You don’t skip a beat when you’re hittin the street…

You don’t skip a beat when you’re hittin the street
(Walkin in N.Y.)
There’s a kind of heart you became a part of
(Walkin in N.Y.)
Doo doo doo doot ee ya-ee-yeh-oh
(Walkin in N.Y.)
Me ‘n my friend just walkin’ and talkin
(Walkin in N.Y.)

Manhattan Transfer – Walking in NY

Today’s daily prompt was take a line from a favorite song and make it the title of your post.  Drove me totally nuts at first because, well, I love music and there are so many songs I adore.  And isn’t it just the way it goes…when you aren’t asked the question you know the answer but if someone puts you on the spot with a question – well you go blank!  Which is what I did initially until I finally opened up my iTunes file and after scrolling through all that I have on there my eyes settled on this song.

Whenever I listen to this song a smile always comes to my face because it was when I was in NYC with the then dating DH that I first heard this song.  I cannot recall where we were, restaurant, cab, store, whatever when I heard this song but even then it made me smile because that is what we did a great deal of that day in the city.  It was absolutely fantastic!  We’ve been back many times since but that first time together was the best.  I can recall where we went, what we did, how I shoved chunks of pretzel into his mouth even when he was full, and how we went on a carriage ride through Central Park even though he is allergic to horsies.  He did not tell me about his allergy while we took the ride; he wanted to make me happy.  I felt guilty when he told me later why his eyes were red and watery.

It was a few weeks afterwards when I was back home and he was back east (we had a east coast/midwest relationship for a long time) that I went Google happy trying to find out the name of the song so that I could get it.  Took awhile but I found it!  This song always takes me back to that beautiful warm sunny day when we were walking in New York together for the first time.


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4 Responses to You don’t skip a beat when you’re hittin the street…

  1. dedivahdeals says:

    Walking in NY is a wonderful feeling – thanks for sharing your story!

  2. You are welcome! One of my fave places to go walking. Never a dull moment.

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    Yeah, I love walking the streest of NYC, too. Well, there was that one Summer, about a dozen years ago during a garbage workers strike. Didn’t care much for the walking that time. I dunno. There was something in the air, as I recall.

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