How did we ever survive?

This antique high chair was from the 1800’s and after marveling at the piece my thoughts went to “There’s nothing here to keep the kid from falling out!” The chair was made to fold from being a chair into something a child could ride in.  I guess I’m just too modern with my thinking about “safety” but haven’t a lot of us survived by eating, playing, wearing, riding, etc. things that would send today’s safety regulators into hysterics?

As this is an antique I decided to play up on that in editing.  I converted the color image into black and white with a hint of a chocolate filter, added a sepia action to that,  added a texture layer to age it some more blending it with overlay and multiply adjustment layers, and topped it off with a slight vignette.  What do you think?

F2.8 – 1/320 – ISO100 – 50mm – LR & PSE editing

High Chair9048-Editw

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21 Responses to How did we ever survive?

  1. bulldog says:

    I love it… probably worth a fortune and could tell a tale or two… as for these big safety things for kids today, thankfully we didn’t have them years ago… and how the hell is it we survived to tell the tales… ??? In the old days there was no fear of you falling out of that chair, as your Mother was in attendance feeding you and ensuring all was eaten… not like today where a kid is plonked in a stool they cannot fallout of and a plate of goo is placed in front of them, so that they can slop more all over the floor than inside them, whilst the Mother sits and sips some wine or other such drink, in the false pretense that their child is safe and getting enough food… these new fan-dangled things reputed to be safe today are a lot of hogwash and just created to make someone a lot of money… I love the fact that my children inherited their own old fashion chairs etc and raised their kids using the same that they were raised in….

    • Oh I’m sure some babies fell out. Mom had to turn her head to grab the other kid or get more food. All it takes is a hot second for the little wiggly things to move somewhere not where you put them last. High chairs and car seats now how harnesses in them that make the baby look like they’re about to sky dive. Oh well… That’s nice to hear that your children’s things have been passed down.

  2. Love it! I actually have a high chair that is similar to this! I use it all the time when the grandkids come over. Mine has the ability to convert to a student chair and desk. My 6 year old granddaughter still demands to sit in the chair when she eats 🙂

    • How cool is that! I wish mom had kept mine but that was a time when all things new were considered better. Bummer!

      • We bought this one at an antique store down the road from our house. I knew I had to have it when I saw it and my husband, also being a lover of antiques, bought it right away! It has what used to be a leather strap to put between the baby’s legs to help keep them from slipping out, but it is useless and broken and just hangs there. When the babies are small I put a square of that non slip stuff on the seat (like you put in your kitchen cabinets) to keep their butts from sliding 🙂

      • Good tip! Maybe this one had a strap too at one time

  3. The Dose of Reality says:

    It’s so cool! I love how you played with the editing!!
    Your commentary made me laugh because I’ve seen a few old baby gizmos that were mine from the late 60’s/early 70’s up in my parents’ attic, and I really do wonder how children survived these things–toys, walkers, you name it!! Frankly this high chair from the 1800s looks loads safer than the nightmare contraption I spent meal time in!! –Lisa

  4. cecilia says:

    It looks fantastic, though i have no idea what you just said, just goes to show i know nothing about editing, you should be giving classes!! c

  5. Ingrid says:

    You are so right….however did we survive! One of these days I’d like to start working on the editing part of photography. Perhaps once we’re settled into this lifestyle….there is an adjustment period 😉

    I like the vintage feel of the photo along with the vintage chair.

  6. DeDivahDeals says:

    I often think about the lead paint, rusted cars, dirty water, bugs in the food, no seat belts, adults smoking, no helmets and getting beat up only to be friends again…how did we survive – quite well I think!

  7. ChgoJohn says:

    Great subject and editing, Teri. I remember my high chair and I think Mom was all too willing to be rid of it once my Sister outgrew it. 🙂

  8. dhphotosite says:

    Great job with the photo editing! You really created the right feel for the vintage chair. It is pretty amazing how some folks in society became “safety obsessive” over the years. They’ve become a bunch of softies. The things we used to do as kids that are now frowned upon…or worse….the list is too long to include here! Great post Teri!

  9. I think that the editing was spot on. Great work!

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