Oops! I did it again.  I know I said I was going to give the abstracting a rest but I have been trying to create something that is more in line with the tutorial than what I’ve been ending up with.  Somewhere somehow I am missing a step or two or three; I cannot figure out where or what.  So I keep plugging away trying to discover where the glitch is.  I know two steps where I am totally off and will just have to ask for help.  In the interim other things are being created.  But isn’t that what art is all about? No two images are ever really the same – well sometimes anyway.

With this image I started out as in the tutorial but then took off on my own tangent and ended up here.  Initially I didn’t like the “dividing” line down the middle but after awhile I gave up and said it is what it is and came to like it a bit more.

  Here is the original image.

About imagesbytdashfield

Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography. www.imagesbytdashfield.com
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9 Responses to Orb

  1. sinithwar says:

    Hey you know what going to other art is awesome but you will always revert back to your first art.

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    I never would have guessed that the image you created was derived from that photo. That’s incredible, Teri!

  3. artquench says:

    We like your abstract.

  4. dhphotosite says:

    I’m gonna have to try this sometime…it looks like tons O fun!!!

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