Working with one light…

Fortunately I get to second shoot sometimes with someone who has had 25+ years in the business.  This helps me improve my portrait photography skills and I always learn something.  The other day it was a shoot with a lovely young lady who wanted some artistic modeling shots for her portfolio.  Artistic meaning not nude but partially unclothed; sensual.  The shots I liked the most were the ones involving just one light in a somewhat darkened studio.  It’s amazing the results one can get depending on where light is coming from/focused on.

I could really get used to doing shots like these; I loved the outcome.  The first shot has a soft sepia effect applied, the middle is as shot, and the last one was converted to black and white.

(Have a happy weekend everyone.  I shall be offline for a few days as it’s Comic-Con time again and I am debuting a new cosplay character costume I made myself!  Will see you next week with some fun shots.)

VR9440-Edit  VR9465-Editw VR9443-Edit

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26 Responses to Working with one light…

  1. Ky Grabowski says:

    So beautiful, you captured her so wonderfully. Classy and beautiful. Love it!

  2. Amazing pictures. They are all so beautiful…I love the simplicity. :)-Ashley P.S. Have fun at Comic-Con!

  3. bulldog says:

    Lovely photos.. I wonder if the birds would take up a pose for me while I set up lights.??

  4. DeDivahDeals says:

    Gurl, you have so much God Given Talent!!

  5. very nicely captured & portrayed

  6. Such mystery applied to the images…great job!

  7. Sheer elegance. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have gorgeous models when one’s shooting (whether gorgeous in the popular sense or in the characterful sense as so many beautiful people are)–but as you’ve shown, the source and use of light can *make* the shot too. Well done.

  8. dhphotosite says:

    Well done Teri!!! I love the single light source effect! There are a million adjectives to describe these…moody, sultry, expressive, sensual, artistic, well you get the idea. Super!

  9. It was really nice to look at this post. Not only are the portraits beautiful, but the photo class I’m attending spent this week’s lesson on lighting. The instructor said to learn portrait lighting, do what you did, start with one light. It was interesting to see how you used many of the lighting techniques mentioned in our class. Thank you for posting. It was both beautiful and a great learning experience for me.

    • Working with one light as you can see is very possible with portraits. And it’s fun to see what kinds of looks you will end up with. I’m so happy you found my work not only beautiful but educational. Have fun experimenting with your lighting.

  10. Rhys Jones says:

    Lovely images. I have only recently started taking photos of models. It can be very challenging and very rewarding.

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