Mighty Mud Mania or How to make adobe the fun way

We were driving to our hotel when I spotted the big banner over the street proclaiming Mighty Mud Mania was going to be that Saturday.  I had to go!  But as we were there to be with family I had to do a lot of big puppy eyes and asking really really nicely if we could all go.  I am very thankful that my mother in law is a sweetie and said it would be fun if we all went.  YES!!  The event was held that morning for just five hours – from 8am to 1pm.  Not sure why that time other than the temperature; with a to go it  couple of hours to go it was already about 105 degrees and climbing.

Mighty Mud Mania started in 1976 as an advertising stunt by a laundry detergent company.  The detergent company dropped it after that first year but everyone had so much fun playing in the mud that they made it an annual event.  If you’re going to play in anything other than the mud mosh pit, then you must register.  The event is free for ages 1-17 with the request that families bring a non-perishable food item for the local food bank.  Adults 18+ have just started being part of the event as of last year after much petitioning to be part of the fun too.  Adults have the option of getting into the mosh pit (usually with their little ones) or for $10 they can tackle the Extreme Mud Course.  Their entry fee supports local youth programs.

I got a bit muddy from  participants bumping into me in the crowd and walking along muddy paths.  One guy I photographed ran towards me with open arms to give me a hug – I ran the other way screaming and laughing.  That was not going to happen!  But a lot of good not so clean fun was.

Mud girls 5288

Muddy girls5381 Muddy boy 5255 Muddy group5278 Muddy group5339


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19 Responses to Mighty Mud Mania or How to make adobe the fun way

  1. They had mud volleyball in Albuquerque last weekend for a fund raiser. Participants get very wet and muddy. Our office had a mud volleyball team several years ago.

  2. What a great photo opportunity. Great photos.

  3. bulldog says:

    More baths needed

  4. I can see where protecting your camera might become a problem.

  5. Ron Scubadiver says:


  6. I can see where kids would love this event. That was one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid…play in mud puddles after a rain.

  7. Did I miss this? Where did this take place? It looks like it was fun and I’m glad the fire department was there to help with clean up. Otherwise there could be a lot of people forced to walk home!

  8. Delaware has a similar event however, I’ve never gone – looks like fun for the participants.

  9. Nancy says:

    My Son just did something very similar to this …this past weekend! The Warrior Dash it is called.

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