The Jersey Shore – Wildwood

Again, taken when we were doing our Jersey shore trip starting in Cape May and working our way up to Atlantic City a few years ago.  Do not be fooled by certain television shows that portray the shore in a “certain” light.  The Jersey shore is very beautiful with places to see and visit like quaint Victorian homes, restaurants with some killer seafood, wonderful boardwalks with tasty salt water taffy and amusement rides, the beach and ocean of course, and then there is Atlantic City with its big hotels, shopping and gambling casinos.

This photo was taken from up on the boardwalk in Wildwood of the huge roller coaster that sits out on the beach.  At the time they were getting it all ready to open for the season.   I wonder how it fared with the storm.

(I have since researched and found that happily this is intact.  The one you may see online is 90 miles up the coast at Seaside Heights)

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14 Responses to The Jersey Shore – Wildwood

  1. etomczyk says:

    It didnt fare very well. Have you seen the arial shots of it all broken up and surrounded by the ocean? It’s too sad for words. Your picture is almost eery knowing what Hurricane Sandy has done to that area of the country. Sigh.

    • Sigh….I had so much fun that week we spent on the shore to see it in ruins now but the picture of the coaster you are referring to is from another part of the shore. This coaster survived but was/is surrounded by ocean now. They will rebuild but it will take time.

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    Only the most gullible would believe the real Jersey Shore at all resembles the jersey shore.
    Let the rebuilding begin!

  3. etomczyk says:

    Oh, good to know. I was in such shock when I reviewed the coverage that I’m amazed I could discern anything through my tears.

    • I’m still stunned by it all. When DH and I first started “courting” he was living in Jersey so I’m wondering how did some of our fave places fared. I’m trying to keep tabs on the friends and relatives that have been hit but I feel so helpless.

  4. Ingrid says:

    It’s so sad and will be a very challenging time for many 😦

  5. bulldogsturf says:

    One wonders if it survived, how safe it will be…

  6. I hadn’t seen it before the Hurricane, I just have images of the damages/listing pieces on my computer. It must have been wonderful.. and will be again I hope!

  7. dhphotosite says:

    You are indeed correct…the real Jersey shore is nothing like what is portrayed on TV. There was a lot of damage from the storm, but the folks there are resilient and will rebuild!

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