Thanksgiving Flowers

The other day this lovely floral arrangement was delivered to the house.  I wonder who it came from as the card was not signed but I recognized the words and sentiment; it will make our Thanksgiving table look beautiful.  I might even bust out the wedding china!   I will be taking more pictures of the arrangement later today if I get the chance (gotta go macro, yanno!) because today is the last run to the store to get the bits I forgot the other day at the store day.  I need jello for the trifle, some brandy for the trifle, and I bought the wrong type of cream for whipping – whoops.  Other than that I heard of a store that might have some of the dolls that grandgirl wants for Christmas.  So I will be out and about early this morning and then hunkered in for the rest of the time getting things ready for our meal tomorrow.



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14 Responses to Thanksgiving Flowers

  1. Rick Alonzo Photography says:

    Ah, yes, last minute preparations. Good luck! Nice shot too!

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    Have a great day tomorrow… may it be everything you want it to be… and I’m glad you got my flowers…lol

  3. cecilia says:

    Flower delivery boys always get the best smiles! have a lovely day tomorrow.. c

  4. chris13jkt says:

    Nice shoot of beautiful flowers arrangement . . .

  5. Ingrid says:

    Beautiful floral arrangement. Sounds like your on top of things….have a great day 🙂

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