DH and the Lady(bug)

DH is sitting on some of the rocks by the beach waiting for me to get out of the water (I was only up to my ankles, it was too freaking cold for me in the Atlantic) so we can catch the train back into town when I walked up to him and saw this.

Me: There’s a buggie in your hair!

DH: Get it out.

Me: But it’s a cute little lady bug.

DH: Get it out anyway.

His hand goes up to brush it out when I intercede.

Me: No! Don’t touch it! Leave it there and hold still.

DH: What??

Me: I’ve got to take this picture.

DH: Sigh….

After the shot I gently work at getting the buggie to crawl onto my finger so I can let it go; which finally happened.

DH: Now can we go?

Me: Yes dear, thank you.

DH: Sheesh

DH and buggie w

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13 Responses to DH and the Lady(bug)

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    What trendsetters! I hear ladybugs are the new black.

  2. Ingrid says:

    DH deserves “husband of the year” award…..to hold still while you photograph the bug…lol.

  3. Ladybugs are good luck – hope hubby got lucky….lol

  4. A good spouse shows great tolerance for our stop-and-go approach to outings! I call it ‘interval training’–Richard keeps walking at a steady pace while I stop to peer and shoot, then run to catch up, stop, then run. He only gets irritated when he thinks I haven’t heard the rest of his sentence, having stopped mid-phrase, but I *usually* try to stay within earshot while getting the photo. šŸ˜‰

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