Trinity Church, Boston – Daytime views

I was told by a local that the inside of the church was as amazing as the outside but as often as I walked past it I alas did not go in.  On the list to do when we return.  It was so interesting to see all of these very old historic churches all over the Back Bay area situated in the midst of so much that is modern.  Trinity is right there on Copley Square and every day we were there, something was going on in the square.  A music festival, a farmers market, a bicycle group, a bunch of students doing exercises…and of course, sadly, day and night the homeless.

When I see buildings like this it makes me wonder what life was like and what the area looked like when it was newly built.  And also how did they build buildings like this without “modern” machinery.  You’ve seen views of the church here at night and reflected off a nearby building here, now here are a few other images showing the front and some details of the church.  The facades on the church portray scenes and saints from the bible along with other church officials like Phillips Brooks who served briefly as the Bishop of Massachusetts in the Episcopal Church in the early 1890’s.  He is known as the lyricist of “O’ little town of Bethlehem”.  Fantastic craftsmanship!

Trinity Church from Copley Square

Trinity Church from Copley Square

St. Luke and St. John

St. Luke and St. John

Mary, Martha, Mary Magdalen

Mary, Martha, Mary Magdalen and the last supper

St. Augustine and Phillips Brooks

St. Augustine and Phillips Brooks

Wycliff, Hooker, Taylor, Robinson, Wesley

Wycliff, Hooker, Taylor, Robinson, Wesley

Phillips Brooks statue

Phillips Brooks statue

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13 Responses to Trinity Church, Boston – Daytime views

  1. What was the date that you were there, because I was there when there was a farmer’s market outside of the church!! What an amazing coincidence if we were taking pictures of the church on the same day!!

  2. GoodLooknOut says:

    Some of the best architecture I’ve ever seen has been a church! Great photo’s!

  3. dhphotosite says:

    Wow they just don’t build ’em like that anymore! I’ve also often wondered how these old structures were built without modern technology. Amazing!

  4. DeDivahDeals says:

    Beautiful, can’t imagine something like this being built today – so sad!

  5. ChgoJohn says:

    Nice shots, Teri. I feel the same as you when I’ve seen the great cathedrals in Europe. I can’t help but wonder how they built them — in the Middle Ages!!!

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