So you say you had a snow storm?

Why, yes. Yes, we did!  It wasn’t as bad as in some states but it wasn’t too terribly fun for us considering we were on a road trip at the time.  We went from rain to torrential rain to all of the above with high winds to calm skies then back to the rain and wind and just for the fun of it hail was thrown in for some hilarity – not!  That was just on one leg of the trip.  On another leg  there was some snow, then very very high winds, then lots of fat fluffy snow flakes along with the wind again.  It made for a jolly trip along the highway.

Fortunately during our road trip we only saw two cars that had gone off into a ditch and no one was driving too terribly dangerously, although some of those big tractor trailers did raise my heart rate some as they whipped past us.  These shot were taken as we were driving down Highway 70 through the car window.  Considering the wind and it was around 29 degrees I opted to not try for any shots with the window down and I used the point and shoot camera.  You can see from the photos that there were times when it was coming close to white out conditions.  It was interesting to drive in to say the least; hopefully won’t ever try that again!

Snow bluebarn 70 Snow redbarn 70 Snow red water wheel 70 Snow farm house 70

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4 Responses to So you say you had a snow storm?

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Sometimes, a light snow is more dangerous than a heavy one. People do not consider a little snow to be at all dangerous and will drive as if the roads are high and dry. Big mistake, as those 2 cars in the ditch proved. Glad you made it, safe and sound. Here they called it the snowstorm that wasn’t. In the City, we got a light dusting that was pretty much gone by noon. We got lucky. 🙂

  2. Wow!! Even though the conditions were less than desirous, the photos are great! Be safe & have a Merry Christmas!

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