Low Levels

This year across the country we are experiencing a major drought.  There have been fires, crops withering in the fields, water rationing in some places, flowers are blooming early and fading quickly and last I heard some barges are stuck on the mighty Mississippi and even parts of that river are closed because the water levels are just too low for river traffic.  We are in desperate need of rain here!  Last year, locally, it was so wet that farmers had to postpone planting their crops because things were too soggy.  This year they are wondering if they will even survive as a farmers.

The Olentangy River is never really a deep river unless there is a great deal of rain; most of the time it is rather low.  Last year I saw people sitting in it to cool off or just have fun with the water level chest high as they sat.  This year it is so low that even driving over it on the bridge you can see the bottom of the river and in some parts there are many little islands in the river with lush amounts of greenery growing on them.  I’ve wanted to take a picture of the islands but every place they have formed is close to heavy and dangerous traffic for a photographer.  It was while stuck in traffic on a bridge that I saw this fellow practicing his casting.  Quickly I reached into my bag and pulled out the small camera I try to keep with me and rolled down the window to get this shot.  You can see the river is not that deep.

I love summer but we need some cooler temperatures and more rain – soon.

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11 Responses to Low Levels

  1. bulldogsturf says:

    Somehow we are experiencing a mild winter and in all my years of farming and being involved on golf courses, this does not bade good for our summer rainfall areas.. however out winter rainfall areas are receiving there normal the whole system seems to have gone awry. My only fear is the late heavy rains that bring the floods, which some parts of the world seem to suffer from this year… My house was in a flood last year, the second time in 10 years, and my house is above the 100 year flood line… whats next…

    • Good grief! I hope you did not sustain damage in that flood. Seems the weather is wonky all over. Makes you wonder if this is just one of those “it happens every 100+ years” scenarios or what? We had a very mild and dry winter and now a stupidly hot summer.

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    You’re right, Teri, but for much of the country, the crops are too far gone for rain to be of any help. As much as I hate to admit it, we need a normal, snow-filled winter to get back on track. Last winter was nice but we’re paying a heavy price.

  3. I hate to agree with you only because I don’t like snow but it may be what we need. But since last year was very mild and summer has been very hot – who knows what may be coming around. I have to check the wooly worms when they come out for the prediction. 🙂

  4. The water up here in Vermont is very low as well. The last few showers we have had came on strong giving the ground little to no time to soak up the water. Seems like it doesn’t amount to much in the streams either.

  5. dhphotosite says:

    Neat shot of a fly fisherman. I can’t remember what the word “rain” means so I looked up the word and the dictionary says…moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops. Do you get this “rain” where you live???

  6. Nosotros también padecimos una sequía bastante grande hace unos años, en cambio luego hemos tenido lluvias torrenciales, que han inundado todo y han echado a perder muchos cultivos, ¡tenemos un tiempo loco!, abrazos

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