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Clover Flower

Four-Leaf Clover By Ella Higginson I know a place where the sun is like gold,    And the cherry blooms burst with snow, And down underneath is the loveliest nook,    Where the four-leaf clovers grow. One leaf is for … Continue reading

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The Greenhouse

If you are ever in the Columbus, Ohio area I highly recommend visiting the Franklin Park Conservatory.  They have such beautiful displays of nature ranging from orchids, butterflies, cacti, palm trees and more on permanent and revolving display.  Even though … Continue reading

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Birdhouse of summer past

I was born in the summer, I am a child of the sun sign, I am happiest when the sky is sunny and blue and warms my skin.  Having said that I am truly envious of you who live in … Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea

This image was processed with just a minimal amount of levels adjustment followed by an action for PSE which gave it this warm hazy effect.  A dark teal filter was then applied at 15% opacity along with some slight vignetting.  … Continue reading

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Frozen Herbs

I have had enough of winter! Be gone you vile cold hearted beast!  You taunt me with a wee peek of sun and hopes of warmth and then yank the wool over my eyes again by turning the skies gloomy … Continue reading

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Shooting from the hip

Besides meaning something entirely different…in this case it literally means that I was shooting from the hip.  Yesterday was a bit of a holiday for some so off we went to the mall to walk around and have a bite … Continue reading

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Red Roses

RED ROSES Red is the color of the roses you gave to me. Before I have anxiously awaited Some overwrought delivery person Or for you to walk in the door with them in hand. But this time you pulled a … Continue reading

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The Rose

Such a beautiful flower and often used for so many things in many ways.  The rose can be used in cooking, teas, perfumes, body lotions and scrubs, in vitamins and probably more…but do make sure you use pesticide free when … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is the day of much chocolate and roses for many across the land.  Of store bought cards that whisper sweet nothings or of cute little ones with cartoon characters on them and a candy taped to it.  There will … Continue reading

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Geese on Ice

Even in the best of circumstances, even in the best of pictures, there can still be some underlying cracks.  Some may be visible while others are well hidden but there none the less.  Thank you all for your kind words … Continue reading

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