Holiday in Grand Cayman – Food!

You name it, it is probably there.  Pub grub, seriously fresh seafood, sushi, Jamaican, steak houses, Italian, Indian, Cayman and the list can go on and on.  Being the foodie adventurers we are we tried a little bit of this and that while there.  DH was dismayed that the pub no longer carried his fave steak and kidney pie so he drowned his sorrows in a steak and mushroom one instead.  We ate grouper, trigger, and snapper.  One day we had a very good Caybrew (local beer) fish and chips that was just too darn good.  I had to have my stickey toffee pudding (pictured below) and one night in a Peruvian restaurant we had mango mousse (more about that later).  Oh that was good stuff!!!

One restaurant we went to, Deckers, had an all you could eat lobster tail night twice a week.  The pub, The Triple Crown, had a steak night and a curry night.  And then there was the Jamaican place that did their jerk chicken just on Friday and Saturday nights…and gave me coniptions trying to understand them on the phone while ordering delivery.   If you knew ahead of time what the restaurants were planning you could do quite well on your eating adventures.  One day in the hot food bar at the grocery store I must have said out loud what is that pointing at what looked like banana slices.  The nice lady behind the counter told me it was fried plantain and was quite shocked when I told her I had never tried it before.  She gave us a little sample and pointed us in the direction of the fresh plantain in the produce section should we want to do it ourselves.  Thank you, but no.

Something I like to do when in a different country is to hit up the local grocery stores and see what is on the shelves.  I have turned many a grocery shopping trip into souvenir buying time.  It’s funny to see different variations of food items from here in the states elsewhere.  I don’t recall why I picked up this package but I really want to give the recipe a try one day; might have to make the puree myself though.

Another popular item at a few of the restaurants was this thing called a grilled veggie stack.  The one I had started with a portabella mushroom, red pepper, zucchini, and a tomato slice topped with mozzarella some sprouts and a balsamic reduction.  YUM!!! What is it about eating outdoors that just makes the food taste so much better?

There was this one soup flavor that I just cannot post here without getting into trouble, let’s just say the name can be a double entendre.  And then there was this cheese we got at the grocery store.  Oh such goodness!  Such flavor! Such a cheddar!  I have got to see if I can get this here in the states.  Oh baby what a cheddar.  Did I mention we liked it?  As you can see, some Cayman mousies got to it.  Good thing they used a proper knife and put what they left us back in the package 🙂

More about food later…………………..I’m hungry now.

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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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6 Responses to Holiday in Grand Cayman – Food!

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    All I can say is that this is my kind of trip! A Bartolini does not sight-see on an empty stomach!

  2. dhphotosite says:

    Wow did you guys eat well!!! You can’t beat that when on holiday. Great shots of mouth watering culinary examples!!!

  3. What an adventure.. food adventure as well! I love those stacks.. can’t wait to see you try making those and blogging it:) xo Smidge

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