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Hide and Seek

“Maybe if I hide my head under these petals the other bees won’t find me.  You didn’t see me!” said the bee.

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Bee of the Day + poem

BUSY BEE Pardon me but as you can see I am a very busy little bee. There are flowers here and flowers there and I need to get their pollen all over my hair. Hair with pollen did you say? … Continue reading

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Mirror Image

There was this odd mirror in the hotel lobby that caught my attention.  Upon seeing what it did to my reflection I just had to take this shot (after moving around to get the effect I wanted).  When I showed … Continue reading

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Vote for me!

No, I am not running for or away from any political office.  I have entered a photo contest and I am asking that you vote for my image, please.  I read that entering photo contests can sometimes help with exposure … Continue reading

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A Sedona Haiku

Standing up on high beauty abounds before me I am so humbled.

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Can you go home again?

Well that all depends on where your home is and if there is anything there for you to go to.  Home is where you are but your hometown is usually where you were born…but even that is subject to discussion.  … Continue reading

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In a desert garden…

Not sure what kind of flower it is but there it was in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona.  Anyone know what the name is? F 8.0 – 1/100 – ISO 200 – 100mm

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This charming gentleman here was minding his own cowboy business when I twirled around mid sidewalk while site seeing in Old Scottsdale, Arizona and took this shot.  No idea who he is, if he hangs out there a lot, if … Continue reading

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Marilyn Monroe

Well…the idea was to recreate Marilyn from some of her iconic movie roles and photographs.  It was my first costume photo shoot and I really would like to do it again because besides liking to play dress up myself – … Continue reading

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I started out doing fine art and event photography but this year I made the decision to dive into the waters of portrait work.  It can be challenging but it’s also rewarding.  There is a lot to learn and styles … Continue reading

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