Vendors and Artists at Wizard World Comic Con

There is so much more to do at a comic-con than dress up or watch/photograph those who do.  There are panels where you can learn how to make your own costume or ask your movie/television show idol questions.  There are rooms where you can play your favorite board game or have a video game contest.  And besides seeing and getting photographs and autographs from celebrities (wait till you see me and THE Hulk) there are the many talented and varied artists and vendors there to sell their wares.

Posters, tee shirts, books, comic books (I held a rare Marvel one from the 40’s that was priced at $1350 – YIKES!) toys, dolls, original art drawn on the spot, novels by aspiring writers, wigs, masks, real and not so real samurai katanas and other knives, figurines, patches…the list just goes on!  And the genres are all over the place.  Truly something for everyone.  In our case we got a sonic screwdriver like Doctor #4 used, a Walking Dead comic book, a poster of the Tardis with a bunch of bunnies falling out if it, and a katana for me!

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6 Responses to Vendors and Artists at Wizard World Comic Con

  1. bulldoglinda says:

    How I wish I had the knowledge and wisdom in my younger years that I have now in my old age.

  2. I am amazed at all the cool stuff they have there! WOW!-Ashley

  3. dhphotosite says:

    WOW I wouldn’t know where to go first!

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