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It was while riding up the escalator to one of the upper levels at Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center in NYC) that I took this shot.  No idea why other than I was taking random shots all over the … Continue reading

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Leaves and Seeds

Aren’t trees supposed to do this sort of seed thing in the spring?  This was taken on the first day of fall while I was sitting on the curb of a parking lot underneath the tree.  I had taken some … Continue reading

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Roast Chicken

What was for dinner last night? Roast chicken with mushrooms!  No rhyme reason or recipe here just wash and pat dry the bird, season with salt and pepper, shove onion celery and fresh thyme from the micro farm into cavity, … Continue reading

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Not just any pretzels, oh no!  I’m talking about something everyone should try at least once in their lives when in the big Apple – a NYC street cart big soft yummy pretzel!  These things are just so good……  

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Riding the Rails

The way I was positioning myself in order to get some of these shots, all that was missing was Dudley Do-Right, Snidely Whiplash, and some rope.  I was actually laying on the tracks!  Mental note to self: as part of … Continue reading

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Apple Picking Time

I love it when it’s time to pick apples! That means fall is here and time to start baking all of those wonderful apple goodies.  This year I may try my hand at apple butter – or not.  If you … Continue reading

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Today in this hemisphere, it is the first day of Fall. Time to start thinking about all things pumpkin and apple and to start putting away the harvests of this years growing season. May you all have an enjoyable and … Continue reading

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Today is Alzheimer’s Action Day – Wear Purple

Even though it has been two years now, I still miss my mother.  Yes, she left me long before she finally went home but sometimes it still feels a bit strange to be what I consider an “adult orphan”.  Perhaps … Continue reading

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In a church garden

While walking past St. Bartholomew’s Church in NYC I stopped to admire the flowers that were still blooming in their little garden area.  This little one caught my eye as it was peeking out from the iron fence to people … Continue reading

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Hey! Isn’t that….

When we were in NYC I was really hoping to catch a shot of someone famous and I guess I did with the tennis players, but while gazing at all that is gawdy, bright, loud and wonderful in Times Square … Continue reading

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