the leaves in their golden glory. Thank you!

  9. Steve says:

    A beautiful and bright pair of photos; the light and shadow work well with these leaves. Love how intense they are! Cheers!

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