When you look for one file you often find another

What in the world was I looking for the other day? It currently escapes me but as usual, I was looking for a certain picture in this mess of a hard drive and could not find it.  The current computer I use is computer number – oh geeze – four or five.  Now lest you think I burn through computers like a wild woman or I am a slave to what is newest in technology let me clarify the numbers.  The first two computers had to be replaced due to the marching of time and operating systems.  Ya just can’t run Windows on a purely DOS computer – ain’t gonna work!  One computer went and went and went until something happen and it pretty much blue screen of death upped and died on me.

Now fortunately for me, DH was able to show me how to network (OK, I tell a fib, he did the whole thing) all of the computers and laptops in the house.  I shall not tell you about the laptops other than I still have the first one I ever bought even though the screen is degenerating as we speak.  Lovely multi-colored lines on the display.  So anyway, things were networked and he moved all of my work, school, and personal files to a safe place.  We now have the current computer but at times I forget how to access the network and find those scattered about files.

Well, the other day I stumbled upon those files and had a good time taking a mouse click down memory lane.  There were some things I had forgotten about, some I want to delete, some I REALLY want to delete, and some I need to transfer to a more readily accessible file here on the current computer.  I’m going to dive back in and see what else is in there but in the interim I will leave you with this little bitty picture I took some years ago.  After all, with spring coming around the bend  it seems rather appropriate.  In another life I had a compost heap in the backyard and one year a momma bunny decided to have her babies in it.  One brisk morning either they fell out of the heap or they were in the process of being moved but there they were – little teeny fuzzy balls of cute bunnies.  Amazing how cute they are when they are this size but you want to shoot them when they are crunching on the veggies in your garden later on in the season.


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13 Responses to When you look for one file you often find another

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Aw! Look at the little bunnies! There’s a field at my block’s end that has been turned into a garden co-op. Up until the gardeners literally threw the bunny nests out 2 years ago, each Spring rabbits built nests there and early mornings during the Summer our yards were the playgrounds for the baby bunnies. They are so incredibly cute when tiny — and surprisingly tasty when older. 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    That rabbit is too darn cute for anyone’s good.

  3. Steve says:

    Well, both are…. yeah. Too cute.

  4. ceciliag says:

    I am useless with computers, i can barely make a folder but that wee bunny is just the sweetest thing!! c

  5. hotlyspiced says:

    Yes, those bunnies are very cute! I’ve been through many computers. I hate to think how many. And I really wouldn’t want to add up the cost!

    • Yes, let’s not think about the costs it would cause wrinkles and those are bad. I’m terrible though, I think I still have one or two of the old machines still around waiting till we gut them and take the HD’s

  6. Whatever led to their rediscovery, these are seriously adorable babies!

  7. dhphotosite says:

    Cute little bunnies! We have a bunch of old computers in the basement…why do we keep them???

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