After the Crabtini

Just thought I’d show you the rest of our meal at Ruth’s Chris.  It was delightful.  I had the harvest salad with mixed greens and roasted corn, dried cherries,  bacon and tomatoes in a very tasty white balsamic vinaigrette, topped with goat cheese and although it is served with Cajun pecans, I had mine without due to allergies.  DH had the Caesar salad – he is awfully fond of those.

I had these three thick cut lamb chops with some really minty mint jelly and DH had his chunk of very tasty ribeye beef and might I add and I quote directly from their webpage  “Our famous steaks are seared to perfection at 1800 degrees and topped with fresh butter so they sizzle all the way to your table”.  You better believe it too.


The plates they bring out are seriously hot and very much sizzling!  But if you ask for you meat done a certain way, sizzling plate aside, that is how your meat will be delivered.  Medium rare comes just as sizzling as well done.   And did I mention that as soon as you enter the restaurant you immediately are seduced by the aroma of beef and butter.  Oh? I did mention this before? It’s worth mentioning again.  We shared their 3 cheese potatoes Au Gratin as our side.  I do not know what happened but somewhere between our server delivering our hot plates and her returning to ask how things were – gremlins attacked! My story, sticking with it.


Because DH surprised me and took me here for my birthday I received this cute and tasty little desert – a little key lime pie with chocolate pecan bark and a side of raspberry sorbet.  Thank goodness for DH as he ate the chocolate pecan stuff since I am allergic to both.  It was a rough job but somebody had to do it.  Thanks, honey.  😉

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8 Responses to After the Crabtini

  1. tedgriffith says:

    I know I missed it, but “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”. That steak looks terrific! 🙂

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Teri, with a gazillion more to follow. 🙂

  3. bulldogsturf says:

    Wow those pesky gremlins.. got in there before you.. I would have asked for the same again… A belated Happy Birthday and may there be many more.. and if the food is always like that I hope Hubby takes you there for more than just your birthday… that potato bake.. wow.. two to three of those for me thank you.. nothing like a well cooked steak or chops arriving at the table hot and to perfection, you lucky girl you…

  4. dhphotosite says:

    WOW !!! Now that’s a Birthday celebration!!! The aroma is killing me…and I’m with B…another helping of the potatoes please!

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