Today it’s his birthday :)

Sometimes when I am on the phone and I hear it buzz indicating there is another phone call coming in I will look at it and say “Ehhhh, I’ll call them back” and continue on with my current conversation.  But not this morning! Oh heckie no! This morning I was on a semi-important phone call when it buzzed and it was THE call I had been waiting for.  “Excuse me but I need to take this call it is very important I will call you back in a few minutes, thank you, goodbye” and then I clicked over to hear the sweetest squeakiest voice I could want to hear today.

“Hi! I just opened my package.” Today is the little man’s birthday.  Today he is the incredible wonderful fantastic loveable 8 year old.  Dude is getting old.  We had a few good laughs over what he was going to do today at school and how he is going to have a bowling birthday party tomorrow and how he will get to see his daddy this weekend.  I sang Happy Birthday to him and he giggled.  And then we did our customary farewell routine of I love you! I love you more! I love you a whole bunch! I love you a whole bunch plus2!  Today he didn’t try to one up me, he said I won.  I hope this doesn’t mean he is getting too “old” for our goodbye custom.

Here’s to his having a great day today for his birthday and continuing to party like a little rock star for the rest of his weekend.  I will get to speak with him again when his dad picks him up and even though I wish I could be with him to bake cupcakes like we used to do all the time – he has no idea how happy he made me with his phone call this morning.  It’s his birthday but I got the best present.

I really really need to get my files together because I know there are tons of pictures of him scattered over several hard drives.  Here he is when I think he was about half the age he is now riding the trike that used to be his dad’s.

Happy Birthday Little Guy

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8 Responses to Today it’s his birthday :)

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Look at the cute tyke on the trike! And who’s idea was it to give him a basketball for the photo or was he in training for some new type of biathlon event? If it was the latter, he must be great by now! Here’s wishing your “Little Guy” the best of birthdays and a wonder-filled year ahead!

  2. tedgriffith says:

    What a great shot! Yeah, calls like that are more important than just about anything. I hope that he never gets to old to enjoy those traditions. 🙂

  3. dhphotosite says:

    What a cutie!!! He has such a great smile!!

  4. He’s a cutie pie! Hope he had a great day.

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