London 2012 Olympic Venues

While watching the events I can look at it now a bit differently (as can DH more than I) as we have both been there; me for the first time last year.  Now while we watch the events I can point and shout “We were there! I have a picture of that! Where are they going to move the ducks?” I’ll explain that last one in a moment.  But I can honestly say this is the first Olympics in my lifetime that I can say I know about and have been to where some of the events are being held.  We saw some of the construction for the Olympics while we were there last year  and can now see on television the finished works.

So do indulge my happy travelers spirit as I share with you the “before” scenes for the Olympics.  You can see from my pov where the events are being held.

Ignore the heads on the bus, please.  Yes, we were tourists but taking that big bus tour is something I would recommend to anyone traveling to London.  See many sites and get your bearings and then go back later to the ones you really want to see again.  This is the back of the Royal Horse Guards Parade where they have trucked in tons of sand for the beach volleyball event.

There is a big football stadium somewhere in St. James’ Park where they will be holding the guess what event!  We did not see it while walking through but here are some more pastoral scenes from that park.


This is the statue in front of Buckingham Palace which is part of The Mall where they had the cycling event and where they will have the race walk;  one of the most “interesting” events to behold in my opinion.

And one of the larger royal parks – Hyde Park – is where the triathlon and some swimming events will be held.  Here is a shot of the serpentine and this is why I mentioned where are they going to move the ducks.


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