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Happy Halloween – Boo!

As I was sick (still am – dagnabbit) I did not go out this past weekend for the big street party Halloween celebration they have here, sigh, but a week earlier the photography club I belong to – Central Ohio … Continue reading

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Fall into Winter

I had a great Haiku to go with this but cannot figure out where I put it and because I am feeling yucky from some creepy cootie that has laid me low…I’m not quite up to searching for it.  When … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Published!!

Woot!!!  Many of you are aware of Lesley Carter and her Bucket List Publications online magazine and blog.  Well, one day I noticed an advert on her page saying the magazine takes submissions for publication.  I was excited and really … Continue reading

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Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads….

And bonus points for anyone who can tell me where that line comes from? Still in the Grand Central Station NYC market area…I saw those chunks of salmon and wished I had a kitchen in the hotel.  And then I … Continue reading

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Care for a cuppa?

Well..first you have to select your tea, then buy whatever amount you want, then get it to where you can brew it, then you can enjoy.  Another shot inside of the Grand Central Station market area and another area (it … Continue reading

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How do you feed thousands of Manhattan worker bees?

Food Trucks!!!  When we were last in midtown Manhattan the plan was to avoid as many restaurants as possible and eat from food trucks and carts….we almost made it.  Thing is, these trucks are here specifically for the workers who … Continue reading

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Excuse me! I’ve got a train to catch…Motion Blur

This was another experiment in photography for me and what better place to do motion blur than Grand Central Station NYC.  Seriously busy place and crowded too but fantastic for people watching and – tah dah – photography!  The first … Continue reading

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A Cause – A Celebration

On Wednesday, October 17, Saks Fifth Avenue held the most amazing kick off party that I have ever had the honor of attending.  This party wasn’t about the great food and wine served, it wasn’t about the adorable animals from … Continue reading

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Feel like getting a bit spicy?

Just imagine the fragrances wafting into the air at this spice counter in the Grand Central Station grocery area (sorry, forget the true name)?  It stopped me right in my “tracks” – bad pun – and I just had to … Continue reading

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Golden Monday

Yesterday the wind and rain blew and howled through here like it was trying out for the role of a hurricane.  I’m too far inland for that but it sure felt like it.  While standing in a parking lot chatting … Continue reading

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