Hey! Where was Perry?

Actually, if you know the cartoon Phineas & Ferb then you know the line is actually “Hey! Where’s Perry?”  In this case it’s the past tense; where was he.  I won’t bore you with the details of the cartoon other than to tell you it is a great little series and it’s one of those wonderful concoctions of enough goofy for kids and just enough humor for the adults watching with the child (or by themselves, nothing wrong with that).  In a nutshell, the show is about a blended family – think along the lines of Brady Bunch but much smaller – with two little boys who build incredible things like space ships, etc. while the older sister tries to bust them and fails miserably at it each and every time!  This and all of their and their friends hijinks and adventures.

So where does this “Perry” fit in? Perry is their pet platypus who is also a secret agent fighting the evil schemes of one inept evil scientist using P&F as his cover but he really does love his human family.  That is as far as I am going to go about the cartoon other than to say it is a favorite of mine and the amazing 7 going to be 8 in two weeks year old.  We like talking on the phone about episodes and singing some of the songs together.  I forgot to mention there is always a musical number in each show – the reggae ice cream song was a hoot!  The little guy and I have matching Perry the Platypus t-shirts and at one time temporary tattoos that went along with the show. The things we do for our little ones.

I had this great idea last year when we were off to England to do a Where’s Perry? travel book for him as a present.  The plan was to take pictures of him at different sites and turn it into a photo album he could take to school for show and tell along with the actual stuffed toy.  Cool idea, right?  Well it started out great.  Perry was at the airline check in, Perry was eating pizza at an airport restaurant, Perry was posing with Paddington Bear at Paddington Station…all was going well until one day I had him stuffed in my coat pocket in Covent Garden while we watched this crazed entertainer juggle chainsaw.  When we walked away I reached to pull him out for another photo opp and he was gone!!  Either he had fallen out or he had been nicked.  I was so upset that the Perry project was going to have to end with just five pictures until DH reminded me that there was a Disney store in Covent Garden so I rushed in and asked did they have any and they did!

Only one problem, they only had his alter ego, Agent P.  No problems! In the tv show he goes between being just Perry the Platypus and Agent P so the rest of the trip (with the stuffie firmly guarded from then on) was about Agent P.  When we came home I went and got another Perry, made the book, and shipped both off to the little guy.  I was relieved, he was thrilled and I kept the English Agent P.  Amazing how a little stuffed toy can get total strangers to open up to you.  Agent P hung out with strangers in museums (including one guard), shop keepers, and a Bobby in front of Buckingham Palace.  The little dude got around.


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5 Responses to Hey! Where was Perry?

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Such a fun gift you gave to the Li’l Guy! And how lucky you were that there Perry had an alter-ego to save the day! When I was escorting Flat Ruthie, I was amazed at how many people stopped me to talk of their Flat Stanley experiences, as well as with tips for where else to take her. I think that the World would be a better place if we all carried a cardboard cut-out person in our breast pocket. Yes, you may quote me.

  2. dhphotosite says:

    What a terrific idea!!! I’ll bet it was a hoot taking photos of the “stuffy” and listening and looking at folks reactions! Hmmm maybe I should do that with Bear…

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