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Orchids in holiday hue

Orchid epidendrum – aren’t they just perfect in their red and green for the holidays? F 11 – 1/50 – ISO 3200 – 100mm macro And with this post – I have completed NaBloPoMo, a post per day in November!!  … Continue reading

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Tropical Wishes

Now that winter is knocking upon my door, how I long to see these where they grow naturally instead of in a greenhouse. F 4.5 – 1/125 – ISO 800 – 100mm macro

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Do Orchids Sweat?

Paphiopedilum or Lady Slipper Orchid feeling a bit damp.  Taken at Franklin Park Conservatory. F/9 – 1/64 – 3200ISO – 100mm macro – hand held

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Sunflower petals

Again, the Thanksgiving arrangement is featured.  I wasn’t thrilled at first about how the shots came out; either the center or the petals being in focus and not together (well, they were if I pulled further back but that wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Mum’s the word

Or at least I think it’s a mum…it looks like one to me.  Yesterday while things were finishing cooking and before we had our fill…I had fun with the tripod and the 100mm macro lens taking pictures of the holiday … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.  In a bit I will begin to do the preparations to get the evening meal to going and I will be breaking out the wedding china once and for all … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Flowers

The other day this lovely floral arrangement was delivered to the house.  I wonder who it came from as the card was not signed but I recognized the words and sentiment; it will make our Thanksgiving table look beautiful.  I … Continue reading

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Sunflower and Coconut

When we were in Grand Cayman this past summer on our anniversary DH went out to buy me a bouquet of flowers to put in a vase on the condo dining room table.  He happened to get sunflowers because he … Continue reading

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Event Photography

Lately I’ve been called upon to do some event photography.  I have covered  fashion shows, cocktail parties, some meet and greets, and a charity event that included zoo animals to name a few.  As much as I love nature and … Continue reading

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From Cabbages to Monsters – Doll Hunting

Soon some of us will partake in that bit of insanity we call Black Friday! (cue the ominous music and crack of thunder and lightening) I for one am not about to go that batty.  I did it a couple … Continue reading

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