Not punting on but busing over….

Since my mobility is still hampered, I haven’t been able to get out and do much shooting so I have been perusing my old files and seeing what looks different to me; a review if you will.  Some things look better, some worse, some about the same.  Such is life, eh?  While wishing I felt better and dreaming of traveling abroad again the trip to England file came up and I started to fondly remember my first day on the ground and how chilly it was to me that day.  The jet lag didn’t smack me upside the head until after this picture was taken and I actually fell over backwards onto the bed at the hotel with DH trying his best to keep me awake.

He lost that battle but not entirely.  I slept for an hour or so and wobbled back up and out into the city.  My plan was to take the Big Red Bus (think that was what it was called) and see the highlights of the city on day one so that I could get a wee bit of my bearing about me and then decide what I wanted to go back to.  Some things I did make it back to, some I wanted to but never made it, others were placed in the  ‘I’ve seen it, I’m done’ file, and one – featured in this photo – I walked past every day we were there but for the time when we were in Devon.

This shot was taken as we were busing over the Thames (I made sure I scampered up to the top for the best views) on that tour.  We will return but not until after the Olympics are long over.  This shot was “tweaked” a bit for effect in PSE9.  The old paper look layer just appealed to me so here you are.

Stats:  F/10 , 1/250,  ISO100, 37mm


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17 Responses to Not punting on but busing over….

  1. Dan says:

    I like the textured look the “paper” gives this image. Nice!!

  2. ceciliag says:

    i loved living in london, i miss that dirty old city! c

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    I enjoyed London, too , and your pic is great!I like the effect on the clouds.

  4. nice shot! I like the paper texture on it, kind of looks like a page torn from an old travel book.

  5. zannyro says:

    What a gorgeous effect and looks like an absolutely beautiful day!

  6. dhphotosite says:

    Hey , very cool effect…I like it a lot!!! Great photo too!!!

  7. I’m so glad you “tweaked” it.. I love this photo! That must have been a wonderful trip! Bet you were glad to get over your jetlag!

  8. Wonderful shot, and it (and your writing about it) made me long to get back to London!

  9. Reblogged this on Images by T.Dashfield and commented:

    Today I start physical therapy and I cannot wait! Please put me on the rack do what ever it takes to get me back to normal (well, as close to normal as I was anyway) because limited mobility is putting a serious crimp in things – and me!

    Hope you enjoy this blast from the past – Cheers, mate 🙂

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