Photograpy Resolution Ideas for 2014

Come on now, admit it.  We’ve all done the new year resolution thing and while some of us have done quite well with our resolutions, statistics show that the majority of us don’t last very long with them.  Here are some New Year resolution ideas for photographers of all skill levels.

1. Learn a new technique or skill; try something different.  That could be shooting in RAW instead of JPEG, black and white instead of color, bracketing shots for HDR images, macro photography, or long exposure.  Get out there and experience shooting in the golden hours.  For example, if you normally do portraits then try nature photography.  Just take that step out of your comfort zone and you may discover a new way to flex your photography muscles.

2.  Join a local photographers group.  I’ve personally joined a few groups through  You can meet people with all levels of experience and make new photographer friends as well.  This is especially useful if you are new in a town.

3.  Find a local photography store and get to know the staff there.  They can help you in so many ways on your photographic journey plus they may even offer classes or photo expos where you can learn more.

4.  Rent some equipment.  That could be a lens or even a camera.  This way, for a far cheaper expense than buying, you can test drive equipment to find out if you really want to purchase it one day.  This is also good if you need one lens just for a particular job or for travel.  You can’t lose with the price point of rent vs. purchase if you aren’t ready to own yet.  I’ve had good luck with and

5.  Learn something new about your editing software.  This can be done by buying a book about your software, viewing YouTube tutorials, or finding tips on Pinterest boards.  Mentioning editing software, you can often do a try before you buy 30 day trial of many editing programs out there.  Or if you are content with the editing program you own, try a trial of a plug-in to expand your creativity.  Here are two examples of programs that offer 30 day trials –  Topazlabs and Corel.

6.  Travel.  This doesn’t mean out of town necessarily, although that is great to do, it could mean go someplace local that you haven’t been to before.  Visit a new town on a day trip or a park you haven’t been to before.  Google abandoned or historic plus your states name to see what interesting places come up.

7.  Try a project. Many people start projects like the 365 project.  If that isn’t for you there are so many others out there like NaBloPoMo (do a blog post every day for a month), daily or weekly photo challenges as found in, 100 Strangers, or invent one of your own.  Maybe do the first year of your newborns life, a year in your garden, or do a”Where’s Waldo” type of post using a toy or some other object of yours and photograph it in different places every day or week.

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18 Responses to Photograpy Resolution Ideas for 2014

  1. bulldog says:

    I love your photo resolutions of which one might have a chance to complete, and why?? Because they are something on wants to do… most peoples New Year resolutions are of things they actually don’t want to do so they always fail… that is why I never bother with them as I know I don’t want to do it… but the photo ones sound doable…

  2. Great tips my friend!! One of the resolutions I am making is to join a new photo group this year.

  3. dhphotosite says:

    These are fabulous ideas/tips! They are all great ways to expand one’s knowledge, make new friends, and keep things fresh. Well done indeed!

  4. Kim says:

    I’m doing both Project 365 AND getting myself out of my comfort zone. I mentioned to a friend recently that I have gotten so used to shooting old signs and run down buildings that I not only got too comfortable, I got bored. So, this year, I’m experimenting with doing more close up shots (toy dinos, anyone?) and other subjects that might interest me (probably food).

  5. I am doing project 365 myself this forces me to carry my camera with me since my cell phone takes crappy pictures I can now capture life and I find that it so nice. I even bought a bigger purse just for my camera lol.

  6. Emilio Pasquale says:

    I was interested in buying a new lens and went to pick the brains of the salespeople at our local camera store. They were great. Suggested a Tamron lens over a much more equivalent Canon. I was able to rent it for the weekend from 3 pm Friday to 3 pm Monday for only $20. Weekdays the price is $20 a day. The only bad thing (for them) is that i didn’t end up buying. I figure whenever I wanted I could rent again. I now have every possible lens I could ever want at my disposal. Some are more expensive than others. But still…. They also rent lighting, tri-pods, reflectors, camera bodies. Everything you can imagine.

    • That’s why I love visiting my fave local camera shop. I learn things, I get to see what’s new and play around with it (something you can’t do in some big box stores) and the price point of renting trumps buying something you may not really need more than a couple of times if that much. Plus if I want to buy I don’t always have to get something brand new, used equipment can offer great deals too.

  7. sarahkerner says:

    These are wonderful suggestions! I got some of my favorite pictures last year when I went somewhere new — I think seeing something with fresh eyes is really reflected in what you choose to photograph and how you compose your pictures! I am hoping to work through learning how to use the manual settings on my camera this year.

    • I often shoot in aperture priority unless I’m doing portraits and then I do manual. But sometimes going manual can give you some wonderful results. I’m happy you liked my suggestions and wish you good luck on learning how to shoot in manual.

  8. I took your advice and rented a lens for our vacation in two weeks. I’ve been wondering what it would do for my efforts to go beyond my kits lens and thought this would be a good way to try it out wiithout incurring too much risk. I really enjoyed this post.

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