Orchids at the Conservatory – part 3

Where did part 1 and 2 go? I’m not quite sure but what I am sure of is that this was my third time going to visit the orchids.  This time was a bit different.  This last visit was with about 30something or so other photographers from my local photo club.  The photo shoot chosen this time was the orchids at the conservatory.  At first I didn’t want to go as I had already been there twice but I am so very glad I did go.  Besides being with my comrades in cameras, it gave me the opportunity to observe and learn from others techniques.  Sometimes I just watched and other times I asked questions and listened intently.  One club member even let me use one of her lens to see if I wanted to perhaps get on like it.

We looked like a photo class field trip.  Tripods, camera bags, reflectors, remote triggers, Canon, Sony, Nikon….you name it somebody in the group had it.  Our group members range in experience from novice to pro and all parts in between. Some of us flitted about from orchid to orchid like a hummingbird while others parked themselves in front of one flower and did not move for the longest.  It was really good to watch – when I wasn’t hunkered over some orchid or sitting on the floor to get a shot.  I’ve decided that I would really like a macro lens after seeing some of the work that others produced.  It’s s/he that creates the image more than how high or low powered the equipment used.  But then again, if you combine a great eye with the right equipment – well then magic can happen!  I won’t get into post production, that’s another kettle of fish to perhaps dive into some other day and it often can lead to arguments about the merits thereof.

So here we go again with some more orchid pictures and in the same color family no less.  Gee! Who knew?

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6 Responses to Orchids at the Conservatory – part 3

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Well done! You’ve captured really beautiful examples of each of the 3 varieties. 🙂

    • Three varieties??? You have to help me ascertain who is what cause I’m only sorta sure about one.

      • ChgoJohn says:

        OK … The 1st picture we know is a paphiopedilum. They are relatives of Lady Slippers, an orchid which grows wild here in the States.

        2nd & 3rd are phalaenopsis. They’re called moth orchids because the first ones collected were large & bright white. These here were eventually bred from that original stock. If you’re thinking of buying an orchid, this is the type to get first. They come in all colors and are the easiest to care for.

        4th picture is an Odontobrassia, abbreviated Odbrs, these are hybrids between the orchid genera Brassia and Odontoglossu. I don’t now much about them other than they are striking!

        I cannot see enough of the last picture to see how its petals extend.

  2. DUDE! I am seriously impressed with your knowledge of all things orchid. Thanks so much.

  3. dhphotosite says:

    Teri….these are striking!!!
    Thanks ChgoJohn for the descriptives!

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