Not Gilligans Island

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.  That started from this tropic port, aboard a tiny ship (ok, so it was really a 31′ boat) .  The mate was a mighty sailin’ man, the skipper brave and sure.  Two passengers set sail that day for a four hour fishing tour.   Thank you theme to Gilligan’s Island

If you recall from my bucket list post (if not go back and check it out) #4 on the list was go deep sea or reef fishing.  We had a few ideas of what we wanted to do on our getaway which included going to one of the big tourist trap spots or go fishing – the fishing trip won.  At first I wanted to give the deep sea fishing a go but upon researching the boats and prices,  the reef fishing was the more viable option.  Arrangements were made by email and a couple of phone calls leaving just get there and be picked up by the tour company – Oh Boy Charters.

And then you sometimes get a visit from the monkey wrench squad.  The first time period I picked out was taken by someone else before I could put a hold on my date so I opted for the next day.  But guess what?  Storms coming through made for times being jiggled about again resulting in us getting our first choice after all.  Which was a very very good thing as our other day would’ve been cancelled due to rough seas.  We were picked up by a lovely woman, Matlee, who while driving us to the marina pointed out things of interest and told us the story of how the island had issues when they first got cell phone service.  That story involved a hurricane and how it’s destruction made for better reception.  Who knew!

At the dock we had to climb into one boat and then out of it into the boat we had chartered – Small Change.  Our Captain, Chris,  and the first mate, Domingo, assured us everything was going to be alright.  Yah, mon!  We pulled out through a bunch of mangrove trees that were festooned with iguanas and out into the ocean hopefully to catch something for dinner.  Everyone was aiming for catching snapper.


I caught the first fish, a 6inch or so squirrel fish.  I was thrilled!  I caught an ocean fish!  They threw it back and we continued on.  Things were going well and the Dramamine I took before we left was holding steady and then – uh oh.  The dark clouds that had been in the horizon were right on us;  they opened up and poured.  At this point I was hoping and praying we would not have a Gilligan moment.  The boat rocked and the waves splashed over the bow and stern; visibility was low.  We all sat under the cover and I quickly hustled the weather safe bag over my camera case.  The crew and DH were cool about it while I was inwardly freaking.

By the time the storm passed I was not feeling well at all.  To be honest I was positive I was turning green.  I laid down on the boat under the cover and quietly expressed my desire to die.  DH was concerned and asked if I wanted to go back to shore. NO! I exclaimed.  We paid for 4 hours and dangit we are using our full time allotment!  Then I laid back down to die quietly some more.  The boat was still rocking and I am totally in awe of how DH stayed upright and was never the least bit queasy.  I was even more amazed how the Captain and mate were just wandering all over the boat as easily as if they were on land.  I am such a landlubber.

Eventually DH caught two nice sized trigger fish.  They are wider than they are long and put up quite the fight.  When the captain took the boat back in out of the rougher water I was able to put my pole back out into the water and I caught a couple more small fish including a couple of the baby brother’s of DH’s fish and a grouper.  Yay seasick me!  I am not showing any pictures of my catches because, well, they just weren’t as awesome as DH’s.  But anyway, the Captain skinned and filleted our catch and put them on ice for us to take back to our condo where we eventually cooked it for dinner.


Even though sea fishing is checked off my list now,  I would not hesitate to do it again….but hopefully on much calmer waters or with more Dramamine.  Oh boy for Oh Boy Charters!

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10 Responses to Not Gilligans Island

  1. ceciliag says:

    having grown up by the sea and having a boat builder for a dad, my heart goes out to you. When you are sea sick you are the closest to wishing you were dead that you will ever be. It is just terrible and the pills make me so woosy i would fall off the boat, then i took more pills once and half slept, unable to move, for twelve daylight rocky stormy hours, and still felt sick, so I NEVER go on the water now.. When i am home i say to the others.. off you go, i am going to lay about on the beach in the sun and BE HAPPY! even reading about it makes me feel sick~! so hopefully your net story is on land!! c

    • Well I did spend plenty of time swimming in the ocean but no more boating adventures! And DH took a picture of me laying down slowly expiring 😦 At least I didn’t hang my head over the side of the boat. I would’ve thought for sure you were quite the water baby. Laying or walking on the beach with the occasional forays into the water suit me just fine as well although I have gone snorkeling. t

  2. dhphotosite says:

    Yippee ocean fishing!!!! I used to go just about every weekend (years ago) and it was always a good time…especially if it was raining! We would have the ocean to ourselves!

  3. tedgriffith says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! I’ve been out twice deep sea fishing for salmon. Much colder than where you were. 🙂

  4. ChgoJohn says:

    Oh, I do not envy you. I once got sea sick and it was the most miserable feeling ever. I was lucky, though. Once I got back on dry land, I was fine. Some people remain sick for hours afterward. I’ll get my fillets from a fishmonger, thank you very much. 🙂

  5. etomczyk says:

    See this is why I have a rule with WW that I don’t do boats–I do ships! That sucker better be so large that come what may, nothing rocks the boat (pun intended). And then I am in charge of keeping my eye on the weather because I will bale in a heartbeat if I see a whisper of a rain cloud. At this age, that is just how I roll. Ha! Glad to see you made it through. What we do for love! Cheers! ET

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