It’s that seagull again!

I’ve gotten a few comments about the seagull that I converted using Topaz Simplify4 and one that struck me was that the sky was too blown out; not dark enough.  Well I revisited my gull buddy and realized that I had fixed my gaze on how the gull, boats, and water turned out so much that I neglected other bits of the image.  So I went back and did it again with the initial conversion being about the same as here except this time I did some burning of the sky to bring it back as well as returning a little more detail to the overall image.  Here we go again –  the original, the first conversion and the second conversion.

What do you think?  I appreciate your comments.

LongWharf8266-Editw Longwharf topaz8266-Edit-2 copy LongWharf8266-Edit-3top

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7 Responses to It’s that seagull again!

  1. bulldog says:

    The third one much better… still prefer the first…

  2. I think the third one is the happy medium. The bird and posts look really great in that one vs. the first one in which they look dark. The sky is much better than in number two. I had similar sky issues with the covered bridge photo I posted the other day and spent a lot of time in Lightroom fixing it. Another option for you in Lightroom would be to take the second photos and use the radial filter around the bird and posts and just brighten that area. Just a thought from someone still learning the program.

    • Thank you but as I converted the program in Topaz Simplify I’d have to do all of the adjustments there – at least I’m pretty sure I’d have to. But I will keep the radial filter idea in mind for when I’m working strictly in LR.

  3. tedgriffith says:

    Teri, I do think that the new image is stronger. You can do adjustments on the image back in Lightroom if you want to. I often do that when I am finished with changes in another program. My images all start and end in Lightroom. Just FYI

  4. ChgoJohn says:

    Thanks, Teri. I think the 3rd is far better and the seagull not so washed out against the sky like it was in the former photo.

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