Holiday in Grand Cayman – Rum Point

We didn’t think about going to this part of the island our first time because we aren’t divers and we could snorkel and swim on our side of the island, but friends urged us this year to at least go take a look.  So with little rental car in hand, off we went.  Rum Point is best known for its relaxed mood, diving and snorkeling, and a crowded smaller beach (especially on cruise ship days) with chairs and hammocks.  Things are a bit less packed (think no long line of hotels/condos and restaurants as on SMB) with just a few places to stay and eat and more privately owned homes.  But if for no other reason, go for the view and to say you were where they filmed parts of the movie The Firm with Tom Cruise.


There is only one road in and out to the nice soft sandy but not a very deep beach.  The water is very calm and occasionally some of the sea denizens will swim past – and scare the heck out of you like they did me.  In essence it is a tourist joint with some very pricey souvenirs in the gift shop (get better priced ones in George Town and along SMB).  Would we return to Rum Point? Don’t think so.  But we would happily go back to that side of the island to enjoy the great food at some of the restaurants there.

Barracuda swimming along under the pier right where snorkelers had just been

The pier out into the ocean where the two sea denizens swam under

This is one way to hold down a menu

Tsk tsk! Playing with his food

We stopped at one place called Over the Edge before we got to Rum Point.  Why is it called that? It’s because from the street it looks like a little hole in the wall shack that leads into a local island bar where on the day we wandered in they were all screaming at a soccer match on the one TV.  The bartender looked up to see our confused faces, smiled and said hello, and returned to yelling at the TV with his patrons.  The “over the edge” part comes from the back deck which is over the water.  You look out at the infinity of the ocean, the waves lapping, fisherman hauling in their catch….one of the best places we ate at.  Just good unpretentious eats with a wonderful view.

View from Rum Points beach

Sorry there are no pictures of the food from there because we were very hungry by this time and had gotten rained on – again – and just wanted to be dry and fed.  The food was very good – fresh seafood – and not that terribly expensive.  Plus they had something that catered to my carb loving soul – Cayman fried bread.  It reminded me of little mini Navajo fry breads; little fried billowy puffs of carby goodness served hot out of the fryer with butter.  I asked for seconds.  Oh joy!

View from our table at Over the Edge

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6 Responses to Holiday in Grand Cayman – Rum Point

  1. F. says:

    I love the signs! Creative. And the photo of the pier is stunning.

  2. dhphotosite says:

    Wow!!! Relax…you’re on Cayman time mahn…great shots, love the pier and how it draws you to the end. It’s hard to beat a view like that while having a meal!!!

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    Even though overcast, that was some view from your table at The Edge. I hope you guys got all of the R&R you needed. You certainly did pick a great place to do so.

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