Roast Chicken

What was for dinner last night? Roast chicken with mushrooms!  No rhyme reason or recipe here just wash and pat dry the bird, season with salt and pepper, shove onion celery and fresh thyme from the micro farm into cavity, shove fresh rosemary from the micro farm under breast skin, preheat oven to 475.  Clean mushrooms and put in the dish with the bird (there were more mushrooms than this but a – ahem – gremlin grabbed a few before photo could be taken). When it reaches that temp turn down to 350 and roast 20mins per pound or until juices run clear/meat thermometer says done.  Let sit for 15mins before biting 🙂

Another great thing about fall…I get to bake all sorts of goodies.  Wait till you see the apple coffee cake that was desert!

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Fine art photographer who loves to see and capture the amazing things in this world. Owner of Images by TDashfield photography.
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13 Responses to Roast Chicken

  1. Looks delish! Save me a plate 🙂

  2. 9symphony9 says:

    I bought a roasted chicken last weekend. It took me two days to finish it 🙂

  3. That looks good!! Hum… I what shall I make tonight?

  4. ChgoJohn says:

    So many look upon a roasted chicken as being pretty basic but if it is done well, it is one of the best meals you can make. Yours here is proof of that. It looks fantastic, Teri.

  5. dhphotosite says:

    One of my favorites!!!! We’ll be right over…no need for directions…I’ll just follow the scrumptious aroma!

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