Travel memories – a bit of Grand Cayman

If given the opportunity to go back to Grand Cayman I would be out of here like a shot! (but I’m still looking into Spain)   The absolutely positively fantastically hot diggity dog part of Grand Cayman is – no mosquitoes!!!!  I am a mosquito magnet and the little *&^%$#@! think I am an all you can eat buffet.  Plus, I don’t just itch – I swell and itch and then get bruise marks from the scratches.  Once I got zapped by a bunch and had to go to the ER for a shot I was so bad off.  Therefore, when I go to any place that is reported to have biting buggies,  I come loaded with repellant.  Not the most fun stuff to pack or buy upon arrival but it beats being zonked out of my head on Benadryl any day of the week!

Grand Cayman has this mosquito eradication program which I must say has worked amazing well; did not need to bring or buy any repellant and did not get one little nibble even at night – the time the little flying Nosferatu’s come out the most.  Mentioning at night, for the first time in my life I was outside at the seashore.  Walking hand in hand along the beach looking out into the inky black darkness of the ocean while awaiting the creature from the black lagoon to slosh out of the water and abscond with me.  DH said then and says now I watch some weird movies.  Yes! Yes I do. Thank you for noticing. The only monsters lurking about on the island were the iguanas and geckos.  Some of those iguanas got pretty big and they would turn up just about anywhere.  I learned quickly that they were no threat and would happily walk past them (giving them a respectful amount of space of course) or stop and take their picture.

We rented a condo which was right smack dab on the beach.  Out the back door and flop onto the beach.  It just does not get any better than that!  Let me correct myself, we did have issues with two critters on the island.  These teeny tiny ants and a crab.  The ants managed to get into any little crack there was in doors and windows and would swarm in droves over dishes left in sink or food crumbs anywhere.  And the crab?  Well it was a little hermit like crab that met a terrible end at the foot of DH.  He got up to have a late night snack and smoosh! Killed the little thing.  His midnight snack crumbs were a loud alarm to the ants and when I awoke in the morning he heard me scream about “ACK! ants in the kitchen and WTH is this on the floor???”  Floor being dead crunched up crab.  Cleaned up crumbs and poor dead crab, sprayed bug spray (included in the condo) around any openings and realized the crab came from the big gap under the front door.  Fixed that with a towel I shoved as tightly as I could there.  No more crabs and only ants when we dropped crumbs.

Everyday was spent on the beach and our patio where we tossed the little geckos some of our food.  I also learned how easily and rapidly DH could burn and just how brown I could get.  Besides our just being together, we were away from everything back at home that demanded our time and energies.  Here, we could lie on the beach or splash in the ocean with no concerns other than what to eat next and did I reapply the sunscreen enough.  There would be times when I would just sit there and stare out into the horizon at that beautiful clear aqua water and think about the ancient mariners and their you would fall off the edge of the earth if you sailed too far theorems.  That point where the sky and the ocean embrace is just heaven’s handiwork at its best.  That view and the gentle lapping of the water against the shore is just this side of spiritual and is one of the best lullabies out there.  Oh, and include rum cake, all you can eat lobster tail night, stickey toffee pudding, pubs and the turtle farm?

Happy place, I’m in my happy place.



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12 Responses to Travel memories – a bit of Grand Cayman

  1. Steve says:

    Sounds like a wonderful place to vacation, or maybe even (gulp) live! Thanks Teri!!

  2. dhphotosite says:

    Gee, this was a perfect description of paradise…I felt as ifI was there. Warm sun and sand would be a good thing right about now!

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    Now, this is a vacation! Being able to get away and, for a while, inhabit a completely different lifestyle. Throw in a beach and warm, sunny weather and that’s just about perfection for me.

  4. Spectacular! Gorgeous water, tropical plants and birds and beasties. Cottages on the beach. Nighttime strolls *sans* “flying Nosferatus” (*stellar* phrase!) (try the mosquito *wipes* now available, when elsewhere, if you despise the lotions and sprays like I do). Lobster and sticky toffee and . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . ‘Scuse me, you made me fall a-dreaming. You *know* I’m prone to that disease. I will gladly try this place on for size the first chance I get!! Thanks for the introduction!

    • You are most welcome. It would be nice to go back there for our anniversary. Thanks for the repellent wipes tip. You can just walk up the beach for miles in the white sand seeing a mix of both tourists and locals. And so many wonderful places to eat. I hope it hasn’t changed much since we were there.

  5. visitingmissouri says:

    Sounds perfect indeed. Not too many nasty animals either… I am the veggies among mosquitos, I’ll be the last they eat and I barely notice it. I’m sorry you’re so much on the other end of the extreme.

  6. etomczyk says:

    Happy New Year! I was catching up on all your blogs now that I have returned from the dead and low and behold, you gave me a glimpse into where I’m taking WW this year. Thanks for being my tour guide with your pics. His Christmas present from me was the Caymans. I’m going to stare at your pictures every day until the time comes. Sigh! Beautiful pics by the way.

    • Lucky guy! Such a great present! I keep going back and forth between going somewhere new this year and going back to Cayman. If you want to know anything else or even see more pics let me know 🙂 Well, pics without me in swim attire that is! LOL

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