This Old House

Sometimes I have a very healthy and active imagination.  Too many books read, too many strange movies viewed late at night, too many strange relatives in my time…or maybe I was just born this way.  Whatever the reason, I see things a bit differently from others at times, especially when that imagination of mine kicks in and runs for it.

I can see a beautiful sunset over the ocean and my mind will start to wander to what did ancient man think every time the sun set.  The first time I saw an ocean I thought to myself that I could understand how they thought if you sailed too far it would be all over for you; edge, drop off, that’s all folks.   But I still cannot figure out how they thought manatees may have been mermaids.  Where women that “homely” back then or does sailing with a bunch of old salts make even a sea mammal look good?  Let’s just back away from that one, it could go places we shouldn’t go before we’ve had our morning coffee.

When I look at stately old manors I try to imagine a scene like in The Time Machine and imagine who lived there, what fashions did they wear, how much were utilities back then (told you I think differently), and how was it built.  I really try to imagine how things like the pyramids and Angkor Wat were built but I’m not alone on that one.  Did man do it or did the aliens come down and teach them a few tricks before erasing their memories and scooting off laughing.

So when I see an old abandoned home like this one I being to wonder.  Who was the architect that designed you and in what era were you first made, were you considered the ideal house style when you were first built; old fashioned or an eyesore.  I wonder how many bedrooms you had and I bet you only had one bathroom.  Mentioning that, how did families ever manage with just one bathroom once upon a time?  I grew up that way but now the thought of having only one bathroom is just unfathomable; torture I tell you!   Did you have hardwood floors, throw rugs that had to be hung up on a clothesline and beaten to get the dust out, or carpeting? Did children play in your yard with their dog or did you never know the laughter of children.  Was a bride ever carried over your thresh hold and did she put pretty ruffled curtains in your windows.

Time marched on and one day you were you abandoned.  Did the last inhabitants loose their jobs and were unable to pay the rent anymore or did they just skip out on paying for you.  Were your last inhabitants a little old couple that could no longer live alone and had to leave the home they had known for so many years to go into a facility that would never be like home again.  Did a terrible thing happen in you and that is why nobody wanted to live in you anymore and they couldn’t sell you.  Did you become the creepy old house that kids used to scare other kids with?  Other houses around you are inhabited but you have been left.  If you could talk what stories could you tell us maybe…would you cry.

How many marshmallows were toasted in your fireplace and how many winters had you seen while warming your inhabitants before the fireplace stopped being used.  Your fireplace has such beautiful brick work and it looks as though at one time some amount of care was taken to keep you up, but white washing brick? Seriously?  And your roofing shingles have a really unique design.   Now your inhabitants are just spiders and other bugs, bats and mice and all manner of weeds vines and trash.   To me it just feels a little sad to see an abandoned house that was once a home……

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11 Responses to This Old House

  1. dhphotosite says:

    Boy, do we think alike! I often wonder the same things about old buildings and homes. If walls could talk! I like the treatment you gave this shot…it really looks vintage!

  2. Thanks! I was torn between showing it as it was or really getting into the “mood” of the post. Mood won. Glad we think alike, my friend 🙂

  3. Great Post! Were you able to go inside?

  4. great post — great shot — love the mood. We had an old run-down empty house near us and one day I snapped a couple of shots real quick; thinking I’ll come back and take more soon. Before i got back for more the old place had been torn down. I’m sure one day it was the fanciest home in town.

  5. SJ says:

    That is a fantastic vision you have brought the picture to life! I too think a little deep but you have really gone the extra mile here. It’s so unique look on things. Thank you for sharing

  6. ChgoJohn says:

    Funny to come across this post today. While driving home, I took a slightly different route and noticed a few abandoned farm houses. Like you, I couldn’t help but wonder about their “lives” and how they came to their current sorry state. Then I remembered that I was zipping along at 75 mph and put those thoughts aside.

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