Hopefully the last day of #$%& cold

There were a few things that I learned yesterday about cold temperatures – there will always be someone who has colder temps and others who have not as cold temps but because they are not used to it they will wail and moan like it’s end times because they are getting unusually cold temps.  I say that last part because I was having some discussions on Twitter with some friends from around the country where we were doing our best renditions of “How Cold Is It!” with each other.

I tip my hat to those who live in the Dakotas or Minnesota.  You fine frozen fellows are made of much sturdier stock than I!  And I grin at those in Georgia and parts of Florida who were teasing me and others about how they weren’t cold – bet you aren’t saying that now, huh?  We even went so far as to try and compete with the competition being how many layers of clothing were you wearing.  Let’s just say there was some serious embellishing going on in that competition.

A friend in Indiana didn’t go to work yesterday because not only was her front door frozen shut, there was snow up to her hips there to make sure she wasn’t about to get out.  People were posting pictures of depleted grocery shelves and their yard and streets with how much snow had been dumped on them.  One friend made the mistake of taking off his glove to open a gate and well, finger or two got stuck.  He’s alright; how else would he have been able to post the incident if he hadn’t freed himself.  And of all the times for a water main to break, yesterday downtown one did.  It made the news and made for a major mess.  I feel for those water repair guys.

But we also used social media to urge others to be careful and to check up on those that are infirmed or elderly.  One person did and discovered that an elderly couple was hanging in there but were out of some necessary things.  She took care of the situation for them.  Whatever the weather is but especially if it is one extreme or the other, I urge you to please check on those that need checking up on and if you are able to help them, please do.  Another thing I discovered when you are hunkered down in your home and the wind is howling and it’s -10 F.  – you find where all of the leaks are in your house rather quickly and just how insulating your windows are.

I remember as a fresh out of college new to having her own apartment learning that apartment windows offer NO insulation! None, zero, zip, nada, diddly squat!  That is when I discovered insulated curtains and taping plastic to a window to keep as much of the cold out as some plastic could.  Yesterday I discovered that I needed a few more of those draft dodger thingies (those tubes of material that are filled with whatever and often shaped like a dachshund) for some windows and some insulation tape for a door that has long since lost that strip that is supposed to keep the air out.  I also learned that when walking barefoot – I had kicked off my furry house slippers – when you go from your carpet to some ceramic tile you learn how to move very very quickly!

This kind of weather calls for hot coffee, tea, and cocoa; bowls of oatmeal or Cream of Wheat.  Stock pots were pulled out and filled with goodies like chili, soups and stews while some made their comfort food of choice – mac and cheese.  DH polished off the last bit of chili I had made the day before (chili tastes so much better the day after it’s made) and I’m thinking some beef stew or a pot roast might be next.  The weather people are reporting a warming trend starting tomorrow (it’s currently -8) with the temperatures here being low 20’s to high 20’s and moving up each day till they are in the mid 40’s.  Time to bust out the shorts 😉

So what are you doing to weather the cold, that is if it’s cold where you are?

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7 Responses to Hopefully the last day of #$%& cold

  1. dhphotosite says:

    Brrrr is right! Looking at these scrumptious photos just gave me an idea for dinner. I’ve got a couple of pork roasts in the freezer. Time to get started on a nice tummy warming dinner!

  2. Oh you make being cold yummy!!! Gotta love comfort foods on a cold day!

  3. Nicole says:

    I keep warm with a big fat orange kitty and a cup or ten of coffee. It’s a sad state of affairs when you’re excited about the temperature “climbing” to 15 degrees!

    • I heard a rumor that we got up to 50 yesterday but that may have been the fever talking to me (still sick – boo!) But yeah, your area got hit worse than us and that vortex can stay where it came from!!!

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