A Royal Park 2 – Quite ducky!

Besides seeing the very large pelican in St. James park and tons of tourists and children on field trips, there were loads of flowers and water fowl.  Only a few of the birds I could readily recognize; there were far more that I had not seen before and I liked that a lot!  Thank goodness they had a sign posted which told you what birds were what.  When I found out they had black swans I went hunting high and low for them until they were found.  Unfortunately the shots I took weren’t of the best caliber so onward and upward.  Pelicans, ducks, geese, other things with feathers….the park had them either paddling in the water or walking up to the fences scolding the humans or looking for a handout.  If you ever are in London when things are still blooming,  I highly recommend visiting this park.  I’d imagine if you could take a hamper of goodies to eat and picnic it would be wonderful.  A few pasties, some Manger’s Cider, and a big slice of Victoria sandwich sponge cake and I’d be good to go.  Gad! I miss those good eats.

Here is one little ducky that I thought was the most beautiful of colors. Cheers!

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5 Responses to A Royal Park 2 – Quite ducky!

  1. ceciliag says:

    PASTIES! Poo, I was going to make and blog the pasties when I was at Macks.. and ran out of time and memory (and stomach space) I am dying for a pasty! c

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    That photo of the duck is beautiful. I once lived near the Lincoln Park Zoo and they had a little water fowl area just North of the park. This time of year, it would be full of all sorts of birds taking a break during their migration.No telling what you might see there.

    • I’ve always meant to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo but I always get sidelined by Garrett’s – hehehe. But seriously, thanks, and I’ve just wanted to wander around the park but always ended up someplace else. Did walk past this one park that had Wizard of Oz statues; can’t recall name of it.

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