Tiraditos + Ceviche + Paella + Mousse = Seriously Yum!

Sometimes taking a chance on a restaurant can be regrettable and then there are times when you hit the jackpot.  We hit the jackpot at Aqua Restaurant and Lounge.  I meant to post this some time ago but you know how it goes sometimes – life gets in the way.  Well, it really doesn’t get in the way it just gets you to going other ways.  Anyway…Aqua Restaurant is in Grand Cayman and is a very nice spot for a meal.  It had been another one of those on and off again rainy days in the islands and we were just too tired to pick a place to eat and go; it was one of those lets walk in that direction and eventually something will hit us.

We had gone past this place several times but never went in until this humid night.  Mind you, we weren’t exactly dressed nice – shorts and t-shirts – but this is an island, it had been raining, and there are tourists galore.  So we walked in feeling just a little bit sheepish about our attire when the hostess comes up to us and asks if we had a reservation.  At that point my inner self was whining about hoping we could get in because I didn’t want to go back out into the hot and humid.  Fortunately we came at a down time, there were only a couple of couples in there, and they took us to a table.

It was all uphill from there!  Our server was just the most charming young lady and she and her assistant made sure we stayed hydrated with cool water and iced tea.  The bread (my kryptonite) was soft, warm and tasty and our salads were delish.  But the meal? Let’s just say it was a first for me.  Aqua is a bit of a Peruvian fusion place.  They have other Caribbean and cayman goodies to eat but I believe the heart of the restaurant is their Peruvian dishes.  After our salads we had an appetizer called Tris Tiraditos.  This was a small sampling of three of their traditional tiraditos.  A tiraditio is raw fish like sashimi but cut thinner and without the onions that come in ceviche.  Our three fish were: wahoo, octopus, and tuna with their accompanied sauces.  That was the best and most melt in your mouth octopus I have ever had.

I ordered a ceviche for my main dish (the first time I have ever eaten ceviche) and DH ordered paella.  We have had paella before but this was awesome in a pan.  Usually we have had it with more rice than the protein bits in it, this one DH had to actually poke around and find the rice UNDER all of the goodness on top.  Everything was cooked to perfection including the rice which had just about the best amount of pan crust at the very bottom.  For desert we had some mango mousse and I wish I knew how to make it because it was one of the best deserts I have ever had.  Sorry no picture of it, after one spoonful it was full face in bowl time.


If I had known how good this place was we would’ve gone here sooner and a couple of times instead of this one and last time before we had to leave in the morning.  I am now on the lookout for places that serve ceviche…..and mango mousse!

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11 Responses to Tiraditos + Ceviche + Paella + Mousse = Seriously Yum!

  1. sani panini says:

    This looks amazing!!

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    This looks totally mouth watering food… lovely…

  3. tedgriffith says:

    This looks like serious YUM! 🙂

  4. Christina says:

    Now I have one more restaurant to try when we make it back to Grand Cayman! That place is in the new area that they recently built across from 7 mile beach, right? We drove through there last time we went but did not stop. Looks like we missed out! Now I am craving ceviche! 🙂

  5. No, it’s not in that shopping area they built (forget the name of it) it is on West Bay Road there. When you go back hopefully it will still be there (some places closed due to economy) and you will enjoy it!

  6. etomczyk says:

    TD: WW and I passed this restaurant several times, contemplated going in, but chose another restaurant in the same area instead of which turned out to be mediocre. Looks like we should have followed our initial hunch to go to Agua. Oh well, maybe next time . . .

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