Macro Spring – Or The Silence of the Foom!

Just a bit of a quickie for you as I have an early PT appointment and I cannot wait to hear them say to me “What did you do this time?” when I tell them I was doing fairly well until I sleepily sat up to move the blanket and OUCH!!!  You never realize the things you take for granted until they aren’t working for you anymore.  Any hoo – was feeling a bit better earlier in the day before the blanket attacked me (yeah, I’m blaming it!) and I went outside to see how much foom had occurred in the front yard.  Pretty soon it is going to be bungle in the jungle out there with all of the warmth and the rain ( any takers on what song that line came from?) we’ve been having.  Yesterday was actually a shorts and tshirt day.  In March? This is weird!


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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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10 Responses to Macro Spring – Or The Silence of the Foom!

  1. Nandini says:

    wow! 🙂 First one made me smile!

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    Hope you’re feeling better! I’d wash that blanket in hot water to teach it to behave better. I’ve been wearing t-shirts and shorts for a few days now. Even more remarkable, I need to mow the lawn … in March!!! Normally I’m still gassing up the snow blower. Continue to get some rest …

    • I’m so antsy I am not relaxing as much as I should hence getting myself into more trouble and more pain. All that fooming out there and I am unable to get into the thick of it – grumble!

  3. etomczyk says:

    T: Your photos are therapy to me. Thank you for sharing — it is a ministry! E

  4. Clearly a fabulously beautiful kind of weird! Great shots!!

  5. dhphotosite says:

    I see the new lens is working quite well for you!! Congrats!!!

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