Do you still love me?   by T.Dashfield

When we first met I was a tender little bud, fresh

with the dew of youth.

Soft, small and delicate with a strong stem.

There was no storm that could dampen my spirits or bend me.

But time, life and weather have taken its toll.

Do you still love me?

I am now in full bloom with a fuller profile.

The petals that once were flawless and soft although still soft

are now wrinkled and creased around the edges.

More effort is necessary for upkeep than before.

Do you still love me?

I’m still standing, perhaps not as upright as I once did for

the marching sands of time have left their marks and

reshaped what I once was into as I am now.

Do you still love me?

There is beauty in maturity even if some do not see it.

My color is no longer as vibrant; it is slowing fading to

a more subdued hue but still lovely.

The perfume of first emergence has waned but not totally gone.

It is softer like the rest of me.

Even a few petals have fallen and as the order of living goes

more will follow.

Do you still love me?

From the moment I first became I have been changing.

Change is inevitable but now the changes are different and not always welcomed

although some are for the better.

One adapts and carries on.

Do you still love me?

You do?  Then let us go forth together.

Our faces will follow the sun and we will fold together

from the chill at night.

We shall care for and support one another come what may

until our season is over.

And yes, I still love you too.

About imagesbytdashfield

Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography. www.imagesbytdashfield.com
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20 Responses to Poem

  1. bulldogsturf says:

    Lovely words to go with the photo… thank you…

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    Oh, Teri. Such a nice way to start my morning, with a smile and a sweet bit of poetry. Thanks.
    I do like the new you. This format is so clean looking and better suits your photography.

  3. tedgriffith says:

    Beautiful, Teri, the image and especially the poem!

  4. dhphotosite says:

    This is a wonderful poem Teri, and the photo is perfect. I have read it three times so far. I too like the new format.

  5. What a beautiful metaphor for love.. I couldn’t think of a better comparison than a lovely flower to represent aging love standing the test of time! xx
    ps Love your new blog look!!

  6. DH says:

    Time is not something to fear, it is through time you become you.
    Each moment adds depth, definition, and character.
    It is my honor to watch you grow more beautiful every day.
    Yes, I still love you, now and forever.

  7. So beautiful and tender your words are!

  8. NIcely done, dearest Teri! There is a sweetness to your writing, with an underlying strength. A very easy read, yet a powerful message. And your reference to the floral and the rose image is perfection. Well done, indeed! Thank you for sharing with us. And I do like your new look…elegant in its simplicity, refreshing and appealing, plus easy to navigate. Good choice!

    • I am so happy you had a chance to read it; I really wanted to get your opinion of it. Poetry does not come easy to me but for some reason while I was looking at the image of the rose it just came to me. One of those moments of inspiration I suppose. The new format is working out very well too. Thank you 🙂

  9. Lovely. Thank you.
    And thank you for following.

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