City wall art…

Every time we go into downtown Columbus I seem to find a new wall with art on it.  I really should take a picture of the plaques that go with them to acknowledge the fantastic creators of these works.  When spring actually gets here I might just take a stroll down the street and see just how many more I can discover.  On  a side note, I discovered that not all of these are painted directly onto the sides of the buildings.  Some are something like big painted vinyl pieces that are “glued” onto the walls.  Saw a guy lift up the corner of one piece and apply something to the underside.  Interesting!

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14 Responses to City wall art…

  1. I’ve seen one or two of those but didn’t realize there was so many downtown. I need to get out of the ‘burbs more often!

  2. Jerry says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the gifts that some have. I would never be able to go see these. Thank you for bringing them to me. 😉

  3. Jerry says:

    In this life time I very limited to travel…unless I learn how to time travel. I had been to parts of Ohio years ago as a paid tourist but time schedules didn’t allow me to take in the cultures and scenes.

  4. Jerry says:

    I’m hanging around. It’s a subject I love.

  5. ChgoJohn says:

    I love this kind of thing, though, I cannot help but hope that the artists have some other, more permanent place for their work to hang. Thanks for sharing these with us, Teri.

  6. Wow, these are amazing. Wish we had something like this in my town.

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