Today is Alzheimer’s Action Day – Wear Purple

Even though it has been two years now, I still miss my mother.  Yes, she left me long before she finally went home but sometimes it still feels a bit strange to be what I consider an “adult orphan”.  Perhaps that isn’t quite the right tag to wear but when she passed, that was one of my first thoughts.  You who have lost parents perhaps can understand.  And even though I am no longer a caregiver, that does not mean I do not care about and rally for the cause.  I have a cousin who is in the deadly grips of this disease and far too often I hear in passing about someone else who has a loved one dealing with this.

Now I am in the role of advocate and one who tries to help and educate others who have entered the realm of dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia’s.  It is not an easy path to trod and often it is maddening, frustrating, and just plain rough!  There can be a few fun moments like the time my mother decided she could not be seen without a hat on – any hat – all day every day!  And this was from a woman who in my entire life time only wore a hat when it was freezing cold outside.  Dealing with the medical profession, finding a safe place for your loved one while you try to work, getting in home assistance, or finding a place for them to live and be cared for when you just cannot do it anymore; all of these are difficult and will try you mentally, physically, and spiritually.  But do not let guilt consume you, my friend.  Guilt never helped anyone or anything when it comes to dealing with Alzheimer’s.

There are so many diseases out there and the need for cures for them.  Sometimes I feel a bit guilty (there goes that unproductive emotion again) to not support some of them but I hope you will understand that this one is very near and dear to my heart after having ridden the ride for 14 years.  Of the many things that could go physically and mentally wrong with me, losing “me” from dementia scares me the most (there are two others that run in the family that frighten me also but this one is scary due to limited treatment, etc.)  That’s not to diminish the severity of other diseases, oh dear me no!   It’s just that every day when I forget where I put something, why was I going to the laundry room, what was that persons name, etc. –  I have this electric shock of a moment curse through my body and frighten me.  It is then that I must take a step back and calm myself; telling myself not to panic, it isn’t “that” come to get me.

To all of you in whatever stage of having this disease or caring/knowing someone with this, you have my hugs and prayers and encouragement.  If you can, support research for a cure.  Click on a website that will donate funds to the cause.  Take someone who is a tired caregiver out to lunch or bring them dinner.  Wear something purple today and tell people why – I am.      Thank you

For Momma, Virginia, Katherine, and Grandpa

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15 Responses to Today is Alzheimer’s Action Day – Wear Purple

  1. This one touched my heart and hit close to home. My mom suffered from dementia, a diagnosis she received before her 60th bday but her mind/memory had been affected long before after a stroke at age 48 left her with blood clots in her brain. I feel like I lost her long before she passed away (July 6th- this year) In a matter of ten years I watched my mother go from being a witty, stylish and independent woman to a shell of who she used to be. It was painful. I was at the age and experiencing life events (marriage, the birth of my children) where I really needed and wanted her to be around but she was too detached (mentally) to really be engaged.

    May God bless you and all families who are dealing with a loved one with this horrible disease!

    • You have my prayers and condolences for the loss of your mother. I felt the same way, mom went from being so self sufficient and strong to needing everything done for her. I hated it and I am sure if she knew what was going on she’d be livid. I used to say mom’s body was there but she had gone long ago.

      Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. dhphotosite says:

    Gosh, you are a great lady!

  3. Lovely! I got a bouquet of these lovely orchids for my coffee table for our dinner party. Surprising, it was the Chef who got them. They add so much life to the room!

  4. Our condolences about your mother. Missed that went to comment soon after seeing the pic then read the post. My grandmother also suffers from dementia and it is very hard on the family. My prayers go out to all who have to deal with such an awful ailment.

    • Thank you. That was sweet of him to get you that bouquet. Yes, it is very hard on the family and that is why all need to pull together to assist, but often the burden falls upon one family member for many different reasons. ps. I love your recipes.

  5. This = nail on head for me –> “…I have this electric shock of a moment curse through my body and frighten me. It is then that I must take a step back and calm myself; telling myself not to panic, it isn’t “that” come to get me.”

    My aunt was diagnosed with gastric cancer a month or so ago. The cancer is metastatic. The doctors aren’t sure if it started at the pancreas. I keep praying that we never find out for sure. Two cases of pancreatic cancer in the same family (mother and daughter) is RARE and might have some serious ramifications for our entire family (read: genetic testing and clinical trials).

    Thank you Teri for being so transparent and sharing your turth. The unknown is a whole lot less scary knowing that your not the only one. **hugs**

    • Many of us have “monsters” that we fear based upon family histories. I have one other based upon family health issues that haunts me but not as much as this one. Knowing and sharing with others keeps some of the fear at bay. Ah clinical trials – I used to research those for AD. **hugs**

  6. ChgoJohn says:

    I’m so far behind reading my posts, Teri, and I’m very sorry to have missed this one. I do understand what it is like to lose both parents and it does get better. It is never going to be the same as it once was, Life seldom is. But it does get better.
    I applaud your efforts to educate us all on the effect of Alzheimer’s and dementia and to urge us to contribute to the cause. Thank you.

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