Granville, Ohio Homes

Granville is a village in Ohio founded by settlers from Granville, Massachusetts and Granby, Connecticut; the first European settlers arrived in 1800 with the first census of the village taken in 1880 listing a population of 1,127.  As of the 2010 census the village and township had a population of 9,773.  The first to arrive – before those from New England and after the Wyandotte Native Americans –  were Welsh but there is evidence of prehistoric “mound builder” inhabitants before any of the other settlers.  Granville was planned to resemble a New England town and that is very much evident by the architecture of the village.

There were so many beautiful and unique homes in the area; unfortunately I did not have enough time to explore them all.  Each home had it’s own unique charm and some had historic plaques next to their front doors.  The colors as well as the designs of the homes were amazing.  A few homes even took their color schemes out into their surrounding landscapes.  Looking at the foundation of some of them you could tell what part was the original home and where they added on to it by the change in stone or concrete.

I only spent a few hours in Granville but I plan on returning.

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28 Responses to Granville, Ohio Homes

  1. gabbie2013 says:

    Reblogged this on Gabbie 2013 blog.

  2. Mjollnir says:

    Love the Rocking pig! 😀

  3. Truly beautiful houses. I love the Ein Cartref 1835 most, but the rest are also gorgeous.

  4. The Dose of Reality says:

    I am in love with the Taylor house, but I totally want that rocking pig! How unique! –Lisa

  5. bulldog says:

    Beautiful houses… well captured…

  6. Brett says:

    Elegant and charming old houses!

  7. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  8. Ingrid says:

    I just love front porches 🙂

  9. dhphotosite says:

    Judging by the selection you posted here, it must be a truly wonderful little town. I really like the taylor House…imagine what the inside must be like!

  10. ChgoJohn says:

    So many of our small towns have such beautiful homes — if only they had industry to keep their population.

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