The Jersey Shore – Cape May

This photo was taken some years ago when we were staying at a lovely Bed & Breakfast in Cape May, New Jersey.  After Sandy went through and wreaked her havoc and destruction I wondered how did some of the beautiful areas we visited, like this one,  fare.  We have friends and family who live in areas hit hard by the storm.  They are presently all without power still and in line for gasoline for upwards of 4 hours at a time for their vehicles and generators – but safe.  Our hearts and prayers go out to all who have been effected by Sandy.


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10 Responses to The Jersey Shore – Cape May

  1. dhphotosite says:

    Super photo of Cape May Point. I seriously think things have changed since the storm blew through. New Jersey took a beating to say the least. It’s a shame…Cape May is a wonderful place. We spent many summers there.

    • I think historically Cape May has been zapped and rebuilt a few times and I know they will again. Have no idea of the extent of damage there but I wonder how that roller coaster on the beach in Wildwood fared.

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    I agree with your sentiments and add mine to yours… may they all be safe and sound.. and cleanups and repairs done quickly so life can return to normal…

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    I don’t know about Cape May specifically, Teri, but many of NJ’s beaches have been devastated. A roller coaster at Seaside Hgts was in water and destroyed. It will be years before “normal” returns.
    Glad to read that your loved ones are safe.

    • Cape May is just gorgeous, John! Many of NJ’s beaches need to be shoveled off the streets and back onto the beaches. It’s going to be some time before things get better for the residents and probably longer for the shore. Where we used to live in NJ is without power now. Thanks

  4. dedivahdeals says:

    Thank goodness you have this pic, as it will take years if ever for it to be restored to this beauty!

  5. I think television has shown us the havoc and destruction wreaked by the hurricane, it’s hard to look at and so sad!

    • Yes it is very hard to look at and terribly sad. And even more so when you know some in the midst of it and you see places you’ve been. I do so hope they can get it on the road to recovery soon.

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