Who used to look out from one side of your glass and who looked in from the other?  Were they all hard working men loading and moving things onto trucks in this once a warehouse; what types of things were being moved?  From the peeling paint, dust, and spider webs to the old vines hanging and the leaves piled up on your sill,  you can tell time has marched on and past you or has it?  You have been left to age in place and that is a good thing because now you are a different sort of warehouse , now you are home to artists.  They paint, photograph, carve wood and make things from clay.  They weld and make metal sculptures and blow glass; there is new life in you.

What have you seen, what are you seeing, what will you see…………

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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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9 Responses to Window

  1. We have places like this in our city.. I’d love to be the artists asked to write/paint there!! Wouldn’t it be a cool place to go every day!?

    • It was cool! I had a grand time conversing with one of the photographers. I didn’t even get to explore the entire building there were so many ins and outs and I don’t even know what days they are there! I need to go back and find out.

  2. Nice; I can just imagine what this window has seen over the years.

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    When I first moved to Chicago, there was an old warehouse nearby that was “home” to a number of artists. I bought my first piece of “art” there. You know, it was signed and everything! I still have it and it’s still hanging. My tastes have changed greatly since then but there can only be one first. Had you been looking out a window that day, you would have seen me walking home, carrying under my arm a brown paper-wrapped package tied with a white string. And Chicago felt more like home.

  4. dhphotosite says:

    I think it is great that old places like these are re-purposed…especially for the arts! I would bet you are going to have a lot of fun exploring here!

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