Crabtini anyone?

Sometimes you have an appetizer and sometimes you have a salad….and then there is this.  A Crabtini, the best of both of those worlds.  When I read the menu and saw this listed with the other appetizers I assumed that it would just be some bits of crab in a martini glass, you know like some of those jumbo shrimp cocktail concoctions.  But is was something better!  If you are a fan of crab meat then you will not be disappointed with this lovely.

Colossal (seriously)  lump crab meat chunks tossed in their house vinaigrette served with their classic Creole remoulade sauce in a chilled martini glass (yes, I took this description directly from their webpage).   This was no wimpy just a few bits of whatever appetizer, there was plenty of crab meat and enough salad greens to make it a full serving.  If I had known it was going to be this nice of a serving I wouldn’t have ordered that side salad – good as it was too.  But this crabtini was just too tasty.  I mean tasty to the point that I only gave DH one wimpy bite and normally we share much better than that.  That first bite and it was mine all mine.

I could’ve made a meal out of a couple of those things even though we were at a steak house – along with a glass of wine, of course.  Fear not!  DH had his awesomely flavorful hunk of beef (everything tastes better on a sizzling plate with butter) and I had lamb chops;  we were much nicer about sharing some with our entrees.  I love new food discoveries.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse



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7 Responses to Crabtini anyone?

  1. dhphotosite says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I’ve heard a lot about this place…I’m going there for sure!!! Super photos to make one’s mouth water. I see what you mean by the size of the crab chunks. Zowee! The shot of the wine glass is perfect!

    • I hit my target with the wine glass but was off with the crab. But you get the idea of it anyway 🙂 When you enter the place you can smell all of that butter they put on their meats. Oh drool!!! As it is pricey it works best if you can go when it’s something like restaurant week and you get specials. Should I post the pics of the steak and lamb chops – before and after? ROFL

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    MMM sounds good, never had anything like it…

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