My Day Yesterday

It started out on a bit of a low note – DH was sick!  When he doesn’t go in to work the man is madly truly deeply sick.  Poor baby.  So I spent a great deal of the day like this:  “You need anything?”  “Just some rest.”  “Have you taken your medicine?”  “Yes, I just need to rest.”  “Don’t forget to drink your water.”  “I need to rest, leave me alone!”….. you get the picture.  I can’t help myself, I am so quick to jump into caregiver mode it is ridiculous.  Mind you, while giving him his soup and what have you I did it from a safe distance and repeatedly reminded him to cover his mouth when he sneezed or coughed.  Plenty of dirty looks came my way.

So while the patient and I were in opposite ends of the house I went on to my next duty of the day – airplane reservations for next month.  What’s that all about? It’s about an event that many of us have gone to or will go to (or not) and that many of us have dreaded/will dread going to….the High School Reunion! (insert the ominous crack of thunder and lightening here)  Yes, it is that time for me and my fellow classmates – our reunion.  If I were still living in the old home town it would be a given but as I no longer live there it means paying for airfare, hotel, meals, and transportation on top of the event itself.  My zeal for going slowed to a near halt as I crunched the estimated numbers.

The frugalista in me started to whisper in my ear that the expense of the reunion could be better put to something else and after all,  I have only stayed in contact with around 10 out of several hundred people.  I debated and debated and even had a few of those 10 ask me if I was coming but I was begging off until I started to think about it in a different light.  All of us have been away from high school for – ahem – a few years now and are scattered across the globe.  We are teachers, nurses, doctors, hard workers, policemen and women, vets, public employees, professors and photographers.  Some of us are on the original spouse while others are now single or on spouse number who knows what.  Almost all of us are parents and many of us are grandparents now.  A few are cancer survivors and sadly, there are several of us who are no longer here.  The captain of our cheer leading squad just died suddenly out of nowhere a few weeks ago.  Hearing about your cohorts makes you think sometimes.

That is when it dawned on me; life is so much more than money and providing it is not going to break the bank or result in some other expense to not be paid, go!  We may never get to see each other again so why not party like it’s 1999 even if we cannot party as hard as we could in 1999!  I’m looking forward to it now albeit with a little bit of anxiety but that is to be expected with an event such as this.  For one, I get to introduce everyone to DH and if karma kicks in I will introduce DH to the high school sweetheart I almost married.  No problems there, I get along just fine with that ex.  An added bonus is I get to see my family again while I’m there.  I hope we have name tags because I know I will not remember everyone.  Now it’s on to class reunion boot camp to get ready.  I am going to miss you dear pizza.

On a different note, I must say I was very delighted when after attending to the patient I went to my office area and looked at my blog.  I GOT GREENLAND!  I also got a lot of I told you so’s from DH when I told him this.  It was his idea that became part of the post; credit where credit is due.  When you are feeling better, DH, I will make you some cookies.  Oh wait a minute!  It will have to be something healthier because we have someplace to go next month.  Yes I know it’s not your reunion but you are coming with me therefore we are both going to have to get it together.  But back to the other post.  Still no China but I’m happy.  And if you happen to read this – hello, Dani.

So those were the highlights of my day yesterday.  I cannot remember where I saw this technique  – maybe Holly I don’t recall, sorry about forgetting – but I decided to muck around with an old picture and change it into this.  It was my first attempt at this sort of thing so there is a bit of a halo effect around the daisy centers where I didn’t get that magic lasso to hook everything I wanted; but it was fun for a first try.  Wouldn’t you like to see some of these in nature for real?

p.s.  DH was still looking drained but he went in to work today.  I wasn’t happy about that but he said if he starts to fade he will come back home.

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12 Responses to My Day Yesterday

  1. bulldogsturf says:

    A school reunion.. wonderful.. I am too old to go to those now, with half of my year passed away… and apart from that the other half I can’t remember..
    I had a old school mate connect with me on FB, I struggled to picture him, yet somehow he remembered our first day at school when we lined up to say if we were to take Afrikaans or French as a class.. I apparently told him you can only take French if you can talk through your nose… how can some remember these things I certainly can’t.. as for meeting a possible ex it would not happen I went to an all boys school.. so I can’t even go to see how the women have aged.. But enjoy, I’m sure DH will he can tell all your old flames all about you… wonderful…

  2. Hmmmm point made on single sex schools and reunions 🙂 There would only be one old flame there if he even shows and we’ve known each other longer than I’ve known DH. Any stories told about me by any males must submit requests in black ink, double spaced, in triplicate for approval before they can be made. LOL

  3. cecilia g says:

    you had a great day b y the looks of it .. I am sure poor DH was grateful when you got busy and left him to be sick in peace.. i am the opposite, because i am never sick i have no patience at all with sick people, I just tell them to come out when they feel better!! Horrible i am! I have never been to a class reunion.. c

  4. ChgoJohn says:

    I hope your DH is doing better now that he’s up and out of the house. Sometimes that helps; sometimes not so much. I like the processing you used on the daisies. I’ve attempted something similar in PS. The real problem I have is that I do this stuff so infrequently. When I go back to do it again, I pretty much have to start from scratch, looking through the help pages trying to find out what needs to be done. If I had a memory, I’d be dangerous!

    • Go to Holly’s page and the how to is on one of her posts. She is awesome and I agree, the less you do it the more it falls right out of your memory! I hope his going into work today doesn’t make DH worse 😦

  5. tedgriffith says:

    I hope that you have a great reunion. My 40th is supposed to be next year, but I don’t plan on going. I’ve heard of Shasta daisies and Crazy Dasies, but this is the first I’ve seen Skittle Daisies! 😉 They look great, Teri!

  6. dhphotosite says:

    I just love the photo! I caught my eye and I just had to read this post right away! School reunions…icky…never been to one and I wouldn’t recognize anyone! I was a loner in high school…always dreaming of being in the woods as a forest ranger…or a professional tennis player. I was that good…pat myself on the back. Funny thing…I lived in my home town area for 15 years after High School and only saw one person that went to the same school. Only way I knew his name was because it was plastered on the side of his landscaping truck. Our class was 750+ and you would think you would run into someone.
    I’m glad DH is doing better…there is no better caregiver than you!
    Have a great time seeing old friends and family!!!

    • For a moment there I thought you said you wanted to become a tennis player in the forest. LOL I’ve heard from a couple of people who never went nor had the desire to go to their reunions (my son being one of them) Hopefully it will be fun for me next month but like I said, the bonus is seeing my family again. And thanks for the caregiver compliment 🙂

  7. Ahhhh….. reunion time….. I missed my 10 year reunion, and probably would have no interest in going to my 20 year (coming up very soon). Weird time in my life, not sure if I want to bring back all those memories!!

    I’m glad you had fun with the tutorial, now it’s time to really play around with it!! After you select what you want to change, try feathering the selection just a tad more, if that would help? You did great, though – I really love this photo!! 🙂

  8. High school was a bit weird for all of us in some ways, some of us more than others. Thanks for inspiring me to do new things with my photos. Must practice.

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