Saturday in the park…

I think it was the 12th of April 😉  Yesterday was perfect weather wise.  Sun, a bit of wind, blue skies, and in the mid 70’s.  Everyone was out enjoying it as were we.  We headed into downtown Columbus, Ohio to explore and it was the ideal day for it.  I was/am test driving a new lens I am renting to see if maybe I want to add it to my collection.  It’s a Tamron 24-70.  Currently all of my lens are primes – 35mm, 50mm, and 100mm.  I’ve heard good and so-so things about the zoom lens and wanted to try it out.  Some things I can say right now after having had it for only two days is that it is not as sharp as a prime, there is some softness to the images, and that there is some vignetting at the telephoto end of the spectrum at wide apertures.

Now part of that vignetting could possibly be from the lighting where I was shooting but I still have another day and a half to experiment and see.  What I do like about the lens so far is that it is convenient when walking around and you are shooting things as they happen; no time to swap out a lens, no need to with this one.   I’ll admit it,  I’m spoiled by my primes.

But back to the park.  We went for a stroll in Goodale Park in Columbus and everyone was out enjoying spring which in some parts of the park had sprung.  Some trees were blooming, the grass was green, there were some flowers, and of course the people.  And some of them were quite interesting like the couple here who decided to catch some rays right on the walking path.  I think I saw some young ladies sunbathing topless (no, I did not try to photograph that) as well.  It was just a joyful day seeing children, adults, and dogs out enjoying a wonderful day…before it rains again any day now.

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4 Responses to Saturday in the park…

  1. Ingrid says:

    There are times I do miss the flowers of the Midwest but NOT enough to move back 🙂 Glad to see you survived the polar vortex’s and spring is in the air!

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    Going to a park on the first warm days of Spring is such a treat! From dogs romping, to trees blooming, to people just laying around, it’s all a sight for Winter weary eyes.

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